I spend a lot of time defending genji and genji players, but we need to address the true problem in Overwatch.

The hate towards Hanzo players is INSANE. Even though Hanzo is an incredibly good character that has more viability than Widow, he gets way more hate for existing. Even on defense, with a team that combos, say a Zarya and Orisa, people just insta-hate him.

Let Hanzo players live, you know damn well that you pick some dumb shit all the time and just play what you want but because it isn’t a sniper you feel superior.

But real talk, Noodle’s character development hit its peak when she “died”, and that’s sad as fuck. It’s like every time something cool could be done with her, ol’ boy’s like “Hmm… How about instead of doing something actually interesting, I make her even more boring? Yes, I’m a genius!”
This woman is a former child soldier, a deep thinker, a big feminist, apparently some sort of engineer now (?), a racer, travels through the postal service, extremely physically strong, a demon-slayer, enriched in her culture, and a musical mastermind, but even with all those super intriguing things about her, they’re handled in such a way that I can barely bring myself to give a shit. It’s like, she does all those amazing things, but she has no personality anymore. She’s just a husk carrying out these amazing feats, not a person.
But! I have really high hopes for her this phase. I truly believe she’s going to be great this time around. I’m anxious, but also really excited.

Lapis is the worst character because she’s boring in the worst possible way. In that she has SO much potential to be complex and interesting but all of that is squandered in favor of focusing on meaningless feel good filler shit like in gem harvest or the new crystal gems, episodes that could have developed her significantly. Like she could have had 2-3 arcs by now. Where was the arc where she came to terms with her feelings on the crystal gems? Or sorting through her feelings on jasper? Or learned to be friends with peridot overtime instead of in one episode where suddenly ly they’re ~barn wives~ from that point onward? I’m firmly convinced that the crew just either doesn’t know or doesn’t care to write her like an actual character with conflicts and flaws because they know people will love her no matter what (and they do! She’s like the most overrated character)

How to write a character with humanizing flaws that make them kind of a prick and cause problems in a meaningful way that move the plot forward, while still having redeeming qualities that make them ultimately sympathetic, but not perfect, characters:

How to not do that:

Why the fuck is he such a popular character, why does everyone love him and ship him and David? Why does everyone make AUs of them as kids??

Is it because he’s the only other adult male character in the show and you just HAVE to have a gay couple when we have fucking GWEN? (And before I get the “ur het” hate, I’m fucking Ace/Pan/Poly and Trans)

He’s a fucking Cult Leader. He tried to kill the entire camp. Are we going to fucking ignore that? Are we just going to say it’s a minor flaw and he can be redeemed, because NO. HE CAN’T. He’s a CULTIST. He’s a CANON MURDERER and he TRIED TO KILL EVERY FUCKING KID AT THE CAMP.


He’s a fucking villain. Do I like him as a villain? Yes.
Do I like him as a person? No.

bnha good “end”: mineta gets replaced by shinsou and nobody ever talks about mineta again. shinsou makes 9052452 friends and is loved forever and never has to hate himself again for having a “villain-like” quirk