Born Chartreuse Helena Steiner in 2014 to newlyweds Helen and Alex Steiner. At the age of 7 her mother was murdered by Alex when she confronted him about scars she found on her daughters body.
Char was then fostered by her grandfather on her mothers side, Peter Daniels, and subsequently adopted by him when the full extent of Alex’s abuse came to light.Peter in the following years sold his company and some of his more famous patents, and retired to properly raise Chartreuse on his own. Moving and buying a house several states over to avoid Alex should he ever get out of jail.

Chartreuse, now age 10, and her grandfather were stirred in the might by the sound of a crash coming from the forest surrounding their home. Despite his best attempts to get Char to stay inside, they both entered the woods to investigate. What they found was a crashed space shuttle of some kind, completely alien to anything known to humans, and inside of it a.. visitor.
The alien, later named Faceless by Chartreuse, frantically warned them to stay clear, but unfortunately his efforts were wasted due to him not knowing the language.
A second crash, and from it another alien, this one more visibly malicious. Faceless scurried away to hide before it saw him, and it grabbed Chartreuse and kicked Peter into a tree. The alien dialect fell on Faceless like an anvil. Reveal himself or the small thing suffers.
He didnt react fast enough. To this day its the deepest of his regrets.

La Tour Percee

The longest natural erosion arch in the Alps (at 32 metres, and a double one at that) was only discovered in 2005, in the Chartreuse mountain chain above Grenoble, at the southern tip of the Jura mountains (part of the Pre-Alps), long famed for the bittersweet herby alcohol produced by the Carthusian monks (reputedly some of the most austere, meditating in their isolated eyrie, where they have been based since 1084). The find was made by a hiker who was researching a book on the hidden unknown treasures of the range, later published as Chartreuse inédite : Itinéraires insolites.

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Pony a Day 2: Day 142 

Mommy Mimic and her triplets, Baby Frosting, Frosting and Frosting! 

I feel like we don’t see a lot of images of Mimic in “play” type settings, because she is so pricey, and thus a lot of people don’t own her or want to risk damaging her. But she has such a happy, playful expression, she just shines in any photo she’s in, especially when she’s mugging for photos with her kids! 


Double Wedding Ring quilt Finished 85 x 85 by tell tale threads
Via Flickr:
I don’t suppose this has ever happened to another quilter…… While in my local quilt shop waiting to have my fabric cut, I spied some other fabric and then started building a collection. Before I knew it I was asking for half a metre of each! I bought it with no project in mind but it was perfect when I signed up for the DWR workshop.

* …
* You’ve done it.
* You’ve actually done it this time, Cal.
* You killed everyone.
* And for what? Wasn’t I the one you wanted?
* Or were you just saving me for the end?
* Or maybe….
* ….You never wanted to kill me.
* You just wanted me to suffer.
* Haven’t you done enough?
* I’m broken, Cal. I am a broken woman. And that’s only partially your fault.
* The majority of it was my own. And I’m at least decent enough to be willing to admit it, right?
* ….You know that if I die, this whole timeline goes down with me.
* Whether by your hands or by sheer coincidence.
* Because I know you want to erase everything once you’re done with it.
* Either way, I’m the last driving force that drives this timeline together.
* The last hope we all have to fix everything.
* You didn’t really want this, did you?
* I could reset any time I want to, but you wouldn’t learn anything from it.
* So…..It’s really up to you.
* Please….just walk away now and promise to be good the next time around.
* Be the friend you used to be, even after what I did.
* Or, at least…..don’t be this.
* …
* Fine then.
* You know, it’s funny how all this time I promised myself to never fight at all.
* Look where that got me, huh?
* Running away from my problems, only to have them come back to haunt me…
* …You know what? If you wanted me to stoop to your level all along, then congratulations. You did it.
* And also…
* G o o d f u c k i n g l u c k .