Rupert Grint supports Help Refugees  (November 24, 2017)

katharinehamnettjournal Well done @helprefugeesuk on their London Soho store opening last night. Lovely @rupertgrint_official for #CHOOSELOVE ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #katharinehamnett #katharinehamnettlondon 📸 by @williampine Watch our short film about the collaboration @katharinehamnett #RupertGrint

I'm broke and the cats need litter!

I know you see these posts all the time and I never thought I’d have to do this.

My husband and I are in a really tough spot with money. We only have $20 in the bank and aren’t getting money until December 2nd. With how our pay checks work out we both get biweekly pay on the same day.

We both work.

We’re just trying to buy groceries and cat litter for the end of the month. I’m gonna post some things for sale but if you’re feeling really generous here’s my paypal link

If you want to send something but need more proof I can do that just ask for what it is.

I’m deleting this post once this gets figured out.

I don’t understand people who refuse to give money directly to the poor and hungry, but apparently give to charities, when they say “That way, I know where my money is going.” No you don’t. That is the quickest way to lose track of where your money went. You have no clue what that charity did with your money. You have no meaningful way to find out either. If you give directly to the poor and hungry, you know exactly where your money is going - to that person who needs it. You couldn’t be more sure about where your money ended up. It ended up in that hungry person’s pocket.

Hey everyone! Thought you should all know about this so I’m sharing it here!

These artists are giving out sketches to anyone who donates to any of the following sites they listed in aid of Mexico after its two devastating earthquakes.

If you donate 15USD or more to any of those places, they will do a sketched headshot for you!

Here’s the link to this tweet if you want to know more!


CLICK TO PRE-ORDER the Miraculous Ladybug disaster relief zine featuring art, cosplay, and fanfic from over 80 creators!

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“A hero is just a man who does what he can.” - Romain Rolland

What can we do for disaster victims around the world? Donate and reblog! Every cent (and every minute) counts. If we all donated even one penny, we could make a difference in countless lives. Please make the choice today to be a hero to someone in need. Check our How to Donate page for more information. We’re also excited to announce the following zine perks:


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While it’s good to be critical of excessive overhead in charities and nonprofits, you’ve also gotta apply a little critical thinking to claims of high efficiency, not just low efficiency. All organisations cost money to operate; if a particular charity claims to be putting 99% of their donations toward the cause, that doesn’t mean they’re super-efficient: it means they’re playing semantic games with what counts as a “donation”, and there’s a technically-not-donations revenue stream somewhere that’s not being reflected in that figure.


Little break

The first picture is Torasan and Chibi ’s younger brother. I named him a Sora (The meaning of English is ‘Sky’). The third one😅
The second photo is the my picture I put in my forehead. Last week, A kind person bought this picture from me…🙏And I got a small reward.
It seems like a dream to sell picture for the first time and earn rewards. But I’m an amateur. So I appreciate various encounters and I decided to donate all of the reward I gained to the Guide Dog Association.
I would be happy if the picture could contribute even a little. and, I would like to challenge something that I can contribute by painting in the future. 😊

一枚目の写真は最近我が家の庭に出入りする寅さんとちびさんの弟。何と三匹目です。。どうしましょう。まだ全然慣れてくれませんが。。 私はそらくんと名付けました。慣れないので撮れた写真はこれだけ^^;
二枚目の写真は初めて額に入れた一個前の私の絵です。実はこの絵を買っていただけた親切な方が居まして、私は初めて絵でささやかな報酬をいただきました。 何と夢のようです…ですが私はアマチュアですし色々考えましたけど、今回いただいた報酬は盲導犬協会にすべて寄付することにしました。

Roni/ Regina

Hey guys this print will be available later tonight on my etsy shop and all the proceeds will go to the to aid Puerto Rico. If you’re interested I’ll post a link later tonight. Since this is for charity this image is not one you can print out without purchasing. It’s at a very low resolution and has a noise filter so please do not reproduce this. Thank you!