masterpost/guideline for people studying russian

If you are self-studying Russian, congrats! It’s a gorgeous language of an interesting culture in which many great works were written!


the alphabet is not as scary as you think!  do note, however, that russians typically write with the script (learn how to write ) and read in the print (here (song)). practice–write the entire alphabet out 5 times or more. here is the sandwich menu for McDonald’s in Russia–sound out the words; most of them are cognates. type in Russian with a phonetic keyboard here.

follow blogs like russiangrammar for any grammar advice you need!

buy the AMAZING 5000 Russian Words (2) book–it has 5000 words with conjugation/declensions AND stress, so you can pronounce them! Also has handy grammar charts and tips in back!

the best website resource i’ve seen by far is this. it has audio (!!!!!), vocab, lessons, and grammar tables. it’s great.


don’t skimp out on this! russian culture is interesting–it’s neither western nor eastern due to many centuries of what was essentially isolation.

bucknell university, tell us about russian history! nice thanks

here are traditions, so you don’t make a fool outta yourself! note on how to say good luck before a test – “ни пуха ни пера!”– it’s telling someone “neither down nor feathers” i. e., “I hope you fail.” the response is “ К чёрту!” which I believe means “Go to the Devil!” –basically the Russian version of “To Hell with that!”

want to watch the cutest cartoon in the world?  there you go

there are many many important writers, but here are some resources where you can read (in English):

dostoevsky (2)

tolstoy (2)







russian poetry

moscow news



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