Charlotte Bradley


Cáca Milis (“Cake”, part 1 of 2)

Game of Thrones’ Charlotte Hope will star alongside Richard Gere in Jon Avnet’s Three Christs, an adaptation of Milton Rokeach’s psychological study The Three Christs of Ypsilanti.

Set in 1959 at a Michigan state mental health hospital, the story follows a charismatic psychiatrist (Gere) and his young assistant (Hope) as they use new controversial methods to treat three schizophrenic patients who all claim to be Jesus Christ. Rokeach encouraged the men to engage with one another as a support group, while also manipulating their aspects of their delusions. 

Peter Dinklage, Bradley Whitford, and Walton Goggins will take on the roles of the three patients, while Julianna Margulies will play Gere’s wife and former research assistant and secretary.