Chase Evans

Random tree bros headcannons

Who kills the bugs: Neither because Evan gets upset. Connor gently captures them and sets them free outside.

Who cooks: Connor doesn’t know how to cook without setting the kitchen on fire. Evan basically chases him out every single time.

Who does the grocery shopping: They like to go together and bicker over what brands are better. Evan insists on buying all natural while connor sneaks pizza bites and Oreos into the cart.

Who drives everywhere: Connor does most of the driving because Evan gets really nervous. He’s getting a little better but Connor still insists on driving when it involves going on the highway, bad weather, or night driving.

Who picks the movies: They alternate when they have movie nights. Connor is really into horror movies but Evan prefers a good comedy.

What do they watch on TV: If Connor has the remote, they watch the news. Connor is very politically involved and likes to keep up but he will also turn on some talk shows. Evan enjoys a good nature documentary but can settle for watching Ellen.

What did they major in when they went to college: Connor majored in psychology and minored in political sciences. Evan majored in environmental sciences with a minor in geology.

Where do they choose to live: After college, they moved in with Evan’s mom while getting on their feet. They chose to live in a small apartment about fifteen minutes away from their hometown. They visit their parents often and stay in contact with their friends.

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Hi TT :), I just went on your marauders threads masterpost and none of the links worked. Honestly it might be my computer (I have a super nasty virus atm) but then it might not be. To give you an idea, every time i scroll over the links the typing cursor comes up (y'know the one with the lines that highlights stuff) I've refreshed the page quite a few times and nothing seems to be working. I will carry on refreshing and see if it will work, but for now I just thought you ought to know :)

(( OOC: Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on there. :P I’ll try and get that fixed… but in the meantime… let’s see if this works: 


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i can feel the darkness coming [james potter]

warnings: Movie spoilers, James is a bit of an asshole in the beginning, language, angst, death, tears (Like I’m completely serious, I made myself cry while I was writing this)

word count: 3,789

italic = flashback


Being in love with James Potter was not easy.

    Especially when you were identified as one of his best friends and nothing more. With the addition of Lily Evans, you’re predicament was even worse than before.

    You and James had met when you were both first years at Hogwarts; the two of you had been sorted into Gryffindor and met when you sat next to each other at the tables. From the moment the two of you had first spoken to each other, you became great friends. James had later introduced you to his other friends: Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, and Remus Lupin. The five of you made up the Marauders.

    There was no specific moment that you could identify as the moment you fell for the brown haired mischief; just somewhere along the way, you began to see him differently.

The way he spoke with such light and joy in his eyes, or the way he watched his friends or himself cast spells and hex Slytherins. Maybe it was the way that he scrunched up his nose when he was confused by something that they learned in Transfiguration; or perhaps, it was the way that he smiled at you, his perfectly straight teeth shining at you with a grin that made your knees weak. It might have been the constant mischief that caught your eye, or the way that he cared for his friends that had swept you off of your feet.

Whatever it was, it had rendered you catatonic.

    At whatever point in time that you realized you were in love with your best friend, you began to act differently; becoming shy and soft spoken when he was in your presence, or keeping your head down when he seemed to glance your way.

    To the rest of the Marauders, it was becoming fairly obvious that something had changed in you, and Sirius Black was the first to take action.

    Walking out of Potions with your head held high, you sighed in happiness. You had just scored the highest in your class on the test you had taken the previous day. The notion led to you carrying yourself with the utmost happiness and proudness.

    The Marauders followed you out of the room, grumbling about the scores they had gotten, and you turned to face them with a radiant smile shining on your face.

The moment Sirius, one of your closest friends, caught sight of it, his eyebrows drew together in confusion.

“What’s got you so jolly, Talon?” Sirius questioned, using the nickname they had given  you.  Talon had originated from the your Animagus form, an eagle. The boys had originally poked fun at the thought of you becoming a bird, but then you promptly punched each of them in the gut and moved on. It may have been cruel, but at least they had stopped their taunts. The name Talon also came from your attitude towards other students, mostly the Slytherins. Growing up in a family that was purely Gryffindor, your were raised to despise their house. This led to you acting very rude and sassy to any of your Slytherin classmates. The fire in your attitude only added to part of the reason you had your nickname.

Back in the present, you laughed at the look upon the boys’ faces and showed them your paper. “Highest grade in the class,” You boasted.

Sirius playfully shoved you away from him after you showed him your paper, grumbling about your intelligence.

“Aw, don’t yourself up Padfoot, not everyone can be me,” You giggled, sass ever present in your tone.

James turned from the spot next to Sirius, “Of course they can’t all be you, darling; after all, there is only one Talon.” When he finished his words, a smirk graced his perfect features and a blush had arisen onto your face, all the boys except James taking notice.

You smiled softly and ducked your head down, not used to receiving compliments, especially from James.

The boys, specifically Sirius, watch you with confused looks on their faces. You had never shied away as you had just done; no one had ever had had that effect on you. No one had ever gotten you to blush or shy away.

The moment was ruined when James caught sight of a wisp of red hair. His eyes lit up with happiness, and a pang filters through your heart.

Lily!” James calls out, immediately taking off after the girl his heart was set on.

A weight fills your chest, and you suppress the tears that begin to fill your eyes. You shake your head and turn towards the direction of the Gryffindor common room.

