This is a charging board!

It is a simple way to charge up and cleanse your crystals without having to focus on visualisation. Simply put your crystal in the center of a piece of paper, and write around it two categories of words: the things you want to fill your crystal with, and the things you want out of them. Then draw arrows pointing into the crystal for the positives, and away from it for the negatives.

This is a visual way to charge/cleanse without having to maintain focus. I’m certain it could work for any object you want to use, not just crystals!

Witch's Guide To Charging

Charging is the act of filling or refilling an object with energy. You have probably read tips on how to recharge crystals or dress a candle. Witches work with power and charging an item is an elementary skill.

When charging, be aware of whether you are replenishing the natural energy of the item, or filling it with a new, “artificial” energy.

If you are using an item for it’s natural energies, it does not make much sense to alter them.

Most cheap paraffin candles will probably be charged with ‘artificial’ energy since they don’t contain much of their own.

Charging is very commonly done with visualization. This guide focuses on charging through visualization. Check out that visualization post real quick so we’re all on the same page.

The intensity described in the visualization article is best attempted only if you know how to ground. Start gently to avoid unpleasant physical symptoms.

1 - Connect with the item. Gently hold or touch the item until you feel connected with it. This will take some practice. You may feel a headache, an intuitive understanding that you have ‘reached’ it, or any other number of signs. Do not obsess over being given a big sign, just trust the little ones you are given. This step will become quicker and quicker with practice and experience.

Maintain this connection through step 2.

2 - Focus on the type of energy you wish to impart. For practice and most basic spells, focus on a pure white light (also try charging something with your unique energy). To recharge an object’s natural energies, focus on a neutral, ‘transparent’ energy that the object may absorb and adjust to its vibrations. Focus on building this kind of energy in your mind or body. As with the connection, everyone feels it differently. You may feel a pressure in your head or body, an intense tingling or buzzing, or nothing except visualization and “knowing”. Respect your signs and don’t insist on other, ‘witchier’ cues.

In the beginning, do not focus on building huge amounts of energy. These are harder to work with. Just collect a nice little sized ball.

3 - Send the energy to the item. If you have lost your connection with the item, ‘hold’ the energy and reconnect. Holding a connection rapidly improves with practice.

Use the connection as a passageway to the object. Have the energy flow through your hands, or as directed by your mind, in to the object. Getting the energy out of you and in to it may be an issue, but again, this is overcome by practice.

If you prefer, simultaneously raise and send the energy at once instead of storing it then sending it.

To recharge a natural item, don’t force energy in. Rather let it flow and allow the item to suck up energy as it wishes.

4 - Close the connection. Close or ‘tie off’ the energetic flow so energy won’t leak out. Actively disconnect from the object.

Some objects do hold energy better than others. For practice, find items highly valued for their battery capacity like quartz. Some techniques, like wrapping items in a black cloth or keeping them in an iron box, are said to preserve energy and keep it from leaking out.

- Tho

Basic Elements of Energy Work

Energy work is the ability of a person to control unseen energies. Almost all basic pagan/Wiccan/New Age/witchcraft exercises deal with energy work. Here is a short list of some of the things a young witch should learn.

Grounding. It’s extremely important. You may think it will be fun to carry around a lot of elemental energy - you will quickly change your mind. Grounding is the ability to get excess energy out and ground yourself back in reality. This is especially important if you want to work with dreams, spirits, or visions.

Centering goes hand-in-hand with grounding. As a magical practitioner, you do stuff that leaves your energetic body out of sorts. If you are working with real magic, there is also a chance your grasp on reality can be shaken. Centering is a focus on your physical body that gathers all your loose bits and reforms your energetic body back in to its natural shape. Combine it with grounding to get back to the real world.

Shielding is a basic energy work exercise that is also pretty danged important. Learn to shield yourself and how to place shields around other things, people, and locations. This is a vital element of protection.

Charging is the act of filling an object with energy. You can passively charge things by leaving them around natural elements, but you need to learn how to actively charge something as well.

Programing is the process of giving energy a ‘job’. Programing energy is the basis for all spellwork. When you dress a candle, you are filling it with energy and then programing that energy to do a job for you.

- Tho