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The Avenger-Mom (Bucky x Reader)

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Thank you for being amazing and beautiful in everything you do!

It’s been forever since I’ve written and I apologize for that.

Thank you all for the love on Notebook! I was shocked to say the least:)

Summary: You’re the ‘mom’ of the team but what happens when you’re not Bucky’s fan?

Word Count: Could this have been written in 2 parts? Sure, but where’s the fun in that?! Just kidding, I didn’t want to stop.. So.. Lord knows…. (I’m so sorry I don’t know I don’t have Word so I can’t count them and I refuse to count them myself because it’s a lot.)

Warnings: Suicide mentions, suicide scene (NO ONE DIES), sad moments tbh, fluff, hugs (A TON OF HUGS), sign language (If that’s even a warning), annoyed Bucky, nightmares, and crying. Dang… It sounds really heavy but go with it.

Please let me know if you liked it! Thank you for reading, I hope you have a good day:)



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You’ve been at the Avengers compound for almost 8 months because your cousin Tony requested you after the fallout between himself and none other than Captain America. Luckily between that time, Tony and Natasha have been speaking to Captain and the government finally expunged what James Barnes did while he was under mind-control by writing him off as ‘mentally unstable’.

You rubbed your hands together excitedly as you awaiting the arrival of the other half of the infamous team. To your knowledge they all knew who you were and understood your reasoning to be there for the team.

An Honorary Mother, everyone likes to say.

You’re a very affectionate person, you’ve always loved seeing people smile because of you and enjoyed helping them through issues and were very excited to help the coming members, especially James Barnes. You read his file and couldn’t stop the blush as you looked at all the pictures they had of him. He was incredibly handsome and you knew he needed someone other than Captain America to help.

“Hey, waiting for your new sons and daughters?” Natasha said lightly as she walked over to you at the entrance of the compound. You turn to her and gave her a hug, she laughs quietly and hugs you back before pulling away, “you do know you saw me an hour ago?” She asks with a quirked eyebrow, you shrug and watch the doors.

“Everyone needs hugs, it’s scientifically proven to help you mentally and physically, you know.” You note smiling at her, she rolls her eyes but smiles nonetheless.

“Are you excited to meet them?” She says after a few moments of silence, you nod quickly and look to the door, again rubbing your hands together.

“I hope they like me.” You say quietly looking at the floor briefly as though you’d just confessed to stealing cookies before dinner. Natasha puts an arm around your shoulder, grinning to reassure you.

“Don’t worry, they’ll love you. You’re our adopted mom.” You look at her and smile just as the doors open.

You wait for everyone to come up to you and Natasha, your heart pounding loudly in your ears and you stare up and Captain America and James Barnes, they have at least 8 inches on you. Natasha elbows you lightly and cocks her head towards them.

Captain puts his hand in front of you and smiles brightly, “Hello, my name is Steve Rogers, nice to meet you.” You glance at his hand then his face before hugging him around the waist tightly, he coughs awkwardly and hugs you back gently. You pull away and smile at everyone staring at you with wonder except James Barnes who stares at you with anxious eyes.

“Hi, I’m Y/N Y/L/N.”

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New video! Made Kronk’s Spinach Puffs today from The Emperor’s New Groove on Nerdy Nummies! 😋

Simple, Basic Cheese Sauce

Techniques are important to upping your cooking arsenal, and one of the most useful to me is a basic stovetop cheese sauce. I used this to make mac and cheese, cheesy chicken pasta, scalloped potatoes, etc. 

You will need:

  • 3.5 tbps butter
  • 1.5 cups milk/half and half (I prefer to use milk, but it’s up to you) 
  • 3 tbps flour
  • two cloves minced/diced garlic
  • cheese (1-2 cups, shredded or cut into very small strips)
  • Seasoning stuff: This is largely up to your tastes, but I use Alpine, pepper, powdered mustard, smoked paprika, and green onion. 

Take a large saucepan and melt your butter in it on LOW. The name of the game for this sauce is patience–make it while you cut up veggies or something. Once your butter is melted, toss in your flour and garlic. 

We’re going to make a toasted roux, which is a standard sauce base made of butter and flour, and to do this we’re going to keep it on low and stir occasionally until our roux turns to a light golden color. This adds to the depth of flavor. 

Then we’re going to slowly pour in our milk and seasonings–I’d urge you not to go nuts with the salt until you add your cheese, cheese can be very salty. 

You’re going to KEEP IT ON LOW, and slowly let it come to a boil. This will thicken your sauce and also keep it from breaking, which will turn it into a clumpy mess. Don’t rush! When it’s at a low boil, slowly add your cheese. I’m using sharp cheddar because that’s what I had, but I frequently make this using up end bits of cheese into one gorgeous sauce. 

Now finish seasoning to taste and DONE. 

C’est magnifique. 

Drizzle on broccoli, potatoes, whatever man.