Charles Ware

The Truth is the Truth

“What Darwinian evolution did, I would say, is provide what people thought was a scientific justification for separation of races.”
KEN HAM, founder of Creation Museum

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Ken Ham, quoted above, and his fellow delusionary Charles Ware are actually attempting to discredit the elegance of, supporting data, and decades upon decades of intensive peer review regarding Darwin’s theory of evolution by slapping a mellifluous label on Darwin himself. The accusation, that Darwin designed his entire evolutionary theory as a purposeful exercise in propagating racism is a red herring fallacy, better known as poisoning the well. In short by discrediting Darwin’s morality, these so-called learned Christian men hope to make every Darwinian assertion into a morally corrupt idea. Actually, the truth is still the truth no matter who speaks it.

This quote from the lips of an individual professing to hold some special authoritative knowledge regarding the origins of mankind. So how on earth do people with such blatantly obvious delusions manage to entrench themselves into such prominent positions and pass themselves off as intellectual authorities? Seems like a combination of factors including childhood religious indoctrination, a lack of education, and general apathy with regards to effecting a reduction of either previously suggested factor, provides an incubation ground for such viral personalities. Inoculate yourselves with education and information and help stop the pandemic proliferation of religion that threatens us all.

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Disney Enlists A-List Stars For 'We Love Disney' Album

Disney Enlists A-List Stars For ‘We Love Disney’ Album

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Nothing that has Disney written on could possibly turn out to be that disappointing, as to not even deliver nostalgia. The company is now preparing to release a studio album, titled We Love Disney, with classic Disney hits, sung by some of the music industry’s biggest names.

The record includes soundtrack tunes from the likes of Frozen, The Little Mermaid and The Lion…

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Disney Announce 'We Love Disney' Track List, Stream Song From Ne-Yo

Disney Announce ‘We Love Disney’ Track List, Stream Song From Ne-Yo

Disney has a way of bringing out the kids in all of us, especially when a classic tune comes on! This weekend, Disney announced their new compilation album, We Love Disney, where 12 of the current Top 40 artists, from Ne-Yo, Ariana Grande, Gwen Stefani, Jessi J, Jason Derulo, Kacey Musgraves, Fall Out Boy, and more cover their favorite Disney Classics. The album is produced by multi-platinum,…

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Gwiazdy zaśpiewają Disneya - Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Jason Derulo, Gwen Stefani. Zobaczcie, kto jeszcze!

Szykuje się nie lada gratka dla wielbicieli Disneyowskich produkcji, wielbicieli zarówno młodszych, jak i tych nieco starszych. We Love Disney to tytuł nadchodzącej kompilacji piosenek z bajek Disneya w wykonaniach gwiazd muzyki popularnej. Cyfrowa premiera tego wyjątkowego wydawnictwa już w paźd…