Apparently, leftover campaign shirts from Mitt Romney’s presidential run are being put to good use in Kenya. Philanthropist Cyndy Waters founded a charity, The Orbit Village Project, that provides clothes and housing to impoverished Kenyans, and it just so happens that Waters’ nephew worked for Romney’s campaign last year. After the election, the nephew had a bunch of shirts left over, and so Waters gave them to the Kenyan kids. “It was a big deal that they could pick between short or long sleeved and blue and white,” Waters said. “For an African youth from such an impoverished area to pick out something new is very rare.” (Image credit: Orbit Village Project) source


We have two patches in out shop which are sold as charitable donations.  The first is our Cosplay =/= Consent patch, which we began making two years ago in response to the Cosplay is not Consent movement that had begun to spring up at conventions nationwide.  It’s a concept that we strongly believe in, and the response from convention goers to our patch has been overwhelmingly positive - and even moreso when they hear that the proceeds from the sales of them are donated at the end of the year to the Rape Abue & Incest National Network. This year, we are happy to say that we were able to donate $80 to RAINN thanks to sales of this patch.

The other donation patch in our shop was added this year, and it was inspired by @kellysue​, who I admire for many different reasons.  Her frequent inspirational text messages that she sends to her “class” of followers are tagged #bgsd, for Bitches Get Shit Done. And early this year, I decided I wanted to make that a patch.  I wrote to Ms. Deconnick to seek her permission and to ask what charity she would like the proceeds to go to, and she gave me her blessing and her charity of choice - the Girls Leadership Institute. Thanks to the enthusiasm of her followers, we were able to donate $156 to this charity at the end of 2015.

Both of these patches will remain in my shop in 2016, and both will continue to generate money for their respective charitable organizations.  Come on little sharks - let’s make a difference in the world!

And now, an excuse to show one of my favorite antique postcards from Miss Mary, combined with a nonprofit fundraising message:

Remember that so many of our nonprofit programs would not exist, and would simply not be possible without the donors who have underwritten them.  Stewardship is so important, because if you do it right, you might just receive more charitable donations!  Forget them not … thank your donors today!

Video - Deducting Charitable Contributions:  Did you make any charitable contributions last year? If so, you can deduct most or all of your donations and save money on your taxes! Learn more about the IRS rules for deducting charitable contributions with this helpful tax tip video from TurboTax.

Rafael Furcal is Kind of Like the Best Dude Ever

Besides being a pretty good shortstop, Furcal may be one of the most charitable men you’ll ever come across.

Steve Henson at Yahoo! passes along that Furcal’s hometown of Loma de Cabrera will be receiving a firetruck courtesy of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Henson goes on to write:

“Furcal has never pitched, but in Loma de Cabrera, he will be Fireman of the Year.

“A lot of poor people get killed in my hometown because they don’t have a fire truck,” Furcal said. “We’re doing something for this little town.”

Furcal, an 11-year veteran who has earned more than $67 million, is already a one-man health-care plan for Loma de Cabrera, paying the bill of anyone needing hospitalization. He is the only player from the town of 6,000 near the border of Haiti to make it to the big leagues, although his two older brothers played in the minors and his father, Silvio, was an excellent outfielder on the island long before scouts began signing every Dominican kid with a measure of talent.”

I’m not even sure how to respond to that–I’ve never heard of one person covering an entire town’s hospital bills and then giving them their first fire truck. It’s going to be real difficult to criticize Furcal for anything he does on the field this season which was probably his plan all along! Either that, or he genuinely has a heart three times too big for his body.
Charlie Sheen may be off his rocker but he’s got my respect.

Charlie Sheen is no doubt bonkers but he has my respect for donating a large sum to the epilepsy foundation. He tends to donate to a lot of charities for no reason other than he can and I respect that even though he’s a raging maniac. lol. More at Post Any Article.


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The mirage in the garage

Summer is here! The warm sun is shining down on me. The grass is green and the flowers are in bloom. The only thing growing faster than the weeds are the number of garage sales.

I live in the heart of suburbia. Lots of big houses and manicured lawns. I wouldn’t say that everyone here is rich, but people aren’t doing that badly either.  Every summer the garage sale signs start sprouting up all over the neighbourhood.  

No matter how much money my neighbours make; They are still willing to stand outside in the hot sun to make a buck.  Books for a quarter,DVD’s for a dollar,nicknacks and old clothes. I just don’t get it? Perhaps they mistakenly think that their crap is more valuable than it really is?

The only thing weirder are the virtual garage sales. People selling old baby clothes online. I know that times are tough but you’ve got be smart.  You are inviting a total stranger to your house. All this so that you can make five dollars on a pair of overalls. Call me crazy but i’d rather not have the rapist/serial killer come to my house and be five dollars poorer.

The saddest thing is that in spite of the cheap prices people will haggle to get a better bargain.  "Hmmmm…I know the sign says 25 cents but how does 5 books for a dollar sound ?“ 

The vast majority of these people don’t need the money. Yet they blanket the neighbourhood with ugly signs. Days and weeks after the sale the streets are littered with them.  Lampposts, side streets, bus shelters and on the back of traffic signs. My personal favorite, the 8X10 lined sheet of paper written in pen. Hey buddy, let me give you a tip…nobody can read that sign.

I watch my neighbours sitting in their driveways with their tables set up. All of their invaluable treasures on display. Then at the end of the day,  the leftover items are unceremoniously dumped at curb…aka the Garbage pick-up spot. I’ve seen tables,chairs,mirrors,sofas, lawnmowers and bicycles.

