This started with me making a little Belle bracelet for myself and well…i have just added these to my Etsy Shop!

7.5″ Toggle Clasp Ship bracelets with or 4 charms of your choice and 2 swarovski hearts of your choice (2 charm for £8.50 or 4 for £9.50) Captain Swan, Outlaw Queen, Rumbelle, Snowing and Swan Queen


7.5″ Toggle Clasp Character Charm bracelets. 2 charms and a heart of your choice.  £8 (Emma, Regina, Hook, Robin, Snow, Charming, Belle and Rumple)

The listed size is 7.5″ however, if you would like a bigger or a smaller size, send me a message and this can be arranged for you :) 


When I saw the first pic I was like “wait what?” And it took my like 2 minutes to get that it was fan made. And then I found the real one and then it took my a couple of minutes to get that the new season will be in/about Camelot! I’m an idiot who is so happy my babies are coming back!!!!

a letter from Bruce to his lanlord at  at 7 ½ West End Court in Long Branch, NJ where he wrote most of the songs on the “Born to Run” album. 

and whre he was under siege from fans after the album’s release, according to Marilyn Rocky. 

transcript:        Dear Landlordess,

This is the only water bill I have. I think there was one other one but it wasn’t much and I took care of it myself. Anyway they haven’t sent any notices so I guess it’s O.K.
Sorry if the rent is late this month but I forgot to tell the office in N.Y. that they were gonna send it out. If you don’t have it now it’s in the mail and should arrive tomorrow or the next day.
Your ever gracious tenant

Bruce Springsteen

P.S. Do you like this classy writin’ paper?
P.S.S. I’m practicing my autograph. Whadya think?

… no wonder I love this man he is just too adorable for words!