E-blast #45

Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in your bed

It seems like all different kinds of love is floating around, To Abigail Clark and Daniel Duke’s new happy romance, To Parker Marshall and Charlotte Becker’s maybe returning one– After all the brunette was spotted singing John Mayer to the blonde mama.

To the kinky teacher-student relationship between Bex Pearce and Evan Callahan, To the one-sided failed attempt at I love you’s between Maxine Yeager and Samual Abernathy. 

To the sexiest Alyssa Aurum failed attempt at trying to get laid with the returning Matthew Craig.

and then we have our screwed up Quinn Shard who dosen’t even truly know what love is. He was spotted slipping into Luna’s bed for the second time, He feels nothing for the raven though because that would truly be a disaster; What with his emotional phonecalls to Adrianna Reier. 

The boy was seen getting punched out by his best friend for sleeping with Danny’s long time crush Abigail Clark, This of course lead to her being called a slut.

To top off all the love we have sibling love or lack thereof, Katherine Miles and Eleanor Scott were seen calling it quits on their relationship, After a heated conversation they were unable to reconcile their differences and are now going different ways.

~Stay out of trouble,Olympians, but if you do, make it double.

Olympia’s out♥ 

Isn't it hot in here? ;D

Oh boy! Who would guess that Olympus pre-parties were just as shocking and scandalous as Olympus actual parties?

I’m telling you Olympians. Bad stuff happened last night and as always, now “the morning after” everybody is feeling like crap and regretting the events of the previous night.

Right after the pre-party started Kingston showed up and asked his “girlfriend” to the Halloween Ball. Everything would have been perfect if the new kid Andy hadn’t already asked Sabrina to go with him. Kingston left the party pissed and Sabrina and Andy were left alone talking and later on, they were seen kissing. More than once. It is clear that Sabrina cheated on Chris with Andy but there is one thing that I don’t get… Doesn’t Andy have a crush on Charlie? So what is doing destroying Sabris? Shouldn’t he be more focused on destroying Parlie? No one understands these new kids…

But to be honest… Andy might have it harder then he thought if he plans on destroying Parlie because last night Parker and Charlotte were making out in the hallway and my sources told me that they took it to the bedroom. You go Parker ;) It was about time you got laid!

Who also got laid was Edward Wilson. Kayla and Ed left the party way earlier and were seen together entering Ed’s dorm and it has been confirmed that they did slept together. Let’s hope that Kay was smarter than her sister Robin…

I also want to add that there seems to be a new couple in Olympus. I can only say that their couple name starts with Wil and it ends with rora.

…nothing else to add here, Olympians.

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Kisses & Hugs, I wish you all to be bitten by bugs ;)

Threesomes, bromances, and all kinds of love.

Well, well, well… Word on street is that the love is in the air at Olympus.

I heard that it’s very intense around the Dorms 1C and 2G. And no, I’m not talking about little River and Matt. Honestly, Matt has already enough trouble with at least three girls after him. Little River wouldn’t stand a chance.

But going back to the love… I’m talking about Ms.Charlotte Becker and Mr.Parker Marshall. I confess, I did not see that one coming. I believe that Char is learning from her brother Matt because with Parker, she now has three boys crushing on her. Um, the number three must be Athena’s kids lucky number.

Parker, Liam and Tanner. Way to go Char! Ever thought about making a foursome? Oh, maybe you could invite Simon. I heard that he has been dreaming about threesomes and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a fivesome ;)

…nothing else to add here, Olympians.

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E-blast #36


I would be shock if Quinn doesn’t get laid for a week. Clearly, sex is his favorite hobby, and who’s the lucky girl who he had sex with? It’s no other than Charlotte “Momma Char” Becker.

Sometimes, I wonder if Charlie is really a daughter of Athena, because obviously she dropped her brain somewhere after she left Olympus and Parker Marshall, who’s Adrianna Reier’s brother.

The Boy Who Needs To Shave is evidently not over Charlie yet, and his Slut Sister has been fond of using Quinn’s dick lately, and we all know that Ade can be a little selfish when it comes to her toys.

Screwing over the feelings of Poseidon the Pussy Chaser’s children aren’t we?

I’ve got nothing else to add here.

~Stay out of trouble,Olympians, but if you do, make it double.

Olympia’s out♥ 

anonymous asked:

Your opinion on the couples here

Mabby - The “oh-so-perfect” couple. Nothing is this perfect. Trust me.

Parlie - Well, their love is definitely strong because not even Mommy Whore’s daughter was enough to break them but maybe The Slut’s fake ex-boyfriend will be enough.

Gemma - Are they even together? Gabe is MIA and Bad Twin Emma doesn’t seem to care about that.

Calphia - The Weird Kid and Miss Wanna Be. Who would guess, right? But now that they are together I look forward to see their relationship crashing and burning.

Erielle - Our every first lesbian relationship. I look forward to see their development. It’s going to be interesting.

Liat - Is Liam even still alive? The guy is never around. My guess is that he’s cheating on Attention Whore.

Did you forget about me?

Oh my, my. This is just in. It seems that the infirmary has a new resident, and it’s Ms. Kayla Sparks. It appears that Kay passed out yesterday night after the party and she hit her head pretty bad because when she woke up this morning… Her memory was gone!

I know, right? How shocking! Now, she doesn’t remember anything or anyone. And for what I’ve heard Little Annoying Bitch 2.0 is very confused and desperately wants her memory back. But… Kay, why do you want your memory back, darling? You should just enjoy your guilty-free conscious ;)

And since your memory is gone and you can’t remember all the bad things you’ve done, why don’t you start over? You could try to be less of a little annoying bitch on this new chapter of your life. I’m sure that your BFF, Emma Clark, will gladly help you out. After all, you two have been through so much together!

But I shall let you know KayKay… You don’t only have friends. You also have enemies. People that you truly hated like Hannah Fitzgerald, Charlotte Becker, Abigail Clark and so many more. Dear, please stay away from them. They are just going to manipulate you and try to convince you that they are your friends. They are going to take advantage of you!

I know, I know. Take advantage of the poor amnesic girl? That’s just wrong!

If you really wanna know who your true friends are, you can always come to Kay. I’ll always tell you the truth. Don’t worry ;)

…nothing else to add here, Olympians.

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