Chef Roble

I was a kid when I worked for him - here’s the cool thing about that, Michael Jackson and his team were rehearsing for a big show that they were doing in New York. So they had three rehearsal days. So there was only me and one other cat - like the real chef, I wasn’t even a chef yet. I was basically assisting him. We put up like three different meals a day, but between the meals? We got to sit out there - there was nobody out there except for like, dancers and people who needed to be there. We got to sit there and watch them rehearse. I got to watch Michael Jackson order his brothers around, all of them were there. I heard Michael Jackson say “fuck” - in person. I mean who could say that? He cursed his brother out, he cursed Tito out. He said to Tito, “Tito, if you fuck up again, I’m gonna put you on a plane to Afghanistan.” Yeah, it was crazy.
—  Chef Roble on working for MJ’s MSG shows in 2001

Chef Roblé to the Rescue - Well Dunn with Jourdan Dunn

In this episode of #WellDunn, Jourdan is joined by Chef Roblé Ali of #BravoTV’s Chef Roblé & Co. for a fun cooking lesson on Roblé’s fresh take on a classic Italian dish, clams linguini.