Charlotte Russe


Love who you are, embrace the body that you’re in, and encourage those who are struggling to do the same. 


Don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed of your size. I cannot even stress to you how blessed someone would be to have you in their lives. You don’t have to explain yourself. You don’t have to apologize for your existence. Stand tall, exhale, and strut. Let your presence be known. Be you, and be proud of it! XD

Be $mart In Your Wardrobe

Look at these shoes. How much do you think they cost based on how they look? Maybe, $70-$150 range? That’s what my SD’s thought. Fact is, they were $21 at Charlotte Rouse. Even better, I got a tan pair with it for $45 in total. Instead of carrying a $500 bag with zero money in it, carry a $50 bag that LOOKS expensive and have $450 in it. 

My men appreciate the fact that I can look the part without the cost and end up giving me a higher pay out knowing it’ll go a lot farther than ONE item. 


For all the people getting bullied out there:

Hate can make people do terrible things, but your kindness has the power to change them. 


Y’all, I only shop when there’s a sale, discount, or I have a coupon!! #Ballin’OnABudget XD

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Why I Started Watching The Show

Remember Season 1, when we were introduced to this girl drawing beautiful pictures of the Earth on walls of a cell? When we learned about a 6 year old boy who gave up his entire life to protect his little sister? About a boy who plead guilty for a crime his best friend, the girl next door, the girl he loved, committed? A crime that he planned out so that she would be able to fulfill a lifelong dream.

Remember Monroe, Murphy, Wells, Charlotte, Octavia, Raven, Miller, Harper, Monty, Jasper, Conner, Sterling, Roma, Dax, Finn, Bellamy, Clarke and 84 others who were all sent down before the Ark?

Remember how when they first landed, they were worried about things like who gets the extra clothes, but soon learned to depend on one another so that they could survive on the ground?

Remember the group of kids who had been given up on?

Remember the group of kids who became closer than family taking care of one another?

That’s why I started watching.