Reasons Why You Don't Ship Lesbian Couples On TV
  1. Writers are talent-less imbeciles that have no clear vision of love and no reminiscence of a soul
  2. 99.9% of the time every episode will end with you in a emotional coma of tears, heart break and disappointment
  3. Your ship will probably be canon for 2.5 seconds before the writers blow it to smithereens
  4. Blondes and Brunettes are a danger to your health death is eminent and will be very painful
  5. One of them is going to fuck it up and you can’t get angry because you love them so much
  6. You will spend more time blogging with your fandom instead of getting necessities like food, water, air and sunlight
  7. Did I mention the emotional stroke you will have due to the fuckery that happens in every other episode
  8. At least once in your lifetime of shipping you will break your TV and all hell will break loose because you won’t be able to watch the next episode
  9. You will become obsessed with fanfics of your ship because they give you what the show’s writers can’t A GOOD FUCKING STORYLINE!
  10. Your time will be wasted your ship will eventually sink like the ancestor ships before it i.e Twillow, Faberry, Doccubus

(Feel free to add your own reasons)