Cher Bear

Cher Lloyd: Here's to being able to pull of any Hair style.

Let’s start with her baby days.

We have the super long days.

We have the friz/bandana Days

Then we got some red hair days

And we got the blond/pink/shaved side days

We got dem brown hair days

The blue days


And finally.. The short hair days

She literally looks perfect no matter what.

She made it. (Bullying)

See this girl?

She has talent.

See this girl?

She has feelings.

See this girl?

She wants people to think she is strong.

See this girl?

 She’s just trying.

See this girl?

She just wants acceptance.

See this girl?

She’s just scared.

You see this girl?

She’s only human.

See this girl?

You broke her.

But you see this girl?

She’s strong.

See this girl?

She’s beautiful.

See this girl?

She’s winning.

See this girl?


She Made It.


Cher Lloyd Sirens performance billboard music awards BBMA