Things noticed in fandoms

Honestly, why do anti shippers hate people for wanting to change? Like news flash for people who don’t know basic psychology: when you grow up in a culture that promotes bad behavior even the “most pure” will be conditioned to pick up those bad behaviors. That’s how all organisms ranging from animals to humans learn how to act. Some is biological but, most things are learned from our environments/culture.

What people are conditioned to do isn’t who they are, it’s just when they’ve learned to do (just like people with phobias aren’t their phobias.). What matters isn’t what they were conditioned to become, what truly matters is the person wanting to change for the better.

The difference between a good and bad person is their ability to learn and understand once showed the right way and how to be good.

They can be taught incorrectly and learn to do wrong but, that doesn’t make them a bad person. It only makes them a bad person if once they’re introduced to what’s right and how to properly act they show no desire to improve. As long as they show they are trying to do what’s right, they are good. No matter what they’re past, especially when they were taught and conditioned to have the wrong behaviors. They might mess up every now and then but, that doesn’t make them a bad person either.

Correcting behavior isn’t easy. Even wrong and bad behavior is hard to correct. It takes time. Even once the behavior is “corrected” and the bad conditioning becomes extinct, the person will relapse every now and then. This is basic psychology, classical conditioning.

Additionally, while over used this is very common for writers to use in helping to develop a character. The point of character development isn’t to try and judge them only based on how they started. Character development is supposed to show that no matter what your past is, you can overcome it and be good.

Disclaimer: this post is not supporting bad behavior. This post is support for being able to change for the better despite being basically deceived into doing wrong things when being made to believe they were the right things.

Rest in Pieces, Robert Hammond

This may be the only guy in the series who everyone hated. Not a single person liked him at any point in time. Or even thought they liked him. His coworkers hated him. Prosecutors hated him. Defense attorneys hated him (how do you anger grossberg???). Spirit mediums hated him. I hate him. If the Judge was capable of hate, I think he’d hate Hammond too.

If this dude hadn’t been an incompetent, selfish POS he would’ve caught von Karma and saved Franziska and Miles and Yanni and Polly (both of them?) from a whole load of trauma.


god look okay not to be negative but pretty much everything people complain about junkrat applies to 76 as well except at least junkrat fans, like, ADMIT that he’s a morally grey criminal, and junkrat is a comedic relief character instead of someone people constantly interpret at ~tragic~ and ~sympathetic~ and ~heroic~ like every other action loser who ~just HAAAAAS to shoot these poor people~ even though it makes him Sad™

okay but im rewatching despair arc and???? mahiru is so OOC?????? like she is definitely the most ooc person here imo. her entire charcater in the game is being a bossy and steadfast mom type but in this anime she’s just a kinda docile go with the flow chick. like when Natsumi and Sato are arguing she barely lectures either she just kinda blushingly and stupidly asks Sato if she did it. instead of getting upset and making an offhand comment about boys when Gundham brings a fucking bear into the classroom shes just like “um haha :) theres a bear lol :)” like????? give me back sassy and bossy Mahiru???? i get that she has nice aspects but i want my daughter back?????????????

new opinions of ndrv3 cast (after profiles)
  • (in order they appeared in my original post)
  • kaede akamatsu: is a good!! will she survive to the end? will she be replaced as protag? let's hope that doesn't happen!
  • miu iruma: best ndrv3. best ndrv3. the sort of deep, spiritual love that you have for a fictional character. i want her to not cry ever
  • korekiyo shinguuji: his "beauty of humanity" thing raises a lot of murderer flags. let that never be true
  • kokichi ouma: almost as much of a meme lover as my girlfriend. i want him to live
  • ryouma hoshi: badass! voiced by solid snake and once killed the mafia with a tennis ball! won't live because weird design!! the world is cruel
  • ki-bo: have you ever seen a robot that describes you? awkward with social interaction and would sue the pants off you. best bot
  • tenko chabashira: what's that? is it something you eat?
  • gonta gokuhara: the boy!! loves!! his bugs!! he won't live because bara but let him live!! let him love bugs!!
  • maki harukawa: hates the things she's good at. #relatable.
  • angie yonaga: chapter 3 flags... chapter 3 flags everywhere. the concept of this cinnamon roll turning into pure evil terrifies me...
  • kaito momota: he's a dreamer!! and a romantic!! and a space nerd!! and he make saihara happy! save him!!!!
  • tsumugi shirogane: she is beauty. she is grace. her death i won't be able to face.
  • himiko yumeno: do not mess her up!! do not give her zero character and kill her!! she deserves better!!
  • kirumi toujou: she's called kirumi because she kiru me every time i see her. let her survive
  • shuuichi saihara: the boy!!!! best ndrv3 boy!!!! he fluster!!! he scare!!! he don't like the trials so keep him safe!!! he thinks he has no talent but he is DEAD! FUCKING! WRONG! save him!!
  • rantarou amami: don't be plot important. don't get forced ship tease with kaede. please. please.

there are parents who have to leave their kids. they have to give them away because they can’t provide for them, or other reasons beyond their control. it’s heartbreaking, you either decide to leave and explanation or decide that they’re better of not knowing because when someone takes them in, they’re no longer yours. 

then there’s raven branwen, who refused to say her daughter’s name and told her she’d let her die the next time she got into trouble. It’s all well and good to not want to have kids, i know i don’t want kids, but if you do have a child without wanting them, and just fuck off because you feel like it? you’re a piece of shit. raven clearly left yang because she didn’t want to know her, it was clear she didn’t do it for her protection- qrow left the tribe because he knew they were bad people, raven had the choice to do the same and decided a bunch of murderers was worth her time more than her baby. im sorry, but i can’t get away with raven. i could’ve if she showed even the slightest bit of remorse, but she doesn’t and if i were taiyang i would’ve went fucking ballistic on her

No offense to hardcore Murdoc fans or anything, but I don’t want 2D to forgive Murdoc for all the disgusting things he’s done to him. I think I want 2D to be resentful and bitter, at least for awhile. I think he’s owed at least that much.