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Charlotte Becker - Daughter of Athena |FC: Dianna Agron| Open.


21 years old

  ↳ started in Olympus at 16


Growing up, Charlotte had the perfect childhood. Living in a small town in Michigan with just her father and her sister was all she needed. Her life was everything she ever wanted and more— up until she got pregnant at fifteen. Just like anyone would, she was constantly teased and looked down on because of one mistake. A year later, her dad finally told her about the true identity of her mom and sent her off to school. Leaving her family behind was one of the hardest decisions she’d ever had to do, but it also meant that she was able to leave behind the constant degrading words, most from the father of her daughter.

Charlie, as she prefers to be called, has always been a bit nerdy. School has always been, and always will be important to her. She rarely settles for anything below her average grades. When she’s not studying, she’s either reading or out somewhere taking photos. Photography is a big part of her life— a passion that was passed down from her dad to her. 

Upon her arrival at Olympus, Charlie became extremely close with her half-brother, Matthew Craig, whom of which she considers to be more than just a half-brother to her. She also quickly befriended Ariana Meyer, one of the few people that she knows she could trust more than anything. Charlie’s also very close with Abigail Clark. Coming to Olympus has helped her gain friends that she would risk her life for, and people she hopes that she’ll be friends with for life.

For pretty much the first time since her awful relationship back home, Charlotte had found herself falling for Parker Marshall. Unfortunately, she ruined that for the both of them. Since their breakup, she’s stepped away from love, and she’s completely content with that.

Just like every other student at Olympus, Charlie’s had her fights. In the past school year, she lost one of her close friends, Kayla Sparks, her sister, Holly Becker, and her father all in the time span of a few months. After her father passed, Charlie was forced to leave school to take care of her daughter, leaving all of her friends behind without a single word. It was then that she picked up drinking, and is still trying to recover from it. Even after losing custody of her daughter, getting into a few incidents, and, most recently, her daughter passing away in a drunk driving accident, Charlie’s still having difficulty dropping her bad habit.

She’s become one of those people that thinks “no matter what happens in life, you have to keep going on.” The wounds of losing her entire family are still fresh, but she’s still the same old Charlie that she’s always been.

Special Gift

The Pallas Owl

This child shall bear the power to summon the Pallas Owl: a griffin like animal with an owl’s head. It is made of white marble and gilded in gold. The child must be wise because Athena herself rides one of these in her pursuit of wisdom. It is not channeled, but keep the wielder conscious or the creature will break and should be summoned again. But as a proof that the child is of Athenian heritage, the child must prepare to fight the Pallas Owl for it needs to be tamed. Very high in wisdom and intellect.

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E-blast #45

Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in your bed

It seems like all different kinds of love is floating around, To Abigail Clark and Daniel Duke’s new happy romance, To Parker Marshall and Charlotte Becker’s maybe returning one– After all the brunette was spotted singing John Mayer to the blonde mama.

To the kinky teacher-student relationship between Bex Pearce and Evan Callahan, To the one-sided failed attempt at I love you’s between Maxine Yeager and Samual Abernathy. 

To the sexiest Alyssa Aurum failed attempt at trying to get laid with the returning Matthew Craig.

and then we have our screwed up Quinn Shard who dosen’t even truly know what love is. He was spotted slipping into Luna’s bed for the second time, He feels nothing for the raven though because that would truly be a disaster; What with his emotional phonecalls to Adrianna Reier. 

The boy was seen getting punched out by his best friend for sleeping with Danny’s long time crush Abigail Clark, This of course lead to her being called a slut.

To top off all the love we have sibling love or lack thereof, Katherine Miles and Eleanor Scott were seen calling it quits on their relationship, After a heated conversation they were unable to reconcile their differences and are now going different ways.

~Stay out of trouble,Olympians, but if you do, make it double.

Olympia’s out♥ 

E-blast #36


I would be shock if Quinn doesn’t get laid for a week. Clearly, sex is his favorite hobby, and who’s the lucky girl who he had sex with? It’s no other than Charlotte “Momma Char” Becker.

Sometimes, I wonder if Charlie is really a daughter of Athena, because obviously she dropped her brain somewhere after she left Olympus and Parker Marshall, who’s Adrianna Reier’s brother.

The Boy Who Needs To Shave is evidently not over Charlie yet, and his Slut Sister has been fond of using Quinn’s dick lately, and we all know that Ade can be a little selfish when it comes to her toys.

Screwing over the feelings of Poseidon the Pussy Chaser’s children aren’t we?

I’ve got nothing else to add here.

~Stay out of trouble,Olympians, but if you do, make it double.

Olympia’s out♥