FYI- I think this is the moment when Erik realises he loves Charles:

Like, you can see hints before that, but it’s always in the things that Erik doesn’t say.

Erik stays when Charles asks him to, but he never acknowledges it.

Erik looks at Charles like he’s something precious, but he never voices it.

And in that moment at the mansion, Erik is so so vulnerable after letting Charles into his mind, and instead of Charles using that exposure as an opportunity to manipulate Erik- as I’m sure countless others have done in the past- Charles gives Erik a gift, and tells him:

In response Erik still doesn’t vocalise his feelings, but there- in that tiny little clench of his jaw- is everything.

For someone who has spent years considering himself as nothing more than a monster, to be told he’s more than the broken man Shaw has twisted him into is so powerful.

Who couldn’t love Charles in that moment?

The moment you realize...

…the only way Megneto could have told Stryker so much about Charles’ school is if he knew everything about it. However, even after years of being evil, he never dared to attack the school and force the young mutants into his command. He never, not even once, took real action until he ordered Mystique to go in and get Rogue to leave. That means that the events in First Class must have happened in the original time line, too, and so, there’s no doubt that Erik still truly cares about Charles.

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Has anyone done a soulmate au where the things your soulmate loves shows up on your skin? Just think.

Your brother has an ice skate, a small orange cat, and the sunset.

Your best friend has a guitar, a mug of coffee, an older couple who’s probably their soulmates parents, and chocolate.

You have the complete cast of multiple shows you don’t even know the name to and the tumblr logo.

But when two soulmates fall in love, they get a picture of themselves showing up, cause now they’re added to the list of things their soulmate loves.

I just really like this idea.

  • me, reading fluff: toes curling, biting lower lip, softly whimpering, has to stop every few minutes to scream internally
  • me, reading smut: nothing. literally nothing. could be reading it over sunday breakfast with family

sometimes i hate the star wars fandom like wtf are these ship names???? rebelcaptain?? stormpilot?? jedistorm?? spiritassassin??

 i’m sorry i hate it why are we naming ships based on profession like no one calls victuuri “skatercoach” or spirk “captaincommander” or cherik “politicalextremistprofessor” like… why…..