Tiki Palace (Playboy Mansion) (Chatanooga, Tennessee) 

ADDRESS: 25 N Crest Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37404

COORDINATES: 35.031951, -85.257292

This Playboy Mansion, formally known as “Tiki Palace”, lies atop Missionary Ridge in Chatanooga, Tennesee. The house was built by strip club owner, Billy Hull, in 1972. 

The 5,600 square foot 3 bedroom 4.5 bath home was featured in a builder’s magazine for its unique Playboy bunny shaped pool. The pool had swim tunnels leading to separate bedrooms. Live palm trees were planted around the pool area. The walls were covered in tiki style bamboo, palm matting and animal heads from around the world. Each bedroom also had closed-circuit tv monitors with feeds from the pool room as well as an intercom system. The hallways and bathrooms were covered floor to ceiling in marble. The living room in the back of the house had another full marble bar and mirrored walls leading out to the patio area. The patio area featured a 12 person jacuzzi tub, copper top outdoor bar as well as a large sauna. The house was used for parties, gathering, and mostly a house for swinger couples. 

In 1973, a friend of Billy Hull shot and killed Hull’s wife’s boyfriend outside of a nightclub. A victim of his own lifestyle, the evidence was overwhelming and Hull was found guilty of murder for hire. Another unsuccessful murder for hire plot was brought forth by the gunman during the trial, implicating Billy Hull on a second murder charge. The gunman was found guilty of manslaughter. Mr. Hull was found guilty of murder and received 20 years, however, he was released due to a lack of evidence. 

In the 1980s, Hull was found guilty of tax evasion and was incarcerated. His Swinger’s Mansion was seized by the city after foreclosure.  

Nothing says Fourth of July like trying to climb out of a pit filled with gelatinous tentacles, right?

Chaosium’s Companion books (there’s at least one for most of their systems; this is the first of two for Call of Cthulhu) are strange saddle stitched potpourris, usually numbering about 64 pages. This one contains an essay on the Cthulhu Mythos in Mesoamerica, an essay on the Necronomicon and etymology, four adventures, a handful of rules additions and new deities, a selection of H. P. Lovecraft’s poetry and the lyrics to a parody song called “The Lair of Great Cthulhu,” set to the tune of “Chatanooga Choo-Choo.” If I bought this in 1983, I might be a bit puzzled as to the book’s overall utility aside of the adventures.

Most of this material would wind up incorporated into the Call of Cthulhu core rulebook starting with the third edition and has slowly disappeared with every revision. Some material wound up elsewhere. To my knowledge, though, the Mesoamerica essay has never been reprinted, which is a shame. Written by Richard L. Tierney, a mainstay of American Weird Fiction best known for his series of Red Sonja novels and his Simon of Gitta stories, the essay is a fascinating exercise in comparative religion, revealing the secret truth of the Cthulhu Mythos lurking in the hearts of human faiths.

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royai number 80 “How can you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?”

(I read an article about downtown Chatanooga yesterday and this was in my head. Also goes with Stray Rondo cause those sewers are totally not being used for their true potential.)


“The sewers are actually really nice.”   Ed declared as they wound their way through the access tunnel and into the main spillway.  

“Except for the smell of shit.” Roy said and Ed turned to look at him with a smirk.  

“I just though that was coming from your mouth.”  Ed grinned.

“Probably wafting off you too considering you’re the biggest source of bullshit in my life.”  Roy countered.

“Boys,”  Riza said and sighed. “Please do what you need to do quickly and lets get back to the surface. No matter what you want to believe is the source, it does smell terrible down here.”

“Right.”  Al said and pulled out the map they had of the sewer system from the engineer’s office.  “We were thinking that this is probably how Scar has been moving around and evading us.  So we mapped out the most probable route to the waste water plant.  It’s out by the slums.  ”

“Why is this not being used more?” Ed asked Mustang.  “I’m being serious now, it’s really impressive architecture and planning here.  Other than the smell, this seems like a low traffic, low-key transportation system to anywhere in the city.”

“It even looks like they bricked over doors and windows.” Al said and pointed to a corner as they walked over a rather nice arch bridge.   “Maybe someone did live down here at some point.”

