I just loved the ending of choices, it is cherished in my heart. So make this in honour of the ending. Hope you like it. 😅😅😅😅


AHHH! This is so cute! HNNNG I miss these kids already! You’ve drawn them all really well! You have such a cute style ♥ The dark shading around it is super good too! Also so happy you included Chara looking nice ♥ Thank you so much!

* Dusty gives you some sponge cake! Mmmm So lovely! (n˘v˘•)¬💗💞❥

“You may now move your tassel from the right to the left.” 🙋🏻 I DID IT. 💪🏼 Thank you everyone who supported me all the way, who helped me along this route, who came down just for me, who congratulated me, who sent me your best wishes, who contributed in a way or another. I love each & every one of you~ ❤️ Jiayou, Tricia! 😉 📸: @ohsoextreme

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“(Left) My family members all live separately. My mom, dad, older sister, and myself are all separate. I haven’t seen my mom since I was five years old. My mom and dad felt bad for me, so they didn’t get a divorce, but this year they said they’re going to. I don’t know where I should go. I don’t like living with mom or dad I never see.”
“So, who are you living with now?”
“(Left) I’m living with my aunt’s family. They are the family I’ve been living with ever since I was born. They cherish me as if I’m their own daughter. I call my aunt my mom. I’m not sure whether I’m going to take care of my mom or dad later when I grow up, but I will take care of my aunt. As people say, family bonds formed by parenting are stronger than those formed by birth. But that feeling makes my situation even more uncomfortable. Realistically I can’t even give her any money, so I don’t know what I should do.”

“(왼쪽) 가족이 다 따로 살아요. 엄마, 아빠, 저, 언니들 다 따로따로. 5살 때 이후로 엄마를 본 적이 없어요. 엄마 아빠는 제가 불쌍해서 이혼을 안 해오셨다는데 올해 하시겠대요. 전 어디로 가야할지 모르겠어요. 얼굴도 안 보는 엄마, 아빠랑 같이 살긴 싫은데…“
“그럼 지금 누구랑 살고 있어요?”
“(왼쪽) 이모네 가족과 살고 있어요. 제겐 태어났을 때부터 같이 산 가족이고 절 친딸보다 더 아껴주세요. 전 이모를 엄마라고 부르거든요. 나중에 커서 엄마, 아빠는 모르겠지만 이모 효도해드리려고요. 기른 정이 낳은 정보다 강하대잖아요. 그래서 마음이 더 불편해요. 현실적으로 제가 돈을 드릴 수 있는것도 아니니까 어떻게 해야할지 모르겠어요.”


Here’s your Tumblr-able preview of THIS WEEK’s Shutter #2, featuring lions, robots and cookies. Available physically at comic book shops, digitally at places like ComiXology and pirated at places like wait a second.

All art here is drawn by Leila del Duca, colored by Owen Gieni, lettered by Ed Brisson and written by me with the exception of the variant, which I’ve stripped of the trade dress, so you could see it all of Marvel Knights: Hulk cohort Piotr Kowalski’s glory (colored by our man Owen). There’s also an extra “throom” on the second story page we ended up taking out in the final version because it covered one of the rat kids, so consider that a TUMBLR EXCLUSIVE SOUND EFFECT.