The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Season 2, Episode 47 "Chelsea Handler"
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Season 2, Episode 47 "Chelsea Handler" TVonline: Facebook: ...

I used to be a fan of Chelsea Handler’s, but towards the end of her E! network show, I felt like her fame had gone to her head. In this interview though, she won me over again when she talked about the moment she became disgusted with Trump. More importantly though, I love that she recognized that her voice would be heard and is going to use that as a platform for those that are at risk of being targeted and disenfranchised by a Trump administration including: the Muslim community, the LGBTQ community and the black community. It may not be perfect, but it’s a hell of a start

Can everyone stop trying to pit these two against each other now that we got this all sorted out???
Nobody ever gave shit to Brad Pitt, even though he was the taken one, everybody blamed Angelina, like she was some magical seductress that has enchanted him away from a happy, successful marriage… They made fun of Jennifer Aniston, made her seem like a petty, pathetic victim, made Angelina seem like a no-good homewrecker, called a mother of 6 so many nasty names when she put such and effort into getting her life together, I saw some people even say that she does all of her charity work to seem nice! Can that stop??? Can we stop attacking strong women and trying to turn everything into a catfight? Can we stop giving shit to women simply because they are successful? Y'all worship Robert Downey Jr. and men like that, and never say a bad word about them, but when Angelina stands in the same room as Jennifer, it’s automatically a story, no matter what actually goes down between them. Can that stop???