“Well, I’ll be off then,” You practically whimper. After you speak the words, you take off in a brisk pace, trying to outrun your feelings. You heart was at your feet, feeling as though it had just been crushed by the Whomping Willow. Tears filling your eyes, you furiously wipe at the skin underneath your eyes to get them to go away. Dread fills your body as feelings of self-hate and worthlessness erupt within you.

From behind you, footsteps are heard chasing you. You walk faster in the hopes that the person will leave you alone, but it’s no use.

“Talon!” The voice cries.


Of course it would be Sirius that would notice your discomfort.

He reaches out when he gets close enough, his hand laying across your shoulder. His soft hands comfort you, and you are tempted to cry again.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Sirius questions, his eyes full of worry.

You shake your head and sigh, “It’s nothing Sirius, don’t worry about it.”

Sirius shakes his head and raises his other hand to grab your other shoulder between his fingers.

“It’s not nothing if you’re crying,” Sirius whispers.

You shake your head and try to turn away, but Sirius holds you in place. He stares at you for a few moments before his eyes light up in realization. His face changes and shook is written across practically every feature of his.

“You’re in love with Prongs,” Sirius whispers.

Your eyes widen and you reach up with your hands, covering his mouth with your palms. Sirius moves, taking your hands away from his mouth before he speaks, “No way. Why didn’t you say anything?”

You drop your hands to your sides and shake your head as you lower it to look at the ground, whimpering as tears fill your eyes, “Doesn’t matter, he’ll never love me anyway.”

Sirius looks saddened at the mention of James’ never ending chase for Lily Evans. He realizes your predicament and he reaches to pull you into his arms. His strong hold and comforting demeanor is enough to make you cry again. Your body begins to shake as you sob into Sirius’ chest, and he holds you tighter as you cry harder. He whispers soothing words as you sob and he slowly rocks you back and forth.

From behind the two of you, Peter and Remus approach. Their eyes widen when they see your tears, and step forward to question what was wrong. Sirius shakes his head and continues to rub his hands in circles on your back. The other boys nod, stepping forward to comfort you. Remus lays a hand across your shoulders and Peter wraps an arm around your waist. You sob harder when you realize that the other boys have found you, and they lower their heads, hating that someone has left you in this much pain.

You whimper into Sirius’ chest, “What did I do to deserve friends like you?”

A few weeks later, James finally begins to see the change in your behavior. He finally sees how you take every chance you have to avoid him. He notices the way that you never make eye contact with him anymore, or the way that you walk faster when he tries to catch up with you. He sees the way that you only come out of your room when Sirius or Remus make you. James sees the way that you are breaking.

So he decides to confront you.

The next time he sees you is when you are walking back to the Gryffindor common room with your head held low. He picks up speed, aiming to catch you before you hit the painting that grants entry to the room.

He calls out your name and you freeze when you hear his voice. Without even turning your head, you take off in a sprint. You have no idea where you are headed, you just want to get away from James. Being around him only deepens the hole in your heart and causes you more pain.

James chases after you, his long legs easily gaining on your short ones. He calls out your name again and it only spurs you to run faster.

You push open the door to the girls bathroom and immediately lock yourself in one of the stalls, thanking Merlin that the room was empty. James bursts through the door only seconds after you did and he slams his hand against the door to your stall, calling your name.

“Talon! Talon, please come out,” He calls, “I just want to know why you’ve been avoiding me.”

    Tears are already filling your eyes and you barely muster up enough courage to spit out the words, “Why do you care?”
    James is taken aback by your question. Why wouldn’t he care? You had been friends for years, of course he was going to care about you.

    “You’re my friend, Talon. Of course I care about you,” James whispers.

    You shake your head at the pang that fills your heart when he says the word- friend. Lowering your head, you let a few tears drop before you speak softly, “Yeah, that’s the problem.”

    Your words are quiet, enough that James should not have heard them.

    But he did.

    “What do you mean ‘that’s the problem?” He questioned, “You don’t want to be my friend anymore?” Just thinking about not being with you causes dread to fill his heart. He doesn’t know if he could carry on with his life without you in it. You were one of his greatest friends and his life would be worthless if you were not there with him throughout it.

    You sigh and begin to hiccup on your sobs, becoming frustrated at James’ obliviousness. Unlocking the stall, you step out and rub the tears away from your face. James steps forward to grab your face between his hands, but you step back, away from his comforting hands.

    James’ face drops when you step back, saddened that you would ever move away from him. He slowly lowers his hands and looks down at them with his own tears threatening to rise. His stomach churns with nerves about what was going to happen next.

    “Why are you here, James?” You question, “Shouldn’t you be with Lily? I mean she is your girlfriend and the love of your life.” You practically spit out her name, venom clear in your tone.

    James eyes your red eyes and blotchy cheeks before he responds, “What? Why are we talking about Lily? I’m here because I’m worried about you.”
    You shake your head for what feels like the hundredth time before turning to wipe the fresh tears from your eyes, “You shouldn’t be, you have a girlfriend.”

    James, who is still utterly confused, speaks, “Why do you keep bringing up Lily? Do you have a problem with her?”

    You softly chuckle underneath your breath before replying, “Of course I have a problem with her.”

