Cheerleader Karolyne Day on How #TheWorkIsWorthIt

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“You just have to love it,” says Karolyne Day (@karolyneday15) before heading onstage at the National Cheerleading Association All-Star National Championship. “It takes a lot of hours and determination to get through cheerleading. There’s a lot of pressure coming into a competition.” The 15-year-old from Houston started with her team Woodside Elite five years ago.

“We’ve been together for a few years, so we’ve all been close friends,” she says. “It helps that we’ve hung out outside of cheer and we all love the sport so much.” The intensity of a 2 ½-minute performance can be stressful so practicing stunts in the gym and exercise is crucial. “I pretty much come in almost every day.” Regardless of how stressed or tired she is, Karolyne’s passion is cheer and gymnastics tumbling. “It’s always been my stress reliever.”


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I went to a school where the cheerleaders cheered high pitch and repeated 30 y/o cheers. I love how cheerleaders at black schools speak deeper and stomp!!


Who remembers the old high school cheer days ? Highland springs cheerleaders in Virginia slay ALL THAT SASS👸🏾🐝🎒🏆 , must follow

Cheer 7

Cheerleader Waverly. Basketball star Nicole. A sort of canon-ish HSAU inspired by *that* snippet of the S2 trailer. Catch up on AO3! Only one part left (and maybe an epilogue if I can get ahead with my next parts on Memories that Remain). 

Nicole groaned as she bypassed happy couples and cut through the crowded lines snaking from the Tilt-a-Whirl and the Kamakaze pendulum rides. The roar of cranking machinery and the screams from the riders did little to drown out her inner turmoil.

So, Waverly didn’t like her like that.

No big deal, Nicole told herself.

Waverly was her best friend, and Nicole loved her. Had loved Waverly long before she fell in love with her. And that wouldn’t change. She would still be the best damn friend to Waverly that she could be, even if her feelings remained unrequited. Even if it hurt.

Nicole would get over it.


Or, at least she hoped.

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