This drives me crazy! There are tons of local charities you can donate these items to. There are even some that will send a truck to your house to pick them up.  Aaarrgghhhh!!!!

In my city you have to buy a permit to have a garage sale. On top of that you can only have 1 per summer.  That just seems like a lot of work and money, to get rid of your old crappy stuff. Wouldn’t it be easier to make a donation to a local charity?

I honestly wonder at the end of the day was it really worth it?

A great point from Bill Maher about Romney's donations to the Mormon church and its tax benefits

“If Mitt Romney gave 10% of his income to the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders, I would be the first to say, "Good robot!”  But he gives it to the Mormon church, which spent millions here in California in a political battle to make sure the only gay at the wedding is the priest who performs the ceremony. 

And public dollars should not be subsidizing that.  And yet all last week, people came up to me and said, “But Bill, the Mormon church performs good deeds.  How can you say they’re not a charity?”  To which I responded, “Get away from me, Donny and Marie!”

And look, I’m not saying the Mormon church doesn’t do some good things.  They provide food during famines, and wheelchairs for the lame.  But that’s not their main concern, which is, like any business, growing the business, opening branches, selling more product, putting asses in tabernacles.  General Electric plants a tree now and then, it doesn’t make them Johnny Appleseed.

Real charities only care about the charity.  This is the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic, which provides health care to poor children. From an architectural standpoint, not much to look at.

This is the Mormon temple in San Diego. Either that, or Superman’s Fortress of Solitude:

External image

Someone has to explain to me why Mitt Romney gets a tax write-off for giving money to the people who already own this.  A good rule of thumb for telling the good charities from the fakes?  Real charities don’t have castles!!

This is Disney Hall, where the L.A. symphony performs.  Lots of people give money to symphonies, and they get tax deductions for that.  But they shouldn’t!  Because again, it’s a fucking castle!!  And because unlike food and water, access to Mozart is not a basic human necessity.  

You like the ballet?  Go to the ballet.  Write a big check supporting it.  But unless Swan Lake needs to be drained to keep orphans from getting malaria, don’t ask the rest of us to support your hobby.

To those who saw my earlier posts about Attawapiskat, here's more information about relief efforts

Ottawa offers $2.5 million for Attawapiskat as Red Cross prepares to help

There is also a Facebook page for information on various efforts and needed items:

STATE OF EMERGENCY: Attawapiskat Relief Strategy

If you wish to send your own donations/aren’t in a position to donate through other places, you can send items or money to:

Warm hats
Wool socks ( the real kind not the cheap mostly cotton kind)
Paper products. (toilet paper etc is VERY expensive)
Powered milk and formula
Warm coats - think -30+ cold
Boots with liners

Mrs. Rosie Koostachin, Receiver/Deliver for Attawapiskat Donations, Community Volunteer

P.O. Box 112
Attawapiskat, ON P0L 1A0
(705) 997- 2455
Help my nephew - Please reblog


I’m not big on asking (relative) strangers for money.  Fuck, I’m not big on asking friends or family for money.  Especially not with the way the economy looks right now.  I know that plenty of us are struggling to keep on our own heads above water.  But I’m making an exception this time.

My nephew (okay, technically, one of my best friend’s from college’s baby son) was born with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, an exceedingly rare condition that causes children to be born with grossly underdeveloped optic nerves.  The condition can also cause issues with an infant’s brain structure/function, and impair the function of his/her pituitary gland.  Unfortunately, Noah was born with all of these symptoms.

The condition’s rareness means that there are very few doctors with any expertise.  In the United States, a single doctor in Los Angeles can offer appropriate treatment given the severity of Noah’s particular case.  They are currently located in rural northern Vermont, and need to get to LA by November 3 of this year.  That being the case, Melissa has posted on gofundme, seeking donations to raise the $5,000.00 needed to cover their travel expenses.

As I said above, I don’t like asking folks to dip into their wallets.  BUT, if you can afford it (even just a few bucks) it would really go a long way to help improve both Noah and Melissa’s qualities of life.  Even if you can’t, please please please reblog this.

Creepy employers who "ask" workers to donate to a charity

I once worked at a community college in New Jersey where a creepy, high level Dean went around asking staff members to fill out a form and donate money to some social/political charity. I don’t remember the name of the organization.  What’s the point of pressuring employees to contribute to a certain charity? Just so you can brag to the world what a great boss that you are, that you got 100 percent participation of workers to contribute to a charity of your own personal or political liking? That’s wrong.

I told the Dean no, I have my own charities that I contribute to, and walked away. He left the office grumbling. I would think a high level Dean would have better things to do, like maybe helping students in some way. 

What employees do with their money is their own business. Why not offer to match whatever employees contribute? I would guess a lot of bosses are too cheap to do that. 

What’s almost as bad is when your boss sends his kids to you to ask for money, for a fundraiser for their school or church. Come on. That’s rude.  And unprofessional.

Keep the job separate from this type of stuff.  Please.


The Man Who Fell To Earth by Tim Doyle / Tumblr & Tyler Skaggs / Tumblr

20" X 30" 5 colour screen print, S/N regular edition of 145 and variant iridescent foil edition of 55. Available from Under the Floorboards HERE.

Purchasing the regular edition will ensure a charitable donation to Mad About Harry and purchases of the variant will also see a charitable donation made to Macmillan Cancer Support.
xoJane: How to Vet Charities: Before You Donate, Make Sure You Know Where Your Money Is Going

By popular request, a thorough overview on what charities need and what to check on before you donate—and please, do take the ten or 15 minutes needed to research a charity before donating, because it’s important. Make sure you know where your money is going, how it will be used, and whether you’re comfortable with how it will be applied.