ADA TEXTS: Chazuke's recipe
  • [Based on hqincorrectquotes]
  • Atsushi: *ahem* So someone asked how to make chazuke.Well,It's quite simple
  • Atsushi: First you need to boil some water to prepare tea.Then since you have nothing to do reflect on your regrets.
  • Also Atsushi: *mumbles to himself in a corner*Why am I still alive?How do I get recognized?I don't even deserve to eat chazuke!Why am I so pathetic and miserable?*mumbles faster*
  • [83 minutes later]
  • Kyouka: Hey I want to learn the rest of the recipe!Where did you go?
  • Kunikida: He's crying in a corner and mumblings creepy things.
  • Dazai: Do you know why did he went to cry in a corner?
  • Dazai: Because corners are 90 degrees!So it's warmer there.And since Atsushi-kun is sad corners can warm his heart up~
  • Kunikida: //Facepalms// I'll pretend I don't know you.

It’s dinner time for me and sticking to the theme of tea, I made Chazuke. 

Chazuke is a japenese dish that combines green tea, rice, and toppings - like seaweed, pickled plums, and salmon flakes - to make a tasty, everyday kind of food. (It’s also said to be a great hang-over cure.)

Any type of green tea can do, personally, I suggest Bacha - cheap, good quality, no fuss. 

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but i like that odd mix (^∀^)it has a mix of characters from each organization ( ̄∇ ̄)


  • would eventually kick off his blanket in the middle of the night and a hand resting on his exposed belly
  • frequently has nightmares compared to good dreams but that’s ok since he usually forgets them in the morning anyway (╥_╥)
  • If he had an s/o he would unconsciously grab their foot, hold it under his chin, and sleep like that for an hour 
  • most of the sleep talking he would do is saying something along the lines of “I want chazuke…”
  • little tiger drools when he’s extremely exhausted


  • If she had an s/o she would throw her arms around them, and whisper, “I lived to tell the tale!” before falling asleep on their face.
  • She dreams about medical supplies often and would usually say something along the lines of “why are you so shiny, scalpel?”
  • Light sleepwalker but would never admit it even if there was proof


  • if she had an s/o, they would videotape their cute little conversations with her while they were trying to wake her up
  • She would suddenly wake up and start pointing across the room and yelling, “WHO IS THAT OVER THERE??” and then just roll over and continue snoring. Meanwhile poor s/o couldn’t go back to sleep for the rest of the night (゚Д゚;)
  • You’ll know when she murders a bitch in her nightmares. Better not keep any blades nearby


  • released a glorious trombone of farts once
  • if he had an s/o who had to leave bed early while he was still fast asleep  they would put a stuffed animal on his arm, he will hug it right up under his chin, sigh, and roll over while cuddling it.
  • he would say something completely unaware when he was very sleepy or trying to get out of bed like “would you like a glass of milk?” or he would start murmuring a line from the drafts of his latest mystery novel.
AkuAtsu SMUT (Rashomon Bondage~) part 1

It was late when Akutagawa came home that night. When was it not? However, usually he was back just in time, when Atsushi was doubting the other arrival and was gloomily about to sit down for dinner. But not tonight. It became apparent as the steam from the bowl of chazuke in from of him disappeared and silence filled the apartment. He didn’t like eating alone, but he did it anyway, quickly eating the luke warm dish before putting the leftovers in the fridge. When Akutagawa came home, he could heat it up.

Atsushi took a shower and got dressed before heading to their bed. His partner wasn’t back yet, but he still decided it was about time he went to bed. It was nearly midnight and he had to wake up in six hours to get to work.

Besides, Akutagawa did sometimes have missions late into the night, or stayed at his sisters if it was closer and he knew Atsushi would be asleep. The man-tiger sighed to himself and climbed into bed, burying himself in the blankets. They were so cold, and it didn’t help that he was only wearing a pair of boxers shorts and one of Akutagawa’s shirts. He loved the other’s shirts. They were so frilly and comfy, though he would never wear them outside the house. They looked a little silly on him, but Akutagawa didn’t mind and let him wear them whenever he wanted.

Just as the boys eyelids were falling, a sudden noise jerked him awake. The door knob. Atsushi relaxed as he heard someone enter the apartment. Moments later, Akutagawa entered the bedroom, closing the door behind him. Atsushi closed his eyes quickly, trying to fake being asleep, though they fluttered open quickly when he heard a soft, deep chuckle. Did Akutagawa just…

“Aku?” He mumbled as the other walked over to the bed and climbs in as well, straddling his hips wordlessly. Atsushi noticed the other hadn’t removed his shoes, something the other always did without needing to be told. But that wasn’t the only strange thing- Akutagawa’s shirt and open coat still had blood stained on them. He always fixed that immediately when he came in, using Rashomon to rid the articles of the substance. Was he…. drunk?

“Aku, is something wrong?” He asked quietly, slowly leaning up onto his elbows only to be pushed back down onto the bed.

“Atsushi..” He mumbled to himself, dark eyes raking over the others chest and neck. Then he smirked. And goddamn it was sexy. The younger male flushed slightly at the others tone and glanced away.

He didn’t know what to do, his partner wasn’t acting like himself at all. Did something happen at his last mission? Atsushi frowned a little at the thought, but he didn’t have time to ponder. Akutagawa brought his hand to the others chin, tilting it back so the other faced him. With an amused look, the mafioso leaned down, lightly brushing his lips with the other. Atsushi couldn’t say he minded.

