Here’s how a character looking at a thing currently works in our game. Here the guy’s been told to look at the sphere with a “loose gaze”, which means he alternates between looking directly at it and glancing around a bit, but snaps his eyes to it when it moves. This is supposed to emulate making natural-ish eye contact with someone; you want eye contact but you don’t want them constantly staring at the center of your eyeball. Bit weird still since he has no facial flexes yet and doesn’t blink, but that’s all comin’.

My top 20 Kuroshitsuji characters (and why)
  1. Sebastian Michaelis: what an awesome and handsome demon! I love that he loves the cats XD
  2. Ciel Phantomhive (the one with the eyepatch XD): I love how tsundere he is, and the fact that he is so mature to be 13 years
  3. Gregory Violet: Don’t ask. I love gothic, victorian and art. He is the three things in one amazing person. Also, he is a good friend
  4. Bravat Sky: I love our psychopath fortune teller. His design is amazing, and sometimes he is so funny
  5. Edgar Redmond: I love when he says that he has danced with so many girls and Gregory sais that he has never seen him dancing with nobody :P Ah, and he is beautiful <3
  6. Herman Greenhill: I love him. Better with his hair back. I love his personallity and his ¿ass? :P Eyebrows also.
  7. Lawrence Bluer: My nerd! I love when he adjust his glasses. Also, the fact that Edgar and him are neighbours 
  8. Soma Asman Kadar: He is too pure, good boy, kind, cheerful… I love him to India and back, my prince <3 I love oriental characters
  9. Arshad Satyendra Iyer (Agni xD): *cry* No!!! Why had Agni to die!! *insert Soma’s discourse* The kinder person in the entire series, I love how he does homeworks, he is so…cute! I love him <3 He will be forever in my heart
  10. Doll: I love her tomboy style, her voice, her behaviour with Smile, like she was in love with him… She was an amazing character, why Yana ToT
  11. Joker: Our circus leader! I love the story of all the members… They were like a little family.. Poor my clown :(
  12. Charles Grey: My arrogant son, my first crush in the manga with Soma, I love her voice, best seiyu in the world with Doll… 
  13. Diederich: Muahaha my German Dog… I love him since weston, I love the flashback and the yaoi couple with Vincent, also, his personallity.
  14. Edward Midford: Decent and shy or sexy and idol? IDK what Edward I love the most… I love his overprotectiong with Lizzy XD
  15. Madame Red: An amazing love story and a tragic death. What a beautiful character! She only wants a child…
  16. Cheslock: My punk babe I love his way of speaking and the fact that he is too modern for the victorian times
  17. Joanne Harcourt: I love Weston arc for him, I love his scenes in the chapel with Sebastian, he was so cute!
  18. Aleister Chamber: One of the funnier characters in all the manga! I laught very much with him, I love his appearance, like a medieval character (and he is Edgar’s uncle)
  19. Frances Midford: I love when she puts Sebastian’s hair back, I believe that she is in love with him xDD
  20. Elizabeth Midford: My kawaii girl, she is so cute, she really loves Ciel, I hope that she’ll be okay

These are the 20 first so far, but I love some other characters, the following 10 without order will be Vincent, Undertaker, Sieglinde, Finnian, Meyrin, Mr.Pitt, Ronald, Clayton, Dagger and Snake.