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MOONWALKERS - ALL 12.NASA color photograph, 10 by 8 inches, of the Apollo 16 Command Module orbiting the moon with an Earth rise in the background. EXTREMELY RARE, SIGNED BY ALL 12 MOONWALKERS: ALAN BEAN, ALAN SHEPHARD, NEIL ARMSTRONG, BUZZ ALDRIN, GENE CERNAN, CHARLIE DUKE, HARRISON SCHMITT, JIM IRWIN, EDGAR MITCHELL, CHARLES CONRAD, DAVE SCOTT, and JOHN YOUNG to Simon. Photographs signed by all of the men who walked on the surface of the moon in the 20th century are impossible to duplicate today as only 8 of the moonwalkers are still living. They are extremely rare and desirable. In this photograph, all 12 men have signed on the image of the lunar surface.

Conrad and Surveyor on the Slope of a Crater by NASA on The Commons on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Charles Conrad Jr., Apollo 12 Commander, examines the unmanned Surveyor III spacecraft during the second extravehicular activity (EVA-2). The Lunar Module (LM) “Intrepid” is in the right background. This picture was taken by astronaut Alan L. Bean, Lunar Module pilot. The “Intrepid” landed on the Moon’s Ocean of Storms only 600 feet from Surveyor III. The television camera and several other components were taken from Surveyor III and brought back to earth for scientific analysis. Surveyor III soft-landed on the Moon on April 19, 1967.

Image # : AS12-48-7136
November 20, 1969


Limbo champion Hermes Conrad has some serious competition on his hands. Meet 22-year-old Buffalo, New York native and limbo queen Shemika Charles, holder of the Guinness World Record for the Lowest Limbo by a Woman. She trains 6 hours each day to maintain her awesome flexibility and strength. She also has weekly chiropractor appointments to help keep her hips and back in alignment.

This week Charles made headlines with a whole new limbo feat. She’s now the first person to successfully limbo under an SUV, which required a great deal of concentration and controlled breathing. Clearance under the vehicle is about 9 inches, but even lower in some areas.

As for her next goal? Charles says she wants to break the world record for longest limbo.

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Moon Tongs

This Saturday, The National Archives and its Presidential Libraries will be at the National Air and Space Museum’s annual Space Day.  

We’ll be hosting activities including:

  • A Mission Checklist hunt for Apollo-related items at the National Archives and the Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.
  • A Presidential Pop Quiz on U.S. Presidents and the Space Program.

Want a head start on your Mission Checklist? These Moon Tongs were used by Apollo mission astronauts to collect lunar samples.

The tongs are from the holdings of the Nixon Presidential Library and can be seen for a limited time in the “Nixon and the U.S. Space Program” display at the National Archives in D.C.

Close-up view of a set of tongs, an Apollo Lunar Hand Tool, being used by Astronaut Charles Conrad Jr., to pick up lunar samples during the Apollo XII mission, November 19, 1969. Photo courtesy of NASA.

President Nixon standing in the Oval Office holding the set of tongs used by astronauts during Moon surface explorations, January 27, 1970.

This set of tongs was used to collect lunar samples from the “Ocean of Storms,” the largest dark spot on the Moon’s surface, during the Apollo XII mission. It was presented to President Nixon by astronauts Charles Conrad, Jr., Richard Gordon, Jr., and Alan Bean.

More on the Presidents and the Space Program from this year’s Centennial Celebrations of Presidents Nixon and Ford

Prime crew for the Gemini 5 space flight, astronauts Charles Conrad Jr., (in water) and L. Gordon Cooper Jr., (in raft) practice survival techniques following successful egress from their Gemini Static Article V spacecraft in the Gulf of Mexico. Cooper is command pilot and Conrad is pilot for the Gemini 5 mission. 1965.


Remembering Apollo 12 - Launched this day in 1969.

Apollo 12 launched on schedule from Kennedy Space Center, during a rainstorm. Thirty-six-and-a-half seconds after lift-off, the vehicle triggered a lightning discharge through itself and down to the earth through the Saturn’s ionized plume. Protective circuits on the fuel cells in the Service Module (SM) falsely detected overloads and took all three fuel cells offline, along with much of the Command/Service Module (CSM) instrumentation. A second strike at 52 seconds after launch knocked out the “8-ball” attitude indicator. The telemetry stream at Mission Control was garbled. However, the vehicle continued to fly correctly; the strikes had not affected the Saturn V Instrument Unit.

The loss of all three fuel cells put the CSM entirely on batteries. They were unable to maintain normal 28V DC bus voltages into the heavy 75 amp launch loads. One of the AC inverters dropped offline. These power supply problems lit nearly every warning light on the control panel and caused much of the instrumentation to malfunction.

Legendary EECOM John Aaron (the original NASA “steely-eyed missile man”) remembered the telemetry failure pattern from an earlier test when a power supply malfunctioned in the CSM Signal Conditioning Equipment (SCE). The SCE converts raw signals from instrumentation to standard voltages for the spacecraft instrument displays and telemetry encoders.
Aaron made a call, “Try SCE to aux.” This switched the SCE to a backup power supply. The switch was fairly obscure and neither the Flight Director, CAPCOM, nor Commander Conrad immediately recognized it.

Lunar Module Pilot Alan Bean, flying in the right seat as the CSM systems engineer, remembered the SCE switch from a training incident a year earlier when the same failure had been simulated. Aaron’s quick thinking and Bean’s memory saved what could have been an aborted mission. Bean put the fuel cells back on line, and with telemetry restored, the launch continued successfully. Once in earth parking orbit, the crew carefully checked out their spacecraft before re-igniting the S-IVB third stage for trans-lunar injection. The lightning strikes had caused no serious permanent damage.

Initially, it was feared that the lightning strike could have caused the Command Module’s (CM) parachute mechanism to prematurely fire, disabling the explosive bolts that open the parachute compartment to deploy them. If they were indeed disabled, the Command Module would have crashed uncontrollably into the Pacific Ocean and killed the crew instantly. Since there was no way to figure out whether or not this was the case, ground controllers decided not to tell the astronauts about the possibility. The parachutes deployed and functioned normally at the end of the mission. (source: wikipedia)

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