Hi all I’m moving out soon so I need to save up some money to buy furniture & other necessities to help with the move. 

All portraits will be in full colour and cost $15 AUD, which must be paid upfront in full. 

If you are interested please email me at with a description & artworks of your character & any additional material. From there I will email you an invoice through Paypal. 

I will only be opening up 2 slots first time around, and then I’ll open some more as I finish them. I aim to finish all commissions within 2 weeks of payment. If you wish to have it done before a specific date please include that in the email. I know it’s the holiday season so ideally they will all be done quickly. 

I will not do animal portraits as my skill in drawing fur & scales is not up to scratch. Horns, small patches of scales, slit or multiple eyes and other “small” features are fine. If you are unsure just send me an email and I’ll let you know. 

Please note: If you wish to get a refund before I have sent you the initial sketch for approval you may be reimbursed fully. If I have sent a sketch you will only get a 70% refund.   


Pages from the Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種トーキョーグール) character file in Spoon.2Di Magazine (Amazon JP) included many of the supporting character designs along with concept art for their anime looks by character designer Kazuhiro Miwa (三輪和宏).

the mun's interpretation
  • ♚ Do you agree with fandom interpretation of your character?
  • ♤ Has your muse developed to be different from their canon selves through roleplay?
  • ✘ Any unpopular opinions about your muse?
  • ♧ Any part of their canon portrayal you dislike?
  • ☯ Is your muse liked or disliked by fandom? Does this affect your portrayal?
  • ♢ What's your opinion on different interpretations of your muse?
  • ✦ Has your own interpretation changed from when you first began playing the character?
  • ✍ Has new canon material ever forced you to adjust your headcanons?
  • ✎ What do you wish the author would reveal/had revealed about your muse?
  • ✿ Why did you decide that they [insert headcanon here]?
  • ❀ Share a headcanon you have not shared.

Very detailed Noragami (ノラガミ) animation character design materials by Toshihiro Kawamoto (川元利浩) in Animestyle Magazine (05/2014). There is actually guidance on how not to draw Yato’s scarf and Hiyori’s skirt and hair.


These are just a few of the ungenerous reviews the new Baldur’s Gate expansion, Siege of Dragonspear, is getting on Steam. The game has generated this response entirely because Beamdog Entertainment included a trans character in their updated material.

All they did was INCLUDED a trans character.

Baldur’s Gate occupies a place at the crossroads of video gaming, tabletop gaming, and gaming nostalgia. Obviously it’s attracted the worst elements from all of these communities. It’s also meant that a friend has faced days of harassment.

I’m not asking that you buy this game—though, that couldn’t hurt. Rather, please, lend Beamdog your support, your kind words, your appreciation for helping to make gaming more inclusive, and a reminder that adding LGBTQ content to a game wins more than public hate, harassment, and toxic reviews.

(Additionally, you should absolutely check out Kathrine Cross’s words on Virtue Signalling & Trans Characters in Baldur’s Gate.)

This company’s takeaway from this experience, in 2016, cannot be that including LGBTQ content in a video game is not worth the pain. 

Your support and positivity would mean a great deal right now.  

Steam page for Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.

Beamdog’s forum for Siege of Dragonspear.

Beamdog’s Twitter account.

Just finished my first Gumroad tutorial, a 2hr video on Character Rendering for Animation Production. I cover my process for taking a line drawing and painting it to look like a 3d render, or a “Look of Picture” image. Included with the video are the brushes I used and layered PSDs. Hope you guys enjoy!

you can check it out here:


Yoko had seven wardrobe changes (not including her original costume) in the 5-minute Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (天元突破グレンラガン) S.t.a.r.S. music video. Character designer Atsushi Nishigori (錦織敦史) created nearly all the looks—Hiroyuki Imaishi (今石洋之) had a part in the Space Look since he illustrated the entire animation cut.

me: I’m fine.
what I actually mean: why is Kit Walker so underrated when not only is he one of Evan Peter’s best characters on American Horror Story but is also an incredibly sweet, pure, loving, genuinely a good person AND also goes from hot gas station worker to hot (innocent) convict to cute 60s hippie dad………… why is he slept on when he’s such an angel???


“don’t get so full of yourself. you only have value because of your uchiha blood. without your sharingan, you’re no one.” “your overconfident eyes irritate me. those eyes which show no respect for my art!”

Happy Birthday, Deidara. [05.05.15]


Saber from the Fate/Prototype Materials book. Translation and typesetting by me. The two ways he says “I” relates to his personality. “Boku” is a more childish and casual way of saying “I”, and he only uses it around Ayaka, a person he is very intimate with. “Watashi”, on the other hand, is more formal, so by using it on his enemies, he shows himself to be stiflingly polite.

Pages: 1 and 2


Character design concept art for the movie version of Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day. Art work by Masayoshi Tanaka, who also did the anime designs for High School of the Dead.

White Demon.

I’ve been too impatient for the slow-ass One Piece updates so I’ve started watching Gintama and it is the bomb.

I especially feel Gin cause I also have naturally permed hair. It’s the main reason why I don’t have patience to draw long stuff, so I crapped out this 3 hour drawing of Joui War Gintoki. 

Also, I uploaded a bigass resolution for you guys. Click in, it looks great.


Make me choose deckofdreams asked: Nathaniel or Sebastian?


“They were pretty clear that that’s what they wanted — the kind of Gwen that they wanted at my first audition, that she was going to be his equal and that she was going to be a modern woman. But I think especially in the second movie that point is really driven home because she is so willfully putting herself into these situations even though he wants to protect her and keep his distance from her.”Emma Stone, (x)