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Sidemen Charity Match 2016

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Please tell us the story of English boy surprising you early!!! 😍 you guys are the cutest.

thank you pal! 

it was so sweet! he really thought out every detail:

on tuesday, he told me that his mum dropped his phone and shattered the screen, so he had to take it into the shop and couldn’t talk to me until wednesday because he was going into london with his brother for a charity football match. i didn’t think much of it, but that was setting things up for the travel day and not being able to text me while in the air.

he also told me that he one of my christmas gifts didn’t fit in his luggage, so he was having it shipped to me during the week and to be on the lookout for it -probably tuesday night, as he requested late delivery.

anyways,he had been telling me for weeks that his return flight was thursday (jan 12) at 8pm and i’ll need to pick him up from the airport…

tuesday (jan 10) rolls around i go about my day as usual. i went to work and then ballet, came home for dinner about 7, and hung out in the kitchen drinking a glass of wine with my mom. 

all of a sudden the doorbell rings, my mom gets it and says, ‘kacie you have a package, come sign for it’. so, i open the door and he is standing there and says ‘special delivery’ haha 😍

naturally he and my mom set the whole thing up and she had known for weeks!

i was completely surprised, i really didn’t have any idea! so so ecstatic xx 


a summary of sidemen sunday:
1. the one legged penalty challenge
2. the crossing challenge
3. the giant football challenge
4. the ultimate penalty challenge
5. the bin challenge
6. the sumo suit death run challenge
7. the crossbar challenge


So yesterday I travelled for a hour to Garforth AFC to watch Emmerdalefooty play the British Transport Police. I haven’t been able to get this stupid grin off my face today.

I have been a fan of Danny’s character ‘Aaron’ for a while on Emmerdale but only recently became part of this new #Robron fandom which celebrates both Danny and Ryan (Hawley) as individuals as well as when their characters are together.

When Danny tweeted about the match I immediately thought, can i go? My go to person for anything 'fangirling’ (I hate this word I’m a grown ass women, i may feel like a teenager still but hey) is my sister but she lives over 3 hours away, so I asked my hubby if he would come with me but he point blank refused. He’s used to my 'fangirling’ so isn’t offended but think he likes to keep it at arms length. I ended up posting the picture Danny tweeted to facebook and asked if someone would come with me, but had no takers. In the end I asked the person in my life that loves soaps, my mother in law (MIL).

We arrived at the ground extremely early (I’m an early bird, I hate being late) and the panic set in (I have some anxiety issues, nothing major, i just need to prepare myself if there will be big crowds etc) but my MIL just kept reassuring me that we were fine. It was a lovely afternoon so we decided to go for a walk while we waited, if you haven’t been to Garforth before I recommend it, its a beautiful area. On the way back to the ground I happened to look over to my left and noticed a very posh black car arriving and who should it be but Danny Miller! If I’m honest I didn’t think he would show, thats nothing against Danny thats just my insecurities coming alive. I managed to not freak out (actually proud of myself for not freaking out at all) but he ended up walking past us to get into the ground and my MIL kept pestering me to ask him for a photo, he did look really nice in some grey tracksuit shorts, black t shirt, hoodie, cap and sunglasses but I didn’t ask, he had only just arrived and i didn’t think it was right. Whilst waiting for the gate to open we also got to see Joe arrive, by taxi i think, and my god does he look different without those 'Finn’ glasses.

