Cleansing, Charging, Blessing

Here are some ideas on how to cleanse, charge, and bless!

👏 Clap your hands, 🔔 Ring a bell, 🎶 Play some music, 💐 Bring some plants in, 🏠 Open the windows

📲 Set the object near your charging phone, 🌝🌚 Sun and moonlight, ☔️ Water charging, 🍃 Wave it in the wind, 🌈 Sprinkle colorful glitter on it, 📣 Tell it to “charge!”

😃 Smile, 🎤 Sing about your intent, 📣 Voice your intent

Witch Tip

If you use amethyst for its anti-anxiety properties and/or lepidolite (for example) for its anti-depressant properties, a great way to charge them for optimal help is to wear them while doing something brave (or anything that gives you anxiety, but you’re doing it anyway) or something that makes you happy, respectively.

This way the stones will be charged with exactly what you need when you need it.

Witch Garden tips

If you have a ton of space a labyrinth is boss. If you don’t, a labyrinth drawn on a smooth rock or step stone is awesome.

Look up companion plants to help keep pests away. For example? Parsley keeps aphids away from roses. So plant a border of parsley around your roses.

Plant flowers that attract bees. Bees charge your garden, pollinate your plants and are awesome. I love thinking of them as members of a tiny goddess cult, just out grabbing sacrifices for their fuzzy version of Frig

I keep a pretty bowl in my garden for bottles of water or ingredients I am charging in the moon/sun

I like bird feeders. They are a great place to put spells or charms you want to spread. I like to read the visitors to my feeder as signs.