Right after I got out of hospital a few years ago word had obviously spread quite fast through my group of friends, which included Mawds (Break Even) over in WA, who had just recently lost Rohan (R.I.P.) to suicide. He heard about what I’d done and sent me the song November 18th along with an email letting me know he was there for me and that he hoped I could get through it ok. It meant a lot to me, I think I listened to that song more than fifty times on repeat, it’s one of the most meaningful things that anyone did for me around that time and I’m still so thankful to him, and the others in BE, for sending it to me. So this song is my thank you to them for that gesture, and the line ‘And the boat sails on, like you sang in your song, and my mind feels much clearer several years on…’ is a direct homage to Mawds’ lyrics, and I hope that my gratitude is full expressed in this song to my friends, because it still means a great deal to me to this day.” - Joel Birch