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name: Zach (or Zachary,but only from my family and friends who have known me for a few years)
family name: [Classified]
star sign: Taurus
height: 6 ft
age: 31
fave Color: Blue
time rn: 3:00 am AKST
hours of sleep: around 8-10
lucky number: 17
last thing i googled: Movie times for Kong Skull Island.
fave fictional character: Too many to name.
blankets i sleep with: 3,it’s Alaska weather and it gets bitch cold.
favorite artists: Edward Hopper,Charles M Jones,Nick Bradshaw,Robbi Rodriguez,just to name a few
dream trip: Japan, at least for a week and the UK.
dream job: Writer,Photographer,maybe working in a comic shop.
what are you wearing right now: My work clothes (black thermal,jeans and my Vans snapback)
follower count: 745
posts: Not sure.
what do you post about: Toy Photography,pop culture I have an interest in and a bunch of other hodge podge stuff.
most active followers: Meezy,Rocko,Yuji
when did your blog reach its peak: When I got bored and stopped paying attention.
why did you make this blog: Toy Photography,but since the audience kinda died down imo,I migrated over to Instagram. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate those that reblog my work,I dunno if folks lost interest or I’m posting at the wrong time.
do you get asks on a daily basis: Nope,I’m rather lame.
why did you choose your url: It’s my nickname I’ve had for years.
countries you’ve lived in: Just the states,namely South Dakota (my true home) & Alaska.
favorite fandom: Toku,comics,anime are pretty nice.
languages you speak: English, very little spanish
favorite film: Wayyy to many to list here, but if you’re interested I’ll tell you
last article you read: The Hell Jason Skin for Friday The 13th the game.
last thing you bought online: Ramones Baseball T-Shirt.
last person you dreamt of: My dog Riley  (I know,not a person)
a recurring dream: Hanging out with my dead best friend at a bar ala Boondocks Saints 2
fears: Bees (I’m deathly allergic.)
how would your friends describe you: That weird nerdy shmuck that’s kinda cool. (I dunno)
if you had $$$ to spend what would you buy first: A trip back to New York for me and my brother.
shuffle your song library and list the first three songs that play: Psycho Bitch-Tech N9ne,Today- The Smashing Pumpkins,The Look Of Love-ABC

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