Shit Paul Tweets. IV

1. Most favorite songs he’s written: “The New,” “All Of The Ways,” “Skyscraper,” or “Arise, Awake”

2. Not only will he tour the UK, but other cities in Europe as well.

3. He’s pretty much put Julian Plenti in a coma for now, but he lives.

4. The band for the Banks tour: “Some of the same dudes from first time: Charles Burst and Damien Paris. Also Brandon Curtis.”

5. Denies his “fucked upness” at Route Du Rock… hmm.

6. He will have a new “axe” for the Bank’s tour. “Wait and see” he says

7. I guess I don’t have a Ancient Aliens partner anymore =( but he’ll check, so my job is done.

8. HE FUCKING SHAVED. Thank you “baby Jesus” necklace!!

9. He got the Family Guy reference. “conspiratorial Peter. Like he’s onto something… I can get with that.”

10. Seriously, ask he him questions. He replies. If he hasn’t he will. =)

11. Question: “What about sneakers and dress pants?” Answer: “Nooooo. Not ever. That’s a guy with his shades on his head rocking that look. Gettin out of a convertible.”

12. The Kill is the last movie he really liked.

13. Regarding the voice in background vocals in Madrid song: “Felicia Pearson. "Snoops” from the Wire - from an interview she did. I love how she speaks and what she says"

14. He always wanted a jag (guitar)

15. His favorite tennis player is Federer

16. On drums: “I learn from watching Sam. I admire and emulate his style. But it can’t be taught. Anyone can show you basics.”

17. He’s not a “catler:” “Cats are too aloof for my fragile ego.”

in celebration of the shave.

Charles Burst - Girl on the Rocks

Full song lyrics: Charles Burst - Girl on the Rocks

I know sometimes I think too much
Girl on the rocks and all that stuff
I’m glad I left that other life behind
Girl on the rocks she used to say
It will all be ending anyway
So what’s the point of loving today
If it all comes down tomorrow?
Well I sailed out to a crowded isle
With things for her t…

Full song lyrics: Charles Burst - Girl on the Rocks