Usually when I’m in love with TV show character, the actor who plays them will be a disappointment. Like with Merlin, I always felt bad for Bradley James and Colin Morgan in interviews because they seemed so awkward and uncomfortable! But the Supernatural cast always seems like they’re hanging out a one in the morning in a friend’s basement and having the time of their lives! It’s so adorable! (Not that BJ and CM couldn’t be adorable while being awkward, because they definitely did both.)

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Get creative people, spread some love, and know that I love you all more than I can say

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I am staying cautiously optimistic, but I think they will move GMW to Freeform. This season, Freeform will lose Pretty Little Lairs, their highest rated show, the pillar of their network and their most important show. GMW pulled more viewers than any other show on Freeform. Plus, moving would allow them to tackle less "disney" story lines and mature as their characters, actors, and audience mature. I think it would be a really good move for the show and for the network

I’ll be honest, I don’t think Freeform is happening, but I’m up for almost anything that saves the show at this point, so…

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A little rant re: the picture EW chose (and similar occasions). For last years GG, Starz made little videos recommending the leads to the jury. I watched Cait's and Tobias' and they were good. And then I watched Sam's. The woman, whoever it was, actually said: "We don't think he'll ever be a character actor." Like, did she watch 1x15/1x16? We're all gushing over his looks (who wouldn't), but seriously? He's a master of his art and I hope he gets some recognition for his amazing work soon.

Seriously Anon?  For heavens sake!  That’s disgusting.  His work in those episodes was beyond award worthy.  So much expression in that face of his.  I was glad to see Sam himself speak up about that EW image.  He has a thousand seriously handsome star quality pictures and they choose one that makes him look like Lou Ferrigno.  His time will come.  I hope it’s soon.

Minor actors/characters and some minor things to love about them: Matt Cohen

I haven’t done this in a while, and he needed to be done

Let’s start with the obvious

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What….what was I doing again? 

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On November 22nd 1987 somebody hijacked the television feeds of WGN and WTTW in Chicago. The person was wearing a rubber mask of Max Headroom, a character popularized by actor Matt Frewer in various TV Shows and commercials through the 80′s, and made a number of pop culture references from the time. In order to hijack the feed they had to patch directly into the signal transmitter on top of the Sears Tower. WGN was able to switch to an alternate feed, only showing a few moments of the broadcast before returning to it’s original programming, but WTTW’s airing of Doctor Who was interrupted for a minute and a half before the hijacker presumably ended their broadcast.

The perpetrator was not caught and remains unknown to this day.


In light of the recent horrifying Cap twist, I have seen far too many “stop saying they made him a nazi, HYDRA aren’t nazis!!!11!1″ so I thought I would bring back this scene to remind everyone that yes they are


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Arishok: Do you want to know how I actually hurt my wrists?
Hawke: Yes.
Arishok: I was hula-hooping. I attend a class for both fitness and for fun.
Hawke: Oh my god.
Arishok: I mastered all the moves. The pizza toss, the tornado, the scorpion, the oopsie doodle.
Hawke: Why are you telling me this?
Arishok: Because no one will ever believe you.
Hawke: You sick son of a bitch.


On his final day of shooting, Paul couldn’t keep his emotions in check. “They said wrap, and I knew I’d never play Jesse again,” he says.

“I tried to give speeches, but when I turned and looked at Bryan, I lost it,” he says. “I would be nowhere without him. That man will never know how much he did for me.”