“It’s because this used to be street level East City back in the day.”  Roy said as the boys stopped and looked at him, trying to see if he was pulling their legs.  “I’m serious.   This city was not built with sewers, brick roads and adequate drainage.   When the Spring rains came the town would flood, roads would be bogs and most of the market district would be underwater.   At some point the army engineers came in and surveyed out the ground for Eastern HQ and decided to save East City in the process.   They used all the dirt excavated for HQ’s basement and backfilled it into downtown.  Raised the roads.  Turned all first floor levels into basements and moved all businesses to new street level which used to be the second floor.   What you are looking at is actually the old sidewalks, roads and canal ways.  The streets were trenches anyhow from all the traffic and easily became the sewer system.  It’s a neat history.   You should ask the engineers about it when you return the map.”

“That’s really cool.”  Ed said and walked over to a part of the wall that looked like it had a door bricked in and window closed up.  “So this used to be a storefront?”

“Yes, now it’s someone’s basement.” Roy said.  “Made it easy to add plumbing.”

“Doesn’t it flood still?” Al asked.

“It’s probably damp but the sewer system does it’s job pretty well.  The absence of any water and sewage removal was the issue at the time.”  Roy said and the boys scampered off to the next bridge clearly trying to picture old East City.   They thrived on knowledge.  He understood that feeling. “Lieutenant, you can now say you are the only woman who I have ever taken on a tour of old East City.  Think of how jealous all the ladies will be of our date?  How can you not fall for me and all these incredibly charming and romantic getaways I whisk you away on?”

He gave her a smile, a tired smile. One that said he wished he could walk the streets above with her on his arm and talk about the fascinating history of the town.   She walked close as a portion of the sidewalk looked ready to collapse and said softly, “How can you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?  I love that you know so much unique history and branch out and learn more than alchemy.  I love our adventures because they always show me another side of you I can love.”

He stopped and looked at her, not expecting a sincere statement considering the conditions they were in.  Sewer water rushing by.   Stench of East City permeating every fabric of their clothes and embedding itself in their sinus cavity. Two teenage boys giggling as they spotted an intact brown log floating under the bridge.   He gave her a genuine smile now and she pressed on ahead to go intervene before the Elrics started using alchemy on the floating treasures in the sewer water.   Part of him wished he could show the world exactly how he felt about her, but then there were these moments they shared in private that meant so much more.   

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About a year ago my friends and I went to the Chatanooga Aquarium in Tennessee. While we were looking into this big tank a stingray came right up in front of me and started pushing up against the glass! We named the stingray Francis because of your blog. Coincidentally, Francis is my favorite character <3

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Awe, that’s so sweet!!! I once went to a natural history museum and named a taxidermied harp seal Emil.

A 24-year-old Kuwaiti-born gunman opened fire on a military recruiting station on Thursday, then raced to a second military site where he killed four United States Marines, prompting a federal domestic terrorism investigation. Three other people, including a Marine Corps recruiter and a police officer, were wounded, according to law enforcement officials.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation identified the gunman, who also died Thursday, as Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, who became a naturalized United States citizen and went to high school and college in Chattanooga. Although counterterrorism officials had not been investigating Mr. Abdulazeez before Thursday’s shooting, federal officials familiar with the inquiry said that his father had been investigated several years ago for giving money to an organization with possible ties to terrorists.

Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch said the F.B.I. was leading “a national security investigation,” and the United States attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, William C. Killian, said federal officials were “treating this as an act of domestic terrorism.” But he, like other federal officials, cautioned that the investigation would ultimately determine how the shooting would be classified. Law officers swarmed the sites throughout the day after the midmorning attacks.

Site Intelligence Group, which tracks terrorist activities, said that Mr. Abdulazeez had this week posted at least two Islam-focused writings on a blog, including one in which he described life as “short and bitter.” He also said that Muslims should not miss “the opportunity to submit to Allah.”

The separate rampages, at an armed services recruiting center and a naval reserve facility, were together the highest profile episode of violence at domestic military installation since April 2014, when three people were killed and more than a dozen were wounded at Fort Hood, Tex. And the killings here came in yet another mass shooting, less than one month after nine people were killed inside a church in Charleston, S.C.

President Obama, in what has become a grimly familiar ritual, offered his condolences to the victims and promised a painstaking investigation. Pentagon officials said the identities of the dead would be released after next of kin were identified.