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Don't tell me Charles was alive all this time and let Scott fall to pieces from the blame and guilt¿

If this is about X-Men Gold (2017) #21 then no, the man there wasn’t Charles but Mesmero pretending to be him:

I haven’t been keeping up with all the X books lately so I think Charles is still dead? But I don’t doubt that he will come back soon, I mean it’s Marvel.

Also yeah, Scott did blame himself and if Charles was alive this whole time that would have been a dick move. lol


Has anyone written something about the Marvel Universe’s multiple PhD holders discussing their academic experiences? Because I would read the heck out of that.

peter: i- i uh made you this um, this friendship bracelet for you, mr stark.

tony: i’m not really a jewelry type person-

peter: oh! no it’s fine, you don’t have to wear it-

tony: back off, i’m gonna wear it forever.

Things I want now that Disney has the rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four:

- WWII flashbacks with Steve, Bucky and Logan


- Erik trying to stop Bucky’s assassination of JFK

- “You couldn’t stop a man with a metal arm?”

“Shut up, Charles.”

- Tony Stark and Reed Richards being sarcastic super geniuses and Bruce wrangling them like a soccer mom

- Basically Reed joins the Science Bros.

- the Illuminati

- Spider-Man and Deadpool team up

- Avengers vs. X-Men

- Avengers and X-Men team-ups

- A quality Fantastic Four movie

- Chris Evans playing Johnny Storm again and everyone commenting on how similar he and Cap and they study each other and just “I don’t see it, guys”

- Wade Wilson. Peter Parker. On screen. Together.

- Deadpool cameos in like, every movie. I don’t even care if he’s out of focus in the background I just want to see the red suit in the back and flip my shit.

- Wade waiting for the perfect moment to drop the one f-bomb permitted in a PG-13 X-Men and Avengers team up movie and absolutely losing his shit when Wolverine beats him to it.

-Hulk and the Thing

-Groot and the Thing

- more Badass female superheroes getting on screen together.

- Doctor Doom. Just yes.

- Galactus done RIGHT


- Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland starring in a movie together.

- Just Logan and Rocket. I don’t know why but I need it.

- Bruce Banner and Hank McCoy my soft science babies on screen together

- Erik to be HAPPY FOR ONCE with his children (idk how they’re fixing or explaining that fiasco but like it’s totally chill with me I love both quicksilvers)

- Thor and Charles sharing tips on how to deal with people who habitually betray you but you love them anyway

- Did I mention Spideypool?

Feel free to add, guys!

Edit following some confusion: When I say Spideypool, I mean it in a platonic sense. The friendship between Peter and Wade is one of my absolute favorites and I just want to see these two characters on screen together, as friends. I want to see a team up.