Charlotte Bailey


Laydeez Do Comics are a group who hold regular events around the UK and internationally. Creators are invited to do presentations about comics or their own work. LDC Birmingham has been running for a year and to celebrate Charlotte Bailey compiled an anthology with the theme Hometown. The profits will go towards bringing speakers from further afield to Birmingham.

I will have copies of the book available from my table at events (see the blog sidebar for an up to date list). You can order Hometown online through the LDC Big Cartel site.

I contributed a 2 page comic and the wrap around cover illustration. Photographed pages are by Charlotte Bailey, Yen Quach and Bryony Attenburrow. The comic was printed locally with a risograph machine by Rope Press.

anonymous asked:

Just my opinion but I really don't like Mick as GM. He legit has, and will continue to, put all of his attention on Charlotte, Sasha, Becky and Bailey (when she's on Raw). Take a look at his Twitter; from the THREE HOUR fucking show that they put together it's covered with tweets only about Sasha. He barely praises anyone else or really give a shit about any of the other women wrestlers. It's for that reason I'm glad my favs are on smackdown so that they won't be overshadowed by the NXT girls.

I never really liked Mick tbh. I personally do think the NXT women are favored or at least the 4HW are over the others, but again that’s not only on Mick it’s on WWE (HHH and Steph). I’m glad that Becky (who is the most underrated out of the 4HW imo), Nattie, Carmella, Alexa, Naomi, and Eva are on SD because they’ll get to shine more or at least I hope they do. Praying Nikki goes to SD as well. Hopefully tonight they introduce a new title for those women.