Introducing you my new OTP

Ready ?

Everybody knows the X-men movies (if you don’t i’ll come and murder you on your sleep)

OK so this is James Mcavoy who’s currently playing young Charles Xavier 

and this is Mihael Fassbender as young Erik Lehnsherr

And if we put them together 

Cherik happens (Charles + Erik)

then Mcfassy, Mcbender or Fassavoy (Mcavoy + Fassbunder)

They’re just so cute together

and like every ship they have their “intense eye fucking moments”

and their own ways to say “i love you”

now go and feel what i feel

Cheer Up Post #4305 - Patrick Stewart Edition

salicos would like to see a post featuring Patrick Stewart. Enjoy!

Space & Sci-Fi Masterpost

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