    James’ features turn to ones of shock and he speaks again, “What is it? Because if you have a problem with Lily, you have a problem with me.”
    Your heart drops again and tears begin to fall down your face and anger begins to erupt from your body, “Because I can’t stand the two of you together!” You are shouting at this point, broken and frustrated beyond repair.

    James, who is maddened by your answer, begins to shout as well, “If you can’t stand the thought of us together, then why are you even my friend? Why don’t you just leave and find new friends because you obviously can’t keep the ones you have.”

    “Because I’m in love with you!”

    Immediately after the words leave your mouth, you slap your hands over your lips as if they would prevent you from saying anything else. You knew that those six words had just ruined your friendship; they ruined everything that ever happened between them. Tears fell from your eyes once again and you let the realization that you and James would never be the same wash over you.

    James let out a gasp of shock and fell silent for a few moments before collecting his thoughts, “That must be too bad then, huh?”

    His words surprise you, and you turn to face him. He stands there with his uniform unkempt and his hair messy from running his hands through it so often. You run your eyes over his body to see if any part of him did not mean the words he had spoken, but when they reached his face, you knew he meant what he had said.

    “It’s too bad because I’m in love with Lily, not you,” James spits, “And if you can’t handle that, then maybe you should just leave.”

    He doesn’t know why he was being so harsh to one of the only people that he loved; all he knew was that he did not know what to feel. He did not know how to comprehend with all of the emotions that were swirling around him.

    So he left.

    He left the bathroom, turning around and walking out the door without another word.

    He left you standing in the middle of the pristine, white bathroom surrounded by your own tears and guilt.

    So you left too.

    But it was not the bathroom that you left.

    It was Hogwarts.

    It was your friends- your family.

    You left behind everything you knew.

    You left Peter.

    You left Remus.

    You left Sirius.

    You left James.

    Packing up as much as you could with tears falling from your eyes, you fled Hogwarts without another glance. You used your old Quidditch broom to fly to the closest train station, where you promptly took the closest train to you.

    You had no idea where you were going; all you knew was that you needed to get away.

    From everything.

    Sirius Black could not find you.

    He had practically searched the entire school for you. He had looked inside every classroom, courtyard, and common room. He had even gone to Hagrid’s place to see if you had gone to visit him.
    Yet he still could not find you.

    By this point he was worried beyond relief, frantically tearing through the hallways in a rush to find any one of his friends. He was hoping that would know where you were, after all, you never left without telling at least one of the boys where you were going.

    Rushing into the Gryffindor common room, he found a note sitting on the table in the center of the room. He moved his feet towards it, reading the envelope that was addressed to his name. He recognized the writing almost immediately.

    It was yours.

    He frantically ripped open the letter and his eyes hungrily read the letter before his eyes.

    Dear Sirius,

        I’m sorry.

    He read the first few words and already knew what you had done. You had talked about it before.


    Sirius fell back against the couch behind him. His eyes never left the letter in front of him and tears fell, soaking the page. The black ink began to smear because of the wet tears that continued to fall from his eyes.

    His friend- his sister - was gone.

    You were gone and he would never see you again.

    Sirius Black let the letter fall from his hands as he stared across the room, a blank look in his eyes. Tears fell from his brown eyes and his shirt began to become soaked by the constant waterfall of tears.

    After a few moments of sulking, Sirius stood and grabbed the letter between his hands. He gripped the parchment so hard that it began to crumple into a ball.

    Feeling vengeful, Sirius left the room, marching his way into James’ room. He was angry upset, feeling as though he needed some kind of release of anger to feel better.

    Sitting in the room was Peter, Remus, and James, each of them doing their own thing. The boys looked up when Sirius entered the room, surprised that his face was red and blotchy. Even with the tear tracks running down his face, it was clear that Sirius was furious. He marched over to James’ side, grabbing his shirt by the collar and pushing him against the wall.

    Remus and Peter stood, surprised by Sirius’ actions, immediately running to his side to pull him off of James, but Sirius did not budge.

    “This is your fault!” Sirius screeched, “She’s gone because of you, you vile bastard!”

    James, who was still pinned to the wall, looks surprised and shrinks back into the brown wall behind him.

    “What are you talking about?” James questions.

    His words only made Sirius more angry, so Sirius slammed James into the wall once more.

    From behind Sirius, Remus picked up the letter that fell from his hands. His eyes scanned the writing that was smeared haphazardly across the page. His heart fell when he read the entire letter, tears of his own falling.

    From behind him, Peter read the same letter over Remus’ shoulder. Even with his tough exterior and actions, Peter teared up as he read the letter.

    You were loved deeply by the Marauders, leaving an impact on each of them. They loved you as a friend, and as a sister. You were the one that helped Remus through his transformations, the one who bandaged his wounds after every full moon. You were the one that helped Peter study for tests, the one who encouraged him to keep going when he felt worthless. You were the one that stayed by their side through everything, the one they loved more than anything.

    Remus looked up first, his eyes zoning in on James. “How could you do this?” He whimpered.

    James looked up at Remus and Peter, his eyes full of confusion, “What do you mean?”

    Remus thrusted the letter into his face, his eyes swollen and red, “How could you chase her away?”

