Vans House Parties is back in Brooklyn for its 4th summer with 2 free shows each month through August. June 12 has a double bill featuring Charles Bradley and Mac Demarco with special guest Benjamin Booker. The opening Vans House Party is part of Brooklyn’s Northside Festival. June 19’s show brings STRFKR, Poolside and Chrome Sparks.



There’re a million movies about the 1960s. In more than a few, you hear about or see the Newport Folk Festival—the concert series that reignited Newport, Rhode Island’s flame after the light of its Gilded Age mansions guttered out during the Depression. It’s the festival you probably associate with Bob Dylan, whether it be his ‘63 acoustic performance with Joan Baez or his galvanizing electric set in '65.

While it went on a hiatus during the '70s and early '80s, the festival was resurrected in 1985 and has run continuously since. Fans flock to Newport each year at the end of July. They come to see the new acts as well as the old, and maybe they turn out to recapture something from that first decade of concerts. The might not say it out loud, but people look at that stage and think about Bob Dylan or Son House or Pete Seeger. They want to hear the echo of that history.  

Images by Jon Creamer

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Jon Creamer is a teacher and photographer, currently on sabbatical from the Groton School in Groton, MA, based in Providence, RI between his travels. More of his work can be seen at his website and on tumblr at


Very excited to see this man in May.

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