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1. VHS 1
2. Wutendes Glas
3. VHS 2
4. Advisory Circle - Sundial
5. Boards of Canada - Iced Cooly
6. New Order - This Time Of Night (Live)
7. Skinny Boys - Unity
8. Harry Forbes - Technicality No. 3
9. Andy Clark - Fat Cats
10. Das Kabinette - Fudge It
11. The Fashion - Future Girl (Instrumental)
12. Dave Jackson - Mini Logos 4
13. Jeff Newmann - Future Design
14. International Music System - Dancing Therapy
15. Com Truise - A DAT 2
16. Com Truise - A DAT 3
17. Steve Everitt - Breakdance
18. Luis Jardim - Soul Train
19. Com Truise - I dream (For you)
20. Mark J. Cairns - Airwolf Theme

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Check Yo Ponytail 2: Fool’s Gold Takeover January 24th

So, yeah…FG left the west coast without an LA holiday party, but we’re not bitter…right? No. They’re still gonna bust our New Year’s wide open (if you know what I’m saying…) then they’ll be back on the 24th with a full-fledge takeover of LA’s most popular underground monthly, CHECK YO PONYTAIL 2. They’re bringing out some of FG’s finest artists to shut down Echo Park and you better be there. I don’t want to speculate, but this blog is specific…I wouldn’t be posting this information for no reason.

Oh what a good night

Saw Metronomy tonight. Best show I’ve seen in several years.

Met a new friend, a friend of a friend. He’s gay, I needed a token gay friend. To complete my roster of diverse friends. I kid, he was cool, and clapped at my hilarious jokes.

Met CHARLYNE YI randomly in the diner we went to eat at. I love Charlyne Yi, she’s hilarious and adorable. She was nice.

Ate a bagel with a derriere-load of cream cheese on it. Seriously, it was a lot of cream cheese, my friends didn’t want me to eat it. I’m a rebel though, so I ate that motherlover, and it was delicious. I put seedless blackberry jam on top of the cream cheese. Delightful.

Seriously though, Metronomy was amazing. That was perfect. They sounded great, they played all my favorite songs. It was a nice small venue. I sang my heart out. I had enough space around me to move my feet. Everything I want out of a show.

No music or confession tonight, I’m just going to watch Falling Skies and go to bed. Night.