October 21st - A dreadful wind and threatening rain menaced me on the way to work, but fortuitously, it also blew me back. I left after the rain had stopped, and found conditions challenging. As I rode, I noted a developing sunset I couldn’t ignore, so I hopped on the canal to Chasewater, hoping to catch it. 

Sadly, by the time I got there, the gathering dark had swallowed it up - but it was an interesting ride. 

Kay you won’t have to hear another word of it then. I’ll just keep silently thinking that to myself. And it is a shame, but you have Cas now and she has Nando…. even though she doesn’t want to admit it and they hadn’t went on their first date yet!


July 6th - I wasn’t in the mood to ride much - I had lots of work to do, so just popped up to Chasewater to check out the Craft & Farmers market, which again, disappointed. I shan’t bother with that again.

I spun out for a circuit around the park, and was taken by the buddleia, water lilies and various marsh orchids, which out here, unlike the ones near the canal, hadn’t gone over yet.

I stated last week that the flowering time was passing; but I was wrong. Things are still flowering well, just in different ways and different places.

This really is a most excellent summer.

This one is for Bob. Out for a ride on Friday and went to Chasewater and these little ones were were enjoying the sun at the very end of the canal. I know he follows their welfare. Dad was feeding on sandwiches just to the left of the picture, kindly being supplied by two people who were picnicking. 

Boxing day - I always head for the Chase at this time. Birches Valley cafe is usually open, and it’s great to blast off the excesses of the previous day. I travelled out via Chasewater, and cycled up the mound on Norton Bog, something I haven’t done before. The view up there is really quite good, and although it’s unseasonably springlike at the moment, it really shows we’re in the midst of winter.


Cycling has taken a back seat these last few weeks, I’ve been too busy and Aiden has been floored by a lung infection, so today was our first ride together for a month. I’ve been out on my own but I prefer riding with Aiden now, never thought I would say that!

My new bike rode like a dream on the roads. Looking forward to Norfolk in a couple of weeks.

We did a little under 20 miles on an easy route up and around Chasewater. What a stunning day! Sunny and unseasonably warm at 21C. My lovely new Whyte Pimlico lost her virginity and we both rode smiling, smiling.

There were a lot of people up at Chasewater, something was happening power boat wise but more, there were so many people walking and cycling. We spotted a fair number of birds including the buzzard above (cropped and cropped again) and a couple of playful jays.

A good day to be alive

June 10th - For the second time in two days, I hit Chasewater. I was going on to ride the Sherbrook Valley on the Chase, but couldn’t resist a spin around the park in the sunshine. The weather was warm and soft, and I was in shorts and shirtsleeves. The boating pool was, as usual, a cloudy soup of mallards, canada geese, swans and coots, mingling with bird waste and discarded bread, but the waterfowl seem happy enough. Unusually, a mallard had her ducklings on the lake, including this rather fetching yellow one. A lovely thing indeed.