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Fandom: X-Men (Movies)
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier
Characters: Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr, Raven | Mystique, Hank McCoy, Original Character
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - No Powers, Espionage, Assassins & Hitmen, Dark Charles, Protective Erik, Seaside, Redemption, Dark, Angst

Summary: For the last ten years Charles has been working as an assassin for the government. On a mission in Russia he leaves behind witnesses for the first time, twins who watch as he kills their mother. Returning from the mission Charles ends up in a downward spiral, unable to sleep. Sent on holiday by his handler, Charles ends up in a seaside village in North Wales in an effort to find some peace.

A/N: So many thanks to eriknocherikyes for the beta and the wonderful feedback.This fic would not be what it is without my dear leafeylocket who helped me with the setting and the Britishisms, as well as endless headcanons on how all this was going to play out. Oh, and literary devices in French.Thank you to everyone for reading.

anonymous asked:

What are 3 thinks you like and dislike about Charles' and Erik's character? XD I know you love 'em but there must be some flaws! XD

Ooooh good one!!  There are definitely flaws somewhere in there - or at least, things I don’t like much - all in the movies (I haven’t read any comics yet :/).  Let’s see if I can come up with three.  Heh.  Remember, these are just opinions! <3


Things I dislike: (1) well this doesn’t really count, but I think his childhood could be more developed… which leads into (2) I want to see how he became what he was in DOFP.  Like, the shift between First Class and DOFP was very sudden, and I personally don’t think the Charles we saw at the end of FC would have taken that path. (3) He doesn’t really have any enemies?  Like, he tries to see the good in everyone.  Which is cool and all, but…there are probably some people he cannot understand, right?  I think a bit more rage in his serenity every now and then would be cool.  And that carries through to the main series…he’s all…chill.  Just always.

Things I like: (1) His relationship with Raven as developed in FC and DOFP yes yes yes yes. (2) I love the party boy/playboy side that we saw in FC.  That was fucking awesome, simply because he wasn’t this perfect angel. (3) Though I can’t see exactly how he got there…once he was there, I loved his journey through DOFP.  That was incredible, and it showed a real human struggle….I’m gonna add a fourth: (4) his power really develops his character; it plays a huge part of who he is.  And that’s cool.


Things I dislike: (1) He sorta has the opposite problem as #3 for Charles.  He’s…just always angry, always angsty.  He’s such a drama queen, tbh. (2) Like omg you suck I’m gonna kill you. (3) Omg Charles you don’t understand.  Oh can you tell that’s my biggest dislike? :P
Things I like: (1) His history, man.  That’s great - that’s developed well in the movies - that’s where it’s at. (2) His passion for his cause.  Even if it’s one of the antagonistic forces of the movies, he knows what he’s after. (3) Sorta similar to the last one, but I do like his relationship with Raven - not the sexual tension especially, but his certainty that her true form is who she should be.  There’s a good social message in there somewhere, buried in the evil angst.

Side note: I LOVE THEIR RELATIONSHIP.  Hence this blog.

Thanks so much for asking, anon!! xxx 

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Erik Lehnsherr aka. Magneto and Charles Xavier aka. Professor X from X-Men: First Class. 
Picture taken at Närcon Vinter, Sweden.

Erik Lehnsherr - My boyfriend adadvena <3
Charles Xavier - Me! millahwood
Photo and edit - Talented kozekito