Character Design

Sorry ive been gone a while! University work has kept me busy but I’ve recently fell into Fire Emblem Hell so I hammered Birthright and Conquest and i am left wanting the last game but alas I must wait! and while I wait I came up with the Idea of Xander being a World of Warcraft Paladin, SO here he is, I super need to sketch up Ryoma soon but for now have my fave.

First gouache attempt!
A lot of crappy stuff happened, including torn paper on the sides but I am still very happy with the result. There is definitely room to grow 🤣 but the way that paint looks at the end is soooo nice!
I love digital but a real peace on a real paper feels sooo different and nice. Or at least makes me feel hiped the first 24 hours! Undo is still a problem but well.. we can’t love our lives with undo anyways.

This is Eliza Makepeace from a book called The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.

My Tentatively Official Personal Feanor Design, taken a step further from this.

I’m about to go through a whole bundle of elves making little character reference sheets, is the plan. Toot toot.

Oh also many a thanks to @calaquendii for your style of golden embroidery in your elf drawings that I spent a Lot Of Time staring at before doing this, but hopefully did not rip off overmuch?