What I mean when I say ‘Let People Have Fun And Do What They Want’: draw ‘poorly’, sing without training, play easy video games, ship The Doctor and Doctor Strange, Write self inserts about being a hunter with the Winchester’s,

What y’all nasties think I mean: Ship incest, be a pedophile, bully underage blogs, sexualize underage characters and actors

I saw a few posts complaining that Emilia and Kit were submitted as main characters instead of x or y actors- because according to them the said actors are better ones.

Listen, choosing who you will submit as your main characters and who as your supporting ones have little to do with the actors’ abilities. It’s about their roles and how important they are to the story. I dare you to show me one character who was more important than Jon/Dany on season 7. Don’t waste your time, you won’t find any.

Jon and Dany are the most important characters in got tv show right now and thus why Kit and Emilia are rightly submitted on the main characters category.

Your favourite characters’ actors can still be submitted on the supporting characters category because that’s what they are although if their names aren’t Lena and Peter I doubt they will win anyway.

Does anyone else really want to see Loki shapeshift more? Like my favorite part of Thor: Dark World was when Loki shapeshifted into Steve Rogers/Captain America and parodied him. Not to say I was disappointed by Thor: Ragnarok, because I’m in love with that movie, but say for Avengers: Infinity War, I’d really like to see more shapeshifting. I mean you’d already have all those characters/actors there, so really Loki could pretend to be any of the cast. I’d even settle for him posing as an ordinary person. I mean it’s not like anyone on earth really wants him there, so… 

Reblog if you want a cute lil love letter from a fictional character or actor from your blog. I’ll write every one and put it in your ask box.


DACRE MONTGOMERY is an amazing and disastrously goodlooking actor with a heart of GOLD who deserves all of the love and affection.

BILLY HARGROVE is a fictional piece of human garbage who is abusive, sexist, and racist who deserves ONLY BAD THINGS and is impossible to LIKE.

Know the difference. Love the difference. Live the difference.


FORBES - “Ragnarok is outrageously entertaining, sure to please all ages and turn Thor into a far more popular character than he already was. It’s always interesting, always forces us to pay closer attention to appreciate the complexities of the sequences, and to the all-around peculiarities and originality that make Ragnarok such a joy to behold”

EMPIRE - “Daft as a badger sandwich and twice as funny, Ragnarok is the boldest, most outrageously fun film Marvel has produced so far. It’s not only a top-tier addition to the MCU but one of the most flat-out enjoyable comedies of the year” 4/5

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - The unquestionably funniest big screen Marvel adventure seems hellbent on finally releasing Hemsworth’s real secret weapon: his humor. Ragnarok is a joke delivery system that works. It’s fun B

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER - Waititi sets the party-on tone in the movie’s first, jokey moments. Soon, with a jolt of Led Zeppelin’s 47-year-old “Immigrant Song” fitting the action like a custom-made gauntlet, he brings majestic spectacle down to rock ‘n’ roll showtime”

THE WRAP - “Both the banter and the fighting, it should be noted, are excellent, so whether you go to superhero movies for the glossy escapism or the pulse-pounding action, you’ll get your large soda’s worth”

IGN - “Ragnarok is a goofy, kitschy, but fun romp and the most purely entertaining of the three Thor movies, marked by its distinctive designs, ‘80s synth score, and assemblage of spirited characters”

SCREENCRUSH - “The actors are all so good, and so are their performances,  so it’s easy to go along for the ride, even if the movie is sometimes as sloppy as an Asgardian thunder god after too many pints of mead” 7/10

USA TODAY - Even tonal issues can’t upend the magic this movie taps into putting Thor and Hulk together as new best buddies, whether throwing down in an arena or having a bromantic heart-to-heart” 7/10

UPROXX - “A crazy, colorful, ambitious, hilarious ride through the cosmos” 8/10

NERDIST - This is top-to-bottom a Hemsworth movie, and in his fifth time playing Thor is at his very peak, and that’s quite the heroic feat” 7/10