    James, who had been let down by Sirius, grabbed the letter and read each and every word with curiosity and guilt sitting in his stomach.

Dear Sirius,

        I’m sorry.

    I just couldn’t take it anymore; I had to leave.

    I’m so sorry that I had to leave you and the boys by yourselves, I hope you can get through the full moons together. Tell Peter that I’ll miss him and that he is worth it. Tell him that no matter how bad he feels about himself or what he has done, he is a good man and he will get through it. Tell him to think of me when he is sad. And Remus; tell Remus that I’ll miss him so much. Tell him that I’m sorry that he will have to bandage himself after he shifts. Tell him that I love him as a brother and that I hope he will finally gather up enough courage to talk to Tonks.

    And you. I love you so much, Sirius. You were one of my first friends and you were one of the best ones I could have ever wished for. I hope that you can forget about me after I’m gone. Don’t sulk too much, this is what I want. Remember that I love you, Sirius. And please do not kill James for what he did. I’m sure that he did not mean what he said.

    To James. If the boys ever let you read this letter, I’m sorry.

    I’m sorry for falling in love with you and I’m sorry for telling you. It was my fault that our relationship was ruined.

    I hope that you can forgive me,


    James looked up as he finished reading the letter and set his eyes on the boys.

    “No,” James whimpered, “No, she wouldn’t. She wouldn’t leave.”

    Remus shook his head before looking down at the ground, “But she did.”

    James looked down at the letter before looking up at the ceiling with tears falling down his cheeks. He sniffed, trying not to let the tears fall, but it was useless. He felt the guilt settle in his chest as he slid down the wall until he was sitting on the floor. James then buried his head in his hands and cried.

    They all did; they cried for you, their lost Marauder.

    Years later, you were living on your own in a small house in the middle of practically nowhere.

    You had been fine on your own, not having to worry about anyone but yourself.

    Until today.

    While you were cooking dinner, you were interrupted by a knock on the door. Brushing your hands on your apron, you picked your wand up to wave at the door. It unlocked and you called out for the person to come in.

    Turning to face the door, you were surprised to see Remus standing there with a solemn expression on his face.

“Moony?” You questioned. You had no idea how he had found you, but the fact that he did must have meant that something very important had happened.

He looked down at his hands before he spoke, “They’re gone.”

Your eyebrows furrowed together before you asked Remus to repeat himself.

“They’re gone. All of them. Prongs, Wormtail, Padfoot. They’re all gone.”

And you collapsed.

Falling to your knees, you cried out in pain. You should have known that the Dark Lord would come for them. You should have known.

Large and heavy sobs escaped your lips as you cried out in agony. The worst pain imaginable had finally fell upon you. You let out a pained scream and pulled at the roots of your hair, “No, no, no, NO!” You repeated the words over and over again like a mantra, hoping that this was some kind of nightmare or joke.

Your body fell to the floor, collapsing into a heap as you cried. Remus quickly moved across the room and wrapped his arms around your broken form. He rocked you back and forth as the both of you cried for your fallen and lost friends.

“They are not dead, they are not dead,” You cried, hoping that your words would bring them back.

But they didn’t.

You’re a Womanizer Baby

Simple: H2OVanoss, Dancer!Del, Jealous!Evan, and kinda inspired by Britney and that one Britney glee episode? anyways enjoy

When Jonathan strutted into the club, Evan almost choked on his water. His crop top and shorts showed off every inch of his body. And Evan saw every guy’s and girl’s head turn to look at him. Evan grabbed his jacket and ran up to Jonathan.

“Hey Jon,” Evan said, draping his jacket over Jonathan’s shoulders discretely. Jonathan shrugged it off, handing it back to Evan. He sighed, staring after Jonathan as he made his way to the bar. Evan chased after him fruitlessly.

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I Hate You

(Inspired by this soulmate AU. I wrote this in one night so it’s trashy and a mess but I haven’t posted anything in a while).

She knows better than to chase after James.

Lily Evans knows better than to listen to her heart, to let it rule her, before she can be sure she won’t get hurt, before she can assess the risks.

But James Potter is a risk taker. And that’s the thing about risk takers. They usually cause everyone around them to take risks, too.

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Hogwarts Staff Meeting:  June, 1977
  • Minerva McGonagall: …This meeting then has come to a close. The next meeting will take place in August, and we will be deciding the new head students along with changes in school curriculum and safety measures.
  • Professor Slughorn: No need to discuss the head girl Minerva! Miss Evans is the obvious choice!
  • Other Professors: *nods, claps and applauds in agreement*
  • Minerva McGonagall: No arguments from me Horace, but we’ll have quite a task deciding our Head Boy.
  • Professor Dumbledore: It will be James Potter.
  • Other Professors: *cricket sounds*
  • Minerva McGonagall: ...Come again?
  • Dumbledore: *staring out the window with an exceptionally bright twinkle in his eyes*
  • Other Professors: *goes to window too*
  • Down by the lake a completely drenched Lily Evans is chasing a laughing James Potter - her hands in angry fists as she swears fluently at him. Even from the high window of Dumbledore’s office, it was difficult to miss the smile she was trying exceptionally hard to suppress.
  • Dumbledore: I think it’s time we gave those two a bit of a nudge in the right direction, don’t you?
  • Other Professors: *Nods, claps and applauds*
Heroes of Olympus Genderbent Cast: THE EXTENDED VERSION!

