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You owed Peter your life. He had saved you when you had been attacked in the dead of night by a mugger. The man had left you alone and bleeding out in an alley. Peter had caught the scent of your blood and changed you right there. Charlotte was against you at first because she didn’t like sharing Peter’s affections, but you soon found a spot in her heart.

When Peter and Charlotte told you they were going to visit their creator, you wanted to decline. Then they told you that they were going to be confronting the Volturi and they might not make it back.

So of course you went. You did owe Peter your life after all.

It wasn’t that you didn’t want to meet their creator, in fact you were excited to meet the man that your coven mates talked so much about. You just hated being around large groups of people.

When you arrived in Forks, you felt an odd sensation in your chest that only grew the closer you got to the Cullen home. Peter and Charlotte ran ahead, too eager to see their creator.

The Cullen home was in view now, and the sensation was stronger than ever. You grimaced and looked for your coven mates so you could tell them about the odd feeling.

When you found them, they were talking to a tall blond man. His back was turned to you, but you could only assume that this was the Major Whitlock that they wouldn’t shut up about. They sure looked excited enough.

“Guys I-“ Peter and Charlotte looked around the blond in order to look at you. Once he realized that he no longer had their attention, the blond man turned to look at you as well.

Holy mother of Hell.

Your eyes widened when you realized that tugging sensation was leading you to him. This strange blond man with many bite marks on his beautiful skin. He wasn’t just any blond man. He was your mate.

His lips quirked up in a grin.

“Hello doll, my name is Jasper Whitlock.”


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