Portland disappears in front of us as we head into US airspace, though my stomach remains firmly in Oregon. Whoa! All the bright lights shrink until they are twinkling sweetly below us. It’s like looking out from inside a fish bowl. Once we’re higher, there really is nothing to see. It’s pitch black, not even the moon to shed any light on our journey.

“Look, over there.” He points to a small pinpoint of light in the far distance. “That’s Seattle.”

“Do you always impress women this way? ‘Come and fly in my helicopter’?” I ask, genuinely interested.

“I’ve never brought a girl up here, Anastasia. It’s another first for me.” His voice is quiet, serious.


Okay, I’m a straight teen boy and I do tend to cry in pretty much every movie with some emotion in it, but this scene was the first time I’ve ever HAPPY-CRIED in a film!! I love the way this scene played out with Ellie’s famous song!!!

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