original version here

Lauren Jauregui: Perrie Jackson

Evan Peters: Andrew Chase

Elise Bauman: Jessie Grace

BooBoo Stewart: Peter McLean

Camila Cabello: Leah Valdez

Jamie Chung: Francesca Zhang

Roshon Fegan: Harry Levesque

Evanna Lynch: Octavia

Natasha Negovanlis: Nicole Di Angelo

Munro Chambers: Thayer Grace

Nick Jonas: Ryan Ramirez Arellano

Adam Hicks: Richard Ellington Dare

Tori Kelly: Lauren Castellan

Lucy Hale: Graysen Underwood

Sabrina Carpenter: Willa Solace


Chasing Bill Evans, part 1.

As a young teen, I played a lot of music, somewhat out of joy, but also because I was told to.  I did not adore the classical pieces thrown at me (at the time I favored first wave punk, not prancing circus tunes, which is what it all sounded like to me), when my teacher led me to into Debussy and Ravel, both whom helped keep me playing.

This piece, Ravel’s Pavane, was different than anything else I’d tried.  It grabbed me with its soul, and set me on a course that led toward improvisation.  I wasn’t the greatest at piano, but at first blush, I thought it was simple. But that is deceptive. I spent a long time with it trying to get the feel right.  Today, it has become a mainstay of “Relaxing Classical Music” greatest hits sets, but at the time, it did not have the same level of exposure – at least it was new to my uninformed ears.  I recommend all the piano music of the impressionists to everyone.

I still love it, and wish Ravel had wrote more in this style, which he reportedly disparaged. I’ll write more about where music like this took me, courtesy of a great teacher.


AU! One Tree Hill characters go to Hogwarts


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore (Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Scott,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress ”

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What AHS fans really need...

Okay, Imagine a mini season of American Horror story, only about 3 or 4 episodes. Only two actors, Evan Peters…and Shia Labeouf. Shia Labeouf, as himself, a ravenous cannibal chasing Evan Peters, a man desperately fighting for his life in the dark woods.

American Horror Story: Shia


Chasing Bill Evans, part 2

I posted previously about encountering Ravel as a kid. It kept me going, but my teacher had about given up on getting me to play anything as written. One day he surprised me with this live recording, Bill Evans’s tribute to his father, who, I was told, died just a day or two before the concert recording. Somehow Evans pulled himself through it. I was wary: Evans looked like the guy on the “Are you a nerd?” poster from the late 70’s (look it up). We listened, and yes, it sounded like Ravel’s pavane - lots of space between the notes, so the melody could breathe. The piece is a medley of compositions Evans was developing - especially what became “Turn Out the Stars.” That part blew me away- moving and lyrical and sad and sometimes swinging, and full of shimmering harmony that turned out to be harder than hell to capture. It drew me in. I imagined (incorrectly!) making girls fall in love with me with this music.

My teacher had written out the chart to the song’s coda, a 30-second miniature published as “Epilogue” on Evans’s first album. Reading that was not not too bad. But in the next weeks, he introduced the rest of it in jazz charts, which are bare sketches of music - like a fake book. To play, you needed to understand and create the harmony, as well as all the applicable scales, the melody and time, and fill in everything yourself around the simple lead line. This meant much more than reading and technique. Turned out my dull instructor was a jazz player! I spent that summer trying to get down just a few of the parts (badly, I’ll admit), and in doing so began an obsession that lasted a decade, trying so hard to play like Bill Evans. This was not a realistic goal, and it wasn’t always a healthy thing for me, (nor for Evans 15 years prior!). I’ll maybe post about what happened.

I still love the piece. Having lost my own parents, I can’t imagine performing in that circumstance, especially considering Evans’s well documented personal problems.

Astrology - Confirmed Birth Times

The list of the following celebrities and their Ascendants have been confirmed to be legitimate through either their official birth certificate, family members, or themselves.

Listed are the celebrities with their correct Ascendants:

