I see people being like “y'all hated Jake last week for what he did to Dirk and Jane” or “I hate Jake, but what Vriska did was wrong.” Honestly go fuck yourselves? Jake is an abuse victim. Dirk emotionally abused him during their whole relationship to the point where he didn’t feel safe confronting him and physically ran away to another planet. And he still gets blamed for it.
Jane projected all this stuff onto him that he felt he had to live up to, without ever stopping to think that he is a Person with his own wants. So their interactions were strained. Him not contacting her a lot and forgetting her birthday aren’t great. But are we forgetting that 1. Jake doesn’t feel like he’s worthy of his friends, and tends to avoid them (as we clearly see in this upd8 esp) 2. Jake has always had memory problems (which are probably partly due to the head trauma Dirk caused him earlier on) and 3. Dirk knew it was Jane’s birthday and didn’t tell Jake and actively tried to keep Jake from his other friends?
So can we stop acting like Jake actually is at fault. ALSO. Not liking someone back and not wanting to date them is not “mean”. He’s well within his rights, and it’s gross how people demonize him for it.
The only person who hasn’t been completely terrible to him is Roxy, and he has such bad self esteem at having “failed” his friends, that he doesn’t even feel like he deserves to talk to her.

tl;dr All the reasons you hate Jake are probably ableist and abuse apologisty. Jake goes out of his way for his friends (at the expense of his own health) and if he doesn’t do that perfectly enough he Still gets hate. So fuck yall..?

  • karkat (to eridan):how do you expect to have any success with nepeta if you don't treat her like a living person with feelings! you DOUCHE
  • karkat:*refers to nepeta as autistic to her face and says that the only reason he's asking her to join his team is because there's no one left*
  • karkat:despite the lack of actual confirmation from her, i already know terezi is head over heels in love with me in ANY QUADRANT i deem applicable to the relationship we've never had. so i'm sure if i just order dave to budge over a little everyone's gonna be A-okay
  • karkat (to gamzee):i can't stand you and i hate the way you type
  • karkat (to gamzee):i can't think of what i might have done to deserve such an awful best friend
  • karkat (to gamzee):your religion is bullshit, your brain is half rotten from all that slime, it'll be a miracle if i ever meet someone i hate more than you, i'm embarrassed just to be associated with you
  • karkat:*treats gamzee as equal parts feral animal and background joke*
  • karkat:man, gamzee just completely stopped keeping up his end of the moirallegiance. what a horrible moirail, never opening up to me about his feelings. fuck that guy
  • karkat:*literally traumatizes jade*
  • karkat (to jade):i get that past me said really shitty things BUT past you was JUST AS SHITTY despite the fact unlike me, you were literally on the receiving end of my behavior, so we should put this behind ourselves and move on without a good apology or atonement from my end, capiche?
  • karkat (about kankri):he behaves like he's only looking out for everyone's well-being, but he really just hides behind his words and implicitly judges everyone for not conforming to his standards
  • karkat (about kankri):i could go on about him all day but then i'd be stooping to his level
  • karkat:*neglects to mention that he is already below that level*


Kaidan is by far my least favorite squadmate in the series. When he’s not whining about everything or distrusting everything you do and say, he’s just ungodly boring to be around. I don’t get people who like romancing him, but I really don’t get people who romance him in 3, after he spent half the trilogy being an asshole to you. If you like him, that’s fine. I just can’t see any reason to.

As an addendum, despite everything I just said about Kaidan, I did find him somewhat enjoyable in the Citadel DLC. But that’s it