Though, it was strange. There wasn’t a single trace of alcohol on his lips or tongue. Something had to be wrong. Furrowing his eyebrows, Atsushi placed a hand on the other chest and pushed, disconnecting their lips from the warm kiss, “Is something wrong, Aku? Are you okay?”

He blinked in response, “What do you mean?”

“Well,” Atsushi started, growing slightly embarrassed, “you usually aren’t this.. Uh..”

“This what, kitten?” He purred, moving down and nuzzling the other’s neck. He placed a few kisses before a nip, startling a gasp from his partner.

“I-Intimate,” The other replied readily and Akutagawa hummed thoughtfully, breathily chuckling again before raising his head, dark eyes locked with his own. They had a look in them Atsushi had never seen in them before. They were so loving and light, it was as if this wasn’t Akutagawa, but a doppelganger. Was that a thing that could happen? “What are you doing?”

“What am I doing?” Akutagawa repeated numbly before humming, reaching down and curling some if Atsushi’s long bangs in his fingers. His shoulders shrugged and he leaned down, brushing their lips together needily, “I just want you.”

However, his kiss was cut short by the sounds of monotonous beeps from in Akutagawa’s pocket. The latter groaned, trying to delve back and forget the noise. He fished the device from his pocket and without a second glance, threw it hard across the room, making it hiccup slightly, but not stop. The younger boy took the others distraction to make his own, slipping out from under him and stumbling to his feet. Within seconds, black matter had grabbed his wrist and he gulped.

“Where are you going, pet?”

“I-I forgot to do something real quick. I’ll be back in a minute, p-promise,” Atsushi mumbled and the other slowly allowed Rashomon to let go, laying down on the bed, his fingers tracing his pale lips.

“Be quick about it…”

Scurrying to the door, Atsushi picked up the phone and quickly and headed to the bathroom. He locked the door behind himself. The phone’s bright screen relayed a single message ‘one missed call from Nakahara Chibi’. Without hesitation, he redialed the number.


Atsushi flinched, “It’s Atsushi, he’s with me. Is something wrong?”

“Yeah, we were in the middle of a mission and he just fucking left. Without a single word or reason. I had to pick off those damn users and one still got away…”

“Oh… He’s acting strange over here too. Did something happen on the mission?”

“How’s he acting?”

“….. Well… he’s being more.. Touchy and romantic..? He’s really straight forward and is now calling me his k-”



“I don’t want to know about your sex life.”

“… S-Sorry..”

Chuuya sighed from the other end and he could imagine the shorter man raking a hand through his hair in annoyance, “It could have been one of the ability users that got away messing with him. Just deal with it for now, I’ll tell Dazai to go over there tomorrow and-”

“Can’t you tell him now?”

“We are busy.”

“Busy with what…? It’s the middle of the night.”

“I thought we had an agreement we wouldn’t talk about this stuff?”

“O-Oh, sorry, Chuuya-san. Goodnight.”

“Good luck,” And he hung up without another word. Atsushi stared at the phone in his hands for a few more moments before putting it down on the counter and sighing. Might as well take advantage of the opportunity. Akutagawa had never been like this before… and he’d be lying if he said he didn’t like it. He was curious about it in fact.

Leaving the phone on the bathroom counter, he headed back to the bedroom. As he opened the door, he could see Akutagawa was no longer in bed, but was standing by the dresser, unbuttoning his shirt thoughtfully, “Done?”

“Uh, yeah..” Atsushi replied lamely and went over to the bed. As soon as he sat down, his partner finished unbuttoning his shirt and glanced over. His eyes had not dulled since a few minutes ago. He stepped closer to the bed, fixing his long coat on his shoulders before mumbling, “I want to try something new..”

Without waiting for Atsushi’s obviously coming question, Rashomon sparked to life, springing up and wrapping it’s black binds around Atsushi’s wrists tightly, but not painfully. He didn’t know Akutagawa knew how to use his ability so lightly. He had only ever been broken and maimed by Rashomon.

The man-tiger remained wordless, watching closely as the black matter pinned him down to the bed as the controller climbed on top, sitting back as more strings of Rashomon attached to Atsushi. His forearms, ankles, waist. It didn’t take long for the thing to successfully rid him of most movements- not that he was struggling to be released.

Akutagawa was concentrated hard, brow furrowed as the creature moved. It was all too easy to destroy with his ability and he would if he wasn’t paying attention. He could see the tension in Atsushi as he curled his hands into fists, allowing him to do what he wished with his body. He’d give him a reason to trust him. The ability user coughed slightly, Atsushi jerk up a little in response to see if he was fine. A normal reaction- he always did worry.

“Tell me if it’s too painful.” He wasn’t about to tell the other it would be painless. He wasn’t in the mood to lie or be vague. He wasn’t in the mood for anything, but Atsushi.

The silver haired boy wearily glanced up and nodded, “O-Okay…”

Taking the others response as a go for continuing, two thin strands of the beast moved to Atsushi’s shirt. The both didn’t bother apologizing as he ripped the other shirt open. He could always fix it later, since Rashomon could repair ripped clothing as long as all the pieces where there, or less it would look a little funny.

Atsushi gasped at the sudden movement and flinched, but he remained unscathed for the time being.

yuki-rinichiro  asked:

What's your favorite food? And can you become a tiger again without the moonlight completely? And how do you keep the fur so clean after fighting?

I really like chazuke because it reminds me of the day I met Kunikida and Dazai and how they were kind to me even though I was pretty sure one of them were going to kill me before I finished eating.

I’m working on transforming without the moonlight. I’m not really good at it, but sometimes I can do a partial transformation.

…I shower whenever I can.