Britney Spears - Libra Rising
Matt Dillon - Aquarius Rising
Penélope Cruz - Aries Rising
Kurt Cobain - Virgo Rising
Jimi Hendrix - Sagittarius Rising
Julianne Moore - Gemini Rising
Matthew McConaughey - Gemini Rising
Whitney Houston - Pisces Rising
Kat Bjelland - Scorpio Rising
Marilyn Monroe - Leo Rising
Diana Ross - Scorpio Rising
Barack Obama - Aquarius Rising
Jennifer Anniston - Libra Rising
Katie Holmes - Leo Rising
Suri Cruise - Aquarius Rising
Mariah Carey - Taurus Rising
Queen Latifah - Taurus Rising
Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Aries Rising
Uma Thurman - Virgo Rising
Angelina Jolie - Cancer Rising
Gianni Versace - Scorpio Rising
Billie Holliday - Aquarius Rising
Elvis Presley - Sagittarius Rising
Kristen Stewart - Gemini Rising
Antonio Banderas - Pisces Rising
Bobby Brown - Capricorn Rising
Nicole Simpson Brown - Pisces Rising
Sharon Tate - Cancer Rising
Mia Farrow - Taurus Rising
Jerry Garcia - Libra Rising
RuPaul - Gemini Rising
Kurt Russell - Cancer Rising
Donna Summer - Leo Rising
Prince - Scorpio Rising
Tina Turner - Leo Rising
Nat King Cole - Capricorn Rising
Frida Kahlo - Leo Rising
John Travolta - Cancer Rising
George Lopez - Pisces Rising
Paula Abdul - Libra Rising
Yoko Ono - Libra Rising
Helen Hunt - Virgo Rising
Whoopi Goldberg - Aquarius Rising
Nicolas Cage - Sagittarius Rising
Maya Angelou - Leo Rising
America Ferrera - Capricorn Rising
Steven Spielberg - Cancer Rising
Lisa Kudrow - Cancer Rising
Neil Diamond - Libra Rising
Muhammad Ali - Leo Rising
Janis Joplin - Aquarius Rising
Dick Clark - Scorpio Rising
Robin Williams - Scorpio Rising
Demi Moore - Pisces Rising
Donatella Versace - Taurus Rising
Jayne Mansfield - Cancer Rising
Rodney King - Taurus Rising
Stevie Nicks - Aries Rising
Lisa Marie Presley - Leo Rising
Snoop Dogg - Taurus Rising
François Goulard - Cancer Rising
Goldie Hawn - Sagittarius Rising
Coretta Scott King - Libra Rising
Frank Jr. Sinatra - Cancer Rising
Jake Gyllenhaal - Leo Rising
Tom Hanks - Virgo Rising
Dionne Warwick - Taurus Rising
Zac Efron - Capricorn Rising
Gladys Knight - Sagittarius Rising
Aaron Spelling - Leo Rising
Alicia Silverstone - Aquarius Rising
Mindy Kaling - Gemini Rising
Cher - Cancer Rising
Jimmy Dean - Leo Rising
Jennifer Finch - Virgo Rising
River Phoenix - Scorpio Rising
Michael Jordan - Cancer Rising
Cameron Diaz - Cancer Rising
JoJo - Aquarius Rising
Aimee Garcia - Cancer Rising
Matt LeBlanc - Cancer Rising
Busta Rhymes - Leo Rising
Barry White - Capricorn Rising
James Dean - Aries Rising
Tyra Banks - Cancer Rising
Dave Grohl - Capricorn Rising
Christina Ricci - Virgo Rising
Chloë Sevigny - Scorpio Rising
Billy Idol - Cancer Rising
Aretha Franklin - Scorpio Rising
Carson Daly - Leo Rising
Jodie Foster - Sagittarius Rising
Matt Damon - Aquarius Rising
Liza Minnelli - Taurus Rising
Heather Locklear - Aries Rising
John Cena - Cancer Rising
Matthew Perry - Leo Rising
Steve Carell - Virgo Rising
Linda Perry - Sagittarius Rising
O.J. Simpson - Leo Rising
Roman Polanski - Libra Rising
Kate Hudson - Cancer Rising
Lourdes Leon - Pisces Rising
Édith Piaf - Scorpio Rising
Drew Barrymore - Gemini Rising
Zooey Deschanel - Capricorn Rising
Ashanti - Capricorn Rising
Venus Williams - Libra Rising
Serena Williams - Taurus Rising
Christina Aguilera - Aquarius Rising
Max Bratman - Virgo Rising
John Krasinski - Gemini Rising
Nia Peeples - Cancer Rising
Dr. Dre - Gemini Rising
Kate Bosworth - Cancer Rising
Jessica Biel - Sagittarius Rising
Rosanne Barr - Aquarius Rising
Elizabeth Taylor - Sagittarius Rising
Anne Parillaud - Scorpio Rising
Kirsten Dunst - Leo Rising
Vanessa Paradis - Scorpio Rising
Steve Perry - Leo Rising
Natalie Wood - Libra Rising
Jessica Lange - Leo Rising
Tobey Maguire - Leo Rising
Lisa Bonet - Cancer Rising
Sonny Bono - Libra Rising
Deepak Chopra - Pisces Rising
Gwyneth Paltrow - Pisces Rising
Drake - Leo Rising
Kim Gordon - Capricorn Rising
Steve McQueen - Cancer Rising
Tori Spelling - Aquarius Rising
Dennis Rodman - Capricorn Rising
Barbara Streisand - Aries Rising
J. Mascis - Gemini Rising
Thurston Moore - Capricorn Rising
Carole King - Libra Rising
Molly Ringwald - Cancer Rising
F. Scott Fitzgerald - Aquarius Rising
Coco Chanel - Sagittarius Rising
Tim Burton - Gemini Rising
Denzel Washington - Libra Rising
Pamela Anderson - Gemini Rising
Leonardo DiCaprio - Libra Rising
Wes Craven - Sagittarius Rising
Mariska Hargitay - Capricorn Rising
Lizzy Caplan - Cancer Rising
Jim Morrison - Aquarius Rising
Michelle Pfeiffer - Gemini Rising
Milla Jovovich - Cancer Rising
Tori Amos - Scorpio Rising
Maureen Herman - Leo Rising
Bruce Springsteen - Gemini Rising
Jessica Alba - Leo Rising
Bobbi Kristina Brown - Gemini Rising
Shirley Temple - Sagittarius Rising
Al Sharpton - Cancer Rising
Caitlyn Jenner - Scorpio Rising
Naomi Judd - Leo Rising
Wynonna Judd - Cancer Rising
Ashley Olsen - Leo Rising
Mary-Kate Olsen - Leo Rising
Mya - Libra Rising
Lori Barbero - Aquarius Rising
Giorgio Armani - Leo Rising
Gerard Butler - Libra Rising
Steve Jobs - Virgo Rising
Geri Halliwell - Scorpio Rising
Phylicia Rashad - Pisces Rising
Judy Garland - Cancer Rising
