Charley Peters

Ghosts, 2011

“…Concerned with issues of hybridity between analogue and digital methods of producing artworks, and hybrid words, which combine etymologically Latin and Greek parts, my work Ghosts (2011), is a series of three digital halftone drawings of analogue television static. The word ‘television’ is derived from a hybrid Latin and Greek origin meaning 'far sight’: Greek 'tele’, far, and Latin 'visio’, sight…”



Surface Disruptions and Colour Interference - Documenting Drawings

These photographs are part of a series documenting graphite drawings on newsprint. The delicate surface of the newsprint is distorted and creased by the act of repetitively drawing heavy graphite lines. Light acting on the metallic surface of the drawings when photographed reveals the extent of the disturbance to the paper, and the influence of the colour temperature of the light on the monochromatic drawing is also suggested in its documentation.