Charlie Taylor

How can y'all be saying season 9 is bad when it's given us so much already???

- Lady Gaga as a guest judge, who came into the werkroom as a drag queen version of herself
- Lady Gaga giving the queens a crash course in Untucked
- “nina bonina fell on the sofina”
- The first queen to Shangela since Shangela (Cynthia Lee Fontaine)
- “What is a bloomer? It sounds disgusting.”
- “Stoning is for ugly girls.”
- “i’m hungry and tired and thirsty and i’m, like, having anxiety right now”
- “Eureka can you shut up for a second?”
- “You’re beautiful you’re perfect you look like Linda Evangelista you’re a model”
- Aja’s lip sync to “Holding Out for a Hero”
- Sasha and Shea eating chocolate out of a “stalk of broccoli” together
- Sasha and Shea’s subsequent friendship as a result
- “I call shade”
- Nina holding her titty while Eureka and Trinity argue
- The first queen to die on-screen (Charlie Hides)
- “someone for the first time in my life told me I wore too much highlighter”
- Alexis blaming the other queens for her own bad choices
- Farrah’s crying noises
- The first queen to be honorably discharged (Eureka)
And there’s so much more of season 9 left for even more gems like these.

And if for any reason you find yourself in that bottom two, you better fight that motherfucking fight, because - hey, listen to me. Think about every little dark-skinned brown girl out there that anyone has told they didn’t deserve it, they didn’t belong, that they’re not worth it, and that it was too much for them to want it. You do it for all of them. Not just you. Every single one of them. We are doing this for more than just us. You understand what I’m saying? So do not give up. Because if you give up, you tell them that it’s okay to give up in the situations that they’re dealing with and that ain’t okay. Because this road is way too rough for them to give up.
—  Shea Couleé to Nina Bo'nina Brown, Untucked S9 E5