Johnny Cash - Pisces Rising
George Clooney - Pisces Rising
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Tommy Lee Jones - Gemini Rising
Liberace - Capricorn Rising
Vincent Van Gogh - Cancer Rising
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Megan Fox - Capricorn Rising
Clint Eastwood - Scorpio Rising
Miranda Lambert - Leo Rising
Ashley Judd - Leo Rising
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Forest Whitaker - Virgo Rising
Matt Damon - Aquarius Rising
Will.I.Am - Sagittarius Rising
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Robert Duvall - Sagittarius Rising
M.C. Hammer - Cancer Rising
Goldie Hill - Aquarius Rising
Bob Dylan - Sagittarius Rising
Freddie Prinze Jr. - Libra Rising
Frances Farmer - Virgo Rising
Fergie - Cancer Rising
Chevy Chase - Libra Rising
Evan Rachel Wood - Sagittarius Rising
Billy Graham - Aries Rising
Liev Screiber - Scorpio Rising
Thora Birch - Leo Rising
Shirley Manson - Capricorn Rising
Laci Peterson - Aries Rising
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John Belushi - Capricorn Rising
Katy Perry - Scorpio Rising
Julia Roberts - Cancer Rising
Paul Newman - Capricorn Rising
Jon Bon Jovi - Libra Rising
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Don Johnson - Virgo Rising
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Jessica Simpson - Scorpio Rising
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Freddie Prinze - Scorpio Rising
Morgan Fairchild - Leo Rising
Chaka Khan - Scorpio Rising
Audrey Hepburn - Aquarius Rising
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Vince Vaughn - Libra Rising
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Billie Jean King - Capricorn Rising
Willow Smith - Gemini Rising
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Johnny Depp - Leo Rising
Khloé Kardashian - Taurus Rising
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Ron Howard - Aries Rising
Michael Vartan - Aries Rising
Azealia Banks - Taurus Rising
Shannen Doherty - Virgo Rising
Robert Shapiro - Virgo Rising
Michael Bolton - Sagittarius Rising
Jim Henson - Cancer Rising
Amanda Knox - Gemini Rising
John Drew Barrymore - Scorpio Rising
Paris Jackson - Aries Rising
Prince Michael I Jackson - Sagittarius Rising
Prince Michael II Jackson - Libra Rising
Jane Fonda - Capricorn Rising
Naomi Watts - Scorpio Rising
Kirk Cameron - Sagittarius Rising
Renée Zellweger - Virgo Rising
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Eddie Van Halen - Libra Rising
Al Pacino - Leo Rising
Kathy Bates - Virgo Rising
Phyllis Diller - Gemini Rising
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David Guetta - Scorpio Rising
Sissy Spacek - Virgo Rising
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Shia LaBeouf - Aquarius Rising
James Spader - Virgo Rising
Tammy Faye Bakker Messner - Sagittarius Rising
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Samantha Ronson - Scorpio Rising
Ava Gardner - Leo Rising
Connie Britton - Leo Rising
Julia Child - Gemini Rising
Katharine McPhee - Sagittarius Rising
Dustin Hoffman - Capricorn Rising
Suzanne Somers - Taurus Rising
Carmen Electra - Capricorn Rising
Dolly Parton - Virgo Rising
Lana Del Rey - Taurus Rising
Martin Sheen - Aquarius Rising
Howard K. Stern - Capricorn Rising
Annie Lennox - Virgo Rising
Nina Simone - Aquarius Rising
Ann Sheridan - Aquarius Rising
Alanis Morrissette - Leo Rising
Christina Applegate - Gemini Rising
Demi Lovato - Pisces Rising
Chris Farley - Leo Rising
Jean Harlow - Libra Rising
Quincy Jones - Libra Rising
John Malkovich - Virgo Rising
Susan Atkins - Aquarius Rising
Tom Brady - Libra Rising
Charles Manson - Taurus Rising
Justin Bieber - Scorpio Rising
Meryl Streep - Leo Rising
Charlie Sheen - Gemini Rising
Johnny Cash - Pisces Rising
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Tiger Woods - Virgo Rising
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Conan O'Brien - Virgo Rising
George W. Bush - Leo Rising
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Jesse Ventura - Gemini Rising
Ann Jillian - Cancer Rising
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Jasmine Guy - Virgo Rising
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Boyd Bill - Pisces Rising
Rita Ora - Leo Rising
Brigitte Bardot - Sagittarius Rising
Donald Trump - Leo Rising
Will Ferrell - Virgo Rising
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Billy Rae Cyrus - Aquarius Rising
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Peggy Lipton - Aquarius Rising
Kendall Jenner - Pisces Rising
Billy Crystal - Taurus Rising
Louis Tomlinson - Gemini Rising
Woody Allen - Virgo Rising
Maxine Bahns - Capricorn Rising
Adolf Hitler - Libra Rising
Michael Cole - Scorpio Rising
Sean Connery - Capricorn Rising
Jim Bakker - Pisces Rising
Stephan Foster - Libra Rising
Ted Bundy - Leo Rising
Prince William - Sagittarius Rising
Lorna Luft - Taurus Rising
Mark Wahlberg - Cancer Rising
Lady Gaga - Virgo Rising
Kim Kardashian - Sagittarius Rising
Chris Brown - Leo Rising
Sean Penn - Sagittarius Rising
John Ritter - Libra Rising
John Wayne Gacy - Sagittarius Rising