THE VERGE - “A film that’s simply a joy to watch, with a personality that’s wholly it’s own”

BBC - “Ragnarok is the wittiest and most straight-forwardly enjoyable of Marvel’s blockbusters” 4/5

GIZMO - “Ragnarok has that timeless potential. Long after the Marvel Cinematic Universe is over, odds are we’ll still be enjoying, re-watching, and quoting this crazy, hilarious movie”

THE VERGE - Ragnarok is an enthusiastic, hilarious reboot of the idea of what a Marvel movie can actually be, resulting in an effervescent, delightfully self-aware ride that was the most fun I’d had in a superhero movie in years”

SCREEN INTERNATIONAL - “Ragnarok exudes an epic grandeur, leading to a stirring, euphoric finale that doesn’t sacrifice scope or gravitas despite all the wisecracks Waititi and company make along the way”


I love how all comic book writers say things like ‘No, this character I wrote is 100% straight, his relationship with that other male character is just a good friendship’, meanwhile, Mark Millar, writer of Civil War, Old Man Logan and Kingsman spends his free time SHIPPING his own male characters and the actors from his movies lol 


So I sent Andy Muschietti an instagram message asking for an IT netflix spin-off and he actually answered me

Ok so yesterday my friend and I were rambling on how bad we wanted an IT spin off, like a Losers Club series, because we need to see more of the characters played by this actors who we all love so much.

And eventually the conversation ended up with me signing a petition for the spin-off, and sending a letter to netflix and to Andy. Little did i know i would wake up the next day with an answer from the movie’s director.

The message talked about how happy the spin-off would make us the fans and honestly what a great inversion it would be. I think he may have sympathized with me because i’m argentinian??? (Fun fact: he’s argentinian) and that’s why he answered???? But the point is he said this:

Translation: “Ha, thanks. I proposed the Losers Club spin-off idea to everyone like a year ago. So who knows, maybe…”

I’m happy and shook as hell, and he got my hopes up, so i hope i’m getting up yours. I mean Andy Muschietti is on our side.

Let’s keep fighting for the spin-off we deserve.

(Here you have the petition link in case you wanna sign


Ok, so the DCTV actors are so fed up with the trashy fandoms. And a few have spoken up.

David Harewood, Chyler Leigh, Candice Patton, Stephen Amell.

There are many actors in these shows that get harassed.

Chris Wood is a big one. Candice as well (stop with the racial slurs and calling Chris a slave owner). Katie Cassidy - who just lost her father. Have more sympathy people!

Separate the actor from the character - and by god watch the show. Plots exist for a reason - and so does character development - Chris gave his two cents and they still ignored it.

These people are human - not their characters. Just cause the actor gets in the way of your ship (canon or not - don’t send hate). These actors don’t control their plots. They may have input like Stephen, maybe Melissa or Chris (now), but most don’t. They are paid to play a part.

Believe me, as a Karamel…the current plot hurts..but they will reunite. That I’m certain. I want reiterate - NO HATE TO AMY! Don’t go fussing to Chris. We are a family and we will get through to the other side together.

And sending hate to a spouse/significant other - wrong!

Stephen gets that…Melissa and Chris do too. Leave their personal lives out of it, please.

They don’t have to share things, but they do. If you notice some never come online anymore. It’s this crap. You want content, then respect the stuff they give us.

And David as a friend and coworker to Chris and Melissa, he likes to share BTS on set. They are giving us pics of Chris again…and David turns off the comments because he doesn’t want to see your crap. Let this be a lesson.

As for Chyler, I know you wanted F** at ClexaCon, but don’t go bullying Chyler over it or the fact the F** left the show. F** told us why, so stop assuming stuff.

Online bullying is wrong. Just cause you are behind a computer screen and anonymous doesn’t mean you can’t be nice to people. At the end of the day, these shows are fictional. The characters are fictional. The actors are NOT. I get attachment to a ship or character - I’m there too. It helps you through tough times.

There are ways to make your dissatisfaction known without being a bully.

There…I had my say. And BULLIES WILL BE BLOCKED.