• What she said:I'm fine.
  • What she meant:Rose Lalonde was criticized by the fandom for "talking too much" and "being boring," while she and Jade together have talked less than John and Dave on their own, and Karkat is the character who has entire walls of text in which he does nothing but rant about how he thinks recent events, and the way other people got things done, are stupid.

Me: just my opinion but, as a ship, aside from having absolutely no leg to stand on, Eren is only 15 years old. Shipping him with a man in his 30s is a bit weird and wrong.

People: OMG but he’s in the military he is not a child!!!1!! Consider how mature he must be to be in the army omg think if the times - God get out with your millennial thinking

Me: Eren was an actual dick this chapter. Not worthy of the uniform on his back and his insubordination was ugly to watch.

People: OMG he’s just a child leave him alone. He’s only 15 of course he’s going to get emotional jeez stop picking on him!!!1!1!1 (ノД`)


Kaidan is by far my least favorite squadmate in the series. When he’s not whining about everything or distrusting everything you do and say, he’s just ungodly boring to be around. I don’t get people who like romancing him, but I really don’t get people who romance him in 3, after he spent half the trilogy being an asshole to you. If you like him, that’s fine. I just can’t see any reason to.

As an addendum, despite everything I just said about Kaidan, I did find him somewhat enjoyable in the Citadel DLC. But that’s it

My opinion of Chiaki Nanami (spoilers)

Am I the only one that just doesn’t care about Chiaki? I mean she’s not a bad person, but the focus on her is too much in my opinion. It’s like the game and the fanbase are trying to make me love a character I really don’t care about. Her character is just… idk, does she have any flaws? She’s an AI, so she wasn’t programmed with any I guess. That may be good for an AI, but not for a character. She’s not a Mary Sue, but she’s definitely perfect, and it’s not a good thing. Before you mention “oh she’s not good at dating games” fuck off that’s not a flaw. It’s a ploy by Chihiro so boys don’t fall in love with her “perfection”. For example, Alter Ego had a set personality. He symbolized the growth of Chihiro, at least to me (a person who really connected with Chihiro). By comparison, Chiaki, a perfect almost Mary Sue, doesn’t seem as good of a character. Wow I think I may have increased my dislike for Chiaki by writing this post.

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