For a list of celebrities who have been given false birth times, check out this post.

@hajimehaga Well if you insist~ ;P

My fave brother aus currently are def the Mini/Evan step brother au from waaaay back, the au where Lui is Evan’s kid brother, and I’ve been having fun combining those two into a mega Evan/Mini/Lui brother au as of late (heart)

So with the Mini/Evan brother au, I usually headcanon them as being step brothers with the same age difference as IRL, so about 2.5 - 3 years, and I like to imagine them as being the kind of brothers who are best friends. They still tease and argue on occasion as that happens with siblings, but for the most part, they’re close and tight knit, and Mini is a seamless part of Evan’s friend group even if he is his lil bro (heart) They bond over video games and play guitar together, and tell each other p much everything, and comfort each other when they’re sad with ice cream and movies, and are just super close c:

I also like to imagine Evan being the over protective big brother type who threatens and beats up anyone that tries to bully Mini (he drags childhood bffl Tyler with him who is v tall and v intimidating even as a teen, and is p fond of Mini also), and the kind of bro who makes half joking threats to all of Mini’s dates when he meets them for the first time (Mini’s dates are always confused bc his tone is serious but he’s smiling??), but Mini returns the favour and plays 20 qs with Evan’s to make sure they’re good enough for him.

And then with the Evan/Lui brother au, the age difference is MUCH bigger. I can never decide how old to make Lui, but I usually make it around a ten year age difference give or take, so Lui is a little kid while Evan is much older to the point that he takes care of him a lot and maybe parents him sometimes (and I do play around with the idea of Evan being his legal guardian sometimes). Evan helps him with his homework and walks him home from school, and gives him piggyback rides and reads him bedtime stories, and always indulges him in his strange games even if he’s much too old to be running around his garden playing pretend, and is basically brother of the year (heart)

I like to imagine though that Lui thinks the absolute world of Evan (even if he’s a stubborn kid who won’t admit it), and is always trying to impress him and make him proud. Like he tries hard in school solely bc he knows Evan will be super proud if he has good grades, but on the flip side, he also tries to impress Evan by showing him that he can jump from the treehouse into their paddling pool and gives his poor over protective brother a heartattack :P He’s such a handful and absolutely that terror of a sibling that harasses all of Evan’s dates when he’s not looking and acts the perfect angel when Evan is around, and basically scares away anyone he deems not good enough for him (which is most people, Lui has v high standards)

And then the Evan/Mini/Lui brother au is a combination of all of that with some added dynamics. Evan is the oldest golden child who’s super talented and can do no wrong in their parents eyes bc he takes good care of his little brothers, and Lui is the youngest and spoiled rotten, and becomes a little terror bc of it. Mini falls into the typical middle child role where he gets forgotten about a lot as people are always fawning over Evan and chasing after Lui, and he just falls through the cracks a bit, and ends up fending for himself a lot, and craves attention and praise so much that he starts falling in love with anyone that’s even the slightest bit nice to him (which is not so good as he gets his heart broken a lot or dates people that isn’t good for him, and Evan constantly worries about him)

I don’t have too many headcanons for the Mini/Lui dynamic yet, but they’re not quite as close as they are with Evan and end up arguing a bit more, but they still care deeply for each other. Like when Lui has a nightmare after watching that horror movie Evan told him not to watch, it’s Mini’s bed he’ll crawl into in the middle of the night for comfort, and sometimes he’ll pick a fight with people on Xbox live and tell Mini how people on the internet were being mean to him just bc he knows Mini will snap the headset from him and tear those gamers a new one for being rude to a kid :P Lui is a lil shit, but a caring lil shit who will copy Evan and bring Mini ice cream and a DVD to cheer him up when he’s sad. Of course he picks his own fave movie instead of Mini’s fave and can’t give advice like Evan can, but his incessant chatter and kind gesture is enough of a distraction that helps Mini feel better anyway (heart)

I have a bunch of variations of these aus including some gang aus and one or two where their parents die and Evan becomes their guardian, but those are the general headcanons :P the side ships also vary but I usually jump between minicat, vanoo, tyvan, vanoocat, and terrorladd depending on my mood, but the brotherly relationships always take center stage, and the romantic stuff comes second

Other much less developed brother aus include but aren’t limited to: mini/Marcel, Luke/delirious, Luke/delirious/Evan, Luke/everyone, but the ones I talked about above are the faves :P

Masterlist is up finished!

Here is the link, also found on my blog.

(I didn’t even know I wrote that much - time flies!)