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Mark Jefferson

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Warren Graham

Nathan Prescott

Victoria Chase

Kate Marsh

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Brooke Scott

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Daniel DaCosta

Ms. Grant

Principal Wells

Arcadia Bay Residents

Source: Art by Eduard Caplain Art by Fred Augis

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Meet the faces of the voices.


Marvel Cinematic Universe + Magnus Chase chapter titles

can you just imagine sirius snorting with laughter in the middle of james and lily’s wedding ceremony because he can’t imagine “dearly beloved…” sounding like anything else but “deerly”


one tree hill (23 september 2003- 4 april 2012)

It’s the oldest story in the world. One day, you’re 17 and playing for someday, and then quietly and without you really noticing, someday is today, and then someday is yesterday, and this is your life. We spend so much time wanting, pursuing, wishing. But ambition is good, chasing things with integrity is good, dreaming. If you had a friend you knew you’d never see again, what would you say? If you could do one last thing for someone you love, what would it be? Say it. Do it. Don’t wait. Nothing lasts forever. Make a wish and place it in your heart. Anything you want, everything you want. Do you have it? Good. Now believe it can come true. You never know where the next miracle’s going to come from, the next memory, the next smile, the next wish come true. But if you believe that it’s right around the corner, you open your heart and mind to the possibility of it, to the certainty of it, you just might get the thing you’re wishing for. The world is full of magic. You just have to believe in it. So make your wish. Do you have it? Good. Now believe in it with all your heart.

inspired by the lovely apalapucian:

lily evans. collects board games and has a steady love affair with spaghetti hoops. often writes her essays by hand, and almost always in purple ink. loops her ls. drinks black coffee on sunny days and something with whipped cream on top on anything other. insists on sleeping on the top bunk. major television remote hogger. owns one pair of heeled combat boots, which she saves for special occasions. has a sweet tooth but prefers salted popcorn over sweetened. contends with james on this. drinks orange juice with a straw. likes to visit art galleries and museum exhibitions by herself. wins chess games against james, most of the time, but loses to sirius, always. she puts it down to his good luck, the wanker. wears scarves when it’s not quite autumn and short sleeves when it’s not quite spring. swears at the most inappropriate times. blushes, but not frequently. likes to quote douglas adams — i never could get the hang of thursdays, remus — and uses complicated words when she’s mad. has a difficult time getting out of bed on sunday mornings. takes her eggs with a soft centre, but flipped, thank you very much. bakes brownies for herself when she’s sad about her parents, about severus, school, petunia. starts impromptu dance parties at 2 in the morning — christ, evans, not again — and somehow (somehow!) convinces all the boys to join in, every time. water balloons enthusiast. sensitive to sudden noises. laughs deep and rich and full. fucking in love with james potter. 

| james potter | sirius black | remus lupin |

Hogwarts Staff Meeting:  June, 1977
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Minerva McGonagall:</b> …This meeting then has come to a close. The next meeting will take place in August, and we will be deciding the new head students along with changes in school curriculum and safety measures.<p/><b>Professor Slughorn:</b> No need to discuss the head girl Minerva! Miss Evans is the obvious choice!<p/><b>Other Professors:</b> *nods, claps and applauds in agreement*<p/><b>Minerva McGonagall:</b> No arguments from me Horace, but we’ll have quite a task deciding our Head Boy.<p/><b>Professor Dumbledore:</b> It will be James Potter<p/><b>Other Professors:</b> *cricket sounds*<p/><b>Minerva McGonagall:</b> ...Come again?<p/><b>Professor Dumbledore:</b> *staring out the window with an exceptionally bright twinkle in his eyes*<p/><b>Other Professors:</b> *goes to window too*<p/><b></b> Down by the lake a completely drenched Lily Evans is chasing a laughing James Potter - her hands in angry fists as she swears fluently at him. Even from the high window of Dumbledore’s office, it was difficult to miss the smile she was trying exceptionally hard to suppress.<p/><b>Professor Dumbledore:</b> I think it’s time we gave those two a bit of a nudge in the right direction, don’t you?<p/><b>Other Professors:</b> *Nods, claps and applauds*<p/></p><p/></p>
Genderbent Heroes of Olympus Cast

Lauren Jauregui as Perrie Jackson

Evan Peters as Andrew Chase

Taylor Swift as Jessica Grace

Booboo Stewart as Peter McLean

Brenda Song as Frankie Zhang

Corbin Bleu as Harry Levesque

Cierra Ramirez as Lola Valdez

Selena Gomez as Nicole Di Angelo


AU! One Tree Hill characters go to Hogwarts


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore (Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Scott,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress ”

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We now have 20 days until Sebastian’s birthday on August 13th

If you want to join this video, please send me a message telling me what you want to do for the video so I can write your name down and any other information

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For the video, you can either:

- Create a birthday poster (it doesn’t have to be very artistic, just writing Happy Bday Seb and maybe colour it in and write “thanks for being inspirational” or something like that will do haha) and taking a photo of you holding it

- Create a video (or an audio post) saying why you like Sebastian, why you find inspirational, how he has changed your life, etc. This has to be at least over 20 seconds and about a minute long or so

- You can switch things up a bit, you can cosplay as The Winter Soldier, get your friends involved, dress up as Captain America characters or whatever, go nuts :P

Deadline is for August 6th but if you need extra time, just message me and tell me. To be honest, as long as I have everything by at least August 10th or so, it should be fine.

I have 101 people involved so far, but I’m trying to get as many as possible