Charlie x Connor

So I saw this pic for an upcoming episode of Revolution and it’s like – ALL KINDS OF AWKWARD because it just personifies what we all know is coming. It’ll be like the most inappropriate yet hawt as hell and oddly enthralling love triangle in the history of television. It’ll be a love triangle where the girl is only 20 years old and the two guys are 41 and 25 and she’s stuck in the middle. OH AND DID I MENTION THE TWO GUYS ARE FATHER AND SON?!

If Revolution does this, it’s gonna be so crazy and I’ll kind of love them and hate them for it. And if they don’t do this, they’ll be so crazy not to and I’ll kind of hate them for it. 

So yeah, I’m just – I’m so lost and so hooked I don’t even know what to do with myself. 


charlie&jason | losing your memory (RIP JASON)

i could cut the sexual tension with a fucking knife