Chemical Massacre in Syria - Massacre Chimique en Syrie

I named her “Dima”, I hugged her and I was happy to breastfeed her for the first time .. but it was only once .. only once before I see her in the morning a dead body .. little cold body .. they gave her the number 42 .. today her name is “42”

#CWMassacre in #Syrian


New profile picture .. more than 1300 civilians killed in a small town .. and more than 6000 effected and injured .. with Sarin gas .. more than 50% of victims are children .. the poisonous gas attacked the city in midnight, when all people were sleeping! 

Rest in peace .. 

صورة شخصية جديدة، لإخواننا بالغوطة الشرقية 

لل1300 شهيد، وال 6000 مصاب، بغاز السارين!

أكتر من 50% من الشهداء أطفال مالن أي ذنب

وانقصفوا بالغاز السام بنص الليل لما كان الكل نايم !!

يلعن روحك يا حافظ

الله يرحمكم جميعاً ..


Zamalkah is happy today, Hamooda the missing child comes back to life . comes back to his father .. he was missing and his mourning dad thought he was dead .. you may click on the YouTube link to see the reunion .. It’s far beyond our words even if you didn’t understand what’s being said .. It’s the story of many Syrian children who were separated from their families in the night of the catastrophic inhuman Chemical Weapons Massacre .. They are not only numbers, not only photos .. they are humans .. flesh and blood .. feelings .. hope .. pain .. passion .. they are life itself ..

Hamooda, the missing child of life who came back to life !!

#CWMassacre #Chemical_Massacre


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Not only Humans , But Even animals have not secured from Bashar al-Assad’s criminality regime , They are shelling and killing Everything Alive .