We got into the ground and found a barrier to lean against right next to the pitch. It wasn’t long before the players came out to warm up. I must say Danny looks very impressive warming up, doing all the right moves etc. The warm up lasted a good 30 mins. The teams went back inside to change and then came out in the strips. The ED team remained stationary whilst the TP team moved along and shook hands. The ED team then posed for a team picture, this was a great opportunity and i managed to get a few decent pics of Joe and Danny together. Danny took the captains band and shook hands with the ref and linesmen. He took off his training top to reveal a white and red shirt, no 10, and as he was walking away from the dugout he poured water over his head, I swear my heart skipped a beat, a wet Danny Miller, that was worth the drive and the entry fee. He repeated the water pouring again, I’m not surprised it was extremely hot. Danny played on the right as a striker, Jim played on the right but as more of a defender/midfielder and Joe was playing midfield in the first half but ended up alongside Danny, up front, in the second half. When the game started I realised we may have stood at the wrong end of the pitch because there was a lot of support for the TP team around us, that didn’t stop me shouting every time Danny headed towards the goal, Joe had a few good runs too. Straight away I noticed that this would be a no holds barred game, there was a lot of aggression, some of it from Danny, he really committed when trying the win the ball. About 5 mins into the first half Danny tackled a player, won the ball but it flew in the air and landed right in front of me, the girls on either side screamed but my MIL and I just stood there and kicked the ball back. The sun was blazing and it was a great atmosphere, ED scored first when Danny went one on one with the keeper. But by half time ED was down 1-2. During the second half I moved around the outside of the pitch so I could get a few better shots of Danny with my camera. We ended up on the ED side of the pitch and I managed to get a few good shots of Danny and I even caught some of his 'altercation’ with a opposing player. One thing I can say is that Danny takes football seriously, he was shouting orders, encouraging his team mates. He didn’t run up and down the pitch but stayed with his man and was ready for any incoming passes. It was really an amazing thing to watch.

The final score was 3-2 to Emmerdale but I’m pretty sure I saw Danny score 4 goals not 3!

Even after playing 90 minutes of football on a very sunny day the cast took pictures and signed autographs which I thought showed that they genuinely cared about their fans. Danny is so good with kids, I noticed this when they were warming up, he played with the kids on the pitch even picking up and swinging one around (later found out that this was the girl who plays April on the show) I managed to talk to Danny and take a selfie and got my MIL to take a better photo on her camera and I told him he played well and touched his chest. He is a lot skinnier IRL than he looks under those hoodies on screen. I got to speak to Joe who is just the cutest and told him he played well and they deserved the win, he just laughed and said he couldn’t even play football but thanks. Just by chance after finishing talking with Joe I was looking for my MIL and guess who he was talking to?? Lawrence!! OMG all I would think was Roberts father in law is here!! What! She remarked on the fact that the younger cast member were getting all the attention and he just laughed. We both had a chat with John (Lawrence) for a few minutes, I asked how long he’d been there, and he said he missed the start but at least we won. I got a photo with him too.

The football club put a raffle on and one of the prizes was a tour around the ED studio they also had a band playing in the bar. After the match had finished and I had got the most precious selfie in the world, we had about an hour to kill before the the raffle draw so we went to check out the band, it was very crowded and very loud but we managed to see the little girl that plays April and Michelle who plays Vanessa. After a while we got a little bored with the band so we sat outside in the sun. I looked through the pictures i had taken and got some great shots of Danny. While sat outside James (Jim) who plays Sam came out to get in his car, another posh Mercedes in white. I wasn’t sure he would take pictures or anything, he seems like a really private guy, but a few people asked so I did. Let me start by saying he sounds nothing like Sam Dingle, its really surprising to hear him speak and it not be like Sam. When I was getting my picture I told him he smelt nice, he said I hope so he’d just had a shower, and made a joke about how that was his weekly shower.

We then moved back into the bar to hear the raffle draw. We had to stand right next to the door as there wasn’t much room, but I didn’t regret it. Some of the ED players had to walk right past us including Danny and Joe. As they were walking past I noticed that the boy who plays Jacob was there too. The organiser thanked everyone for coming and Danny even made a little speech, thanking the organiser, but think he got his name wrong, everyone laughed. Danny won the man of the match for the ED side but that was pretty obvious, he scored a hattrick. The actors stayed to hear some of the raffle prizes but halfway through they made to leave, I really wanted to follow but I had seen him enough and to leave he had to walk by me again so that was a bonus. We didn’t win the raffle prize, oh well. We made to leave and I checked to see if Dannys car was still there but he had left, one can only assume taking Joe with him. All in all, a great afternoon.