the signs react to the new tumblr update
  • hates it with a burning passion:capricorn, aries, scorpio
  • sues tumblr:virgo, sagittarius, cancer
  • wants to delete their blog:leo, gemini, pisces
  • wants to delete themselves from this earth:taurus, libra, aquarius
  • loves it:ophiuchus
Cheers | Avery and Charlie

Avery kissed the twins goodbye and waved to the babysitter, thanking her once more for watching them on such short notice as she began to walk down the stairs and out the door towards Charlie’s house. A lot of her friends were either distant or pregnant, so celebrating with Charlie might be a bit odd to most people, but Avery was happy to have a friend. Knocking on the door to the Kappa Sigma house, Avery looked out to the setting sun with a grin.