For me one of the most exciting parts of being a Chaplin fan is seeing new never before seen photographs. It’s like - just when you think you have seen them all.  These photos are up on ebay. They are listed as 1914 possibly from the first tramp movie but are actually wonderful candid’s taken during production of “By the Sea”  A film he shot, a one reeler, on Crystal Pier in Santa Monica on his way to his new studio in Los Angeles coming from Niles, in Northern California.

In the film was Billy Armstrong (heavy mustache) who becomes an adversary of the tramp and they continue to battle it out in the sand. Gorgeous Edna Purviance who looks stunning in the bottom 2 photographs.


It was a huge success. The Great Dictator was the first Hollywood movie to condemn Hitler and made him look like a fool. Hitler banned The Great Dictator in Germany and all countries run by the Nazis.

However, years after it was released, Charlie Chaplin said that he would have canned The Great Dictator had he known about the actual horrors of the Nazi concentration camps at the time. “Had I known, … I could not have made fun of the homicidal insanity of the Nazis.” [x]

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Elvis Presley- his interest in music started early

Angelina Jolie as a little girl with her mother

Charlie Chaplin without the iconic hat sitting with a dog

Arnold Schwarzenegger flexing for some elderly ladies.

Just a worker in a Van Nuys, California, factory in 1944 who will soon start to call herself Marilyn Monroe

Robin Williams hilariously dressed up as a cheerleader

Ernest Hemingway’s passport photo

Katherine Hepburn sitting in a bathtub after the great storm of 1938

Albert Einstein in fuzzy slippers. He’s awesome

Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris

Behind the scenes of a photo shoot with Marilyn Monroe working out in a terry cloth bikini

Brigitte Bardot and Pablo Picasso

Charlie Chaplin without make up

A 19 year old Cher

Frank Sinatra getting Lou Gerhig’s autograph

Al Pacino and Diane Keaton on the set of The Godfather