Two Christmas Letters from Charley and Erny Longfellow in the early 1850s:


My Dear Santi-Caus

Will you please bring me a soldier cap and a kni cartridge box with-a- silver eagle on it and a box of carpenters tools and a spieglrs

Erny. W. Longfellow


My diear Sant Claus

Will you

please bring me a soldier cap-and-cart ridge box with a sil-ver-eagle-on-it- and a sword and a helmet

From Charles A Longfellow

Also worth noting are the doodles on Erny’s letter, which include drawings of everything he asks for, as well as Santa Claus on a sleigh and his house.

And, naturally, neither of them got the guns and cartridges they were asking for.

jadore-histoire replied to your post:I really need to read Alice Longfellow’s letters…

He fucked someone on a roof?

December 2, 1864:

“The houses are very clean inside and some of the Jewess girlls are very pretty but very modest. The houses have flat roofs. (I made love to a youn fair Jewes’s on the top of our house but she would not even kiss me. (this disclosure is to be kept a profound secret mind you Alice.)”

He fucked someone on a roof.