• Year of the Possum:i feel like there were moments where we were supposed to laugh and parts to cheer at and no one did it was so awkward in that theater
  • Cuteosgay:people cheer in american cinemas??
  • Year of the Possum:like cues and no one followed
  • Year of the Possum:um yeah???
  • Cuteosgay:...
  • Cuteosgay:americans are fucking animals
  • Dogfriend:that's not ok
  • Dogfriend:that's wrong
  • Year of the Possum:especially when its something like the harry potter films or whatevs
  • Dogfriend:i've only been loud in a cinema like twice
  • Year of the Possum:listen
  • Year of the Possum:everyone cheered when molly weasley said not my daughter you bitch
  • Dogfriend:your culture is wrong
  • Year of the Possum:this isnt the point im trying to make!!
  • Cuteosgay:why are you cheering? the actors can't hear you
  • Cuteosgay:its a film
  • Cuteosgay:its not a stage play
  • Dogfriend:do you also fire your guns in the air
NT Moments - Serious relationship
  • ENTJ:It's actually makes your life easier to be in a serious relationship.
  • INTP:Like how?
  • ENTJ:You can eliminate the time you waste finding dates and figuring out whether they fit you, and you have more time to work- Sorry, this is the most unromantic thing to say.
  • INTP:No, I totally agree. You have more time to do other things because you don't have to worry about this area in your life anymore.
  • ENTJ:Exactly. *turns away and mutters* I'm a lucky guy.
  • INTP:I can hear that *wraps self around ENTJ*

William was lying by the pool under a parasol again. He had his sunglasses on and was siting comfortable in the shadows with a Urge on the table beside him. His phone was in his hands where he wrote quickly with his thumbs, and sometime he scrolled down as well. His guards were siting in one chair each, one beside him and one behind them, they enjoyed the sun, so they were siting in it enjoying it. Hard work, eh? William hadn’t been in the pool since Alexander had pushed him in, and he didn’t feel like it either. He was typing something else on his phone when he heard a voice beside him, he didn’t catch what that was said and didn’t bother look up. “What?” he said to the person beside him. 

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[Title here] ::Sebastien & [your name]

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Sebastien looked up from his book, he’d gone to the cafe for a change, for some peace and quiet and he sipped at his drink before his gaze rose to meet eyes -”It’s customary to say hello to strike up a conversation.” he said with a small smirk.