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Hey guys, this is my version of Blanka I made for the contest that happened a month ago. I did not submit the image as wanted for the challenge, then follow some tips from friends and decided to adjust the angle and light hair.I learned a lot in this project. I must have spent three months working in his spare time. I used for model, Zbrush and Softimage. For render, maya with V-ray. The grass is Fibermesh. Here below a small makingof I did, to show the process in ZBrush. Making-of complete in my website. enjoy. enjoy. (4K)

Joshua Sweet is an eighteen year old year 8th.
His mutation is Medical Intuition.
He holds a striking resemblance to DAYO OKENIYI.
He is Joshua from Atlantis.

“I have soap and I’m not afraid to use it!”


It really wasn’t a mystery as to what Joshua wanted to be when he grew up. Everyone knew. His family, his friends, the teachers. And they all encouraged him to do it. With a remarkable gift like Medical Intuition, Joshua has been the best doctor in town ever since he was old enough to speak even if he had little to no knowledge at all about it at all. His parents never had to worry about watching over their little boy and praying that he wouldn’t get hurt because if he did, he’d know just the trick to help himself get better. And the same went for all the other kids in the playground. Joshua grew up in a small house with his mother and father and his siblings. He was the eldest out of all of them meaning that he, of course, was always watching and running after them. But what most people might find as a chore, he absolutely adored. Joshua is the only mutant out of him and his siblings thus being the only one to have gone to Mainstreet Academy after his father, who he genuinely looks up to. When he is able to get a job and earn much more, he hopes to make his parents and his siblings lives easier. At the Academy, he often spends his times assisting the nurse in her office.

Joshua is a fast-speaking and loud kind of guy but when he talks, it always radiates with confidence and a certain jolly tune to it. He is quite the extrovert and friendly to anyone he meets, but often gets his priorities mixed up like introducing himself half-way before examining the student in front of him. He is also incredibly loyal to those he cares for deeply and will go out of the way to protect them at all cost.


The user has great, if not innate, medical knowledge, enabling them to easily treat others’ injuries and create medicines. One with this ability can cook up concoctions and remedies for ailments with nearly anything in one’s environments. They are also able to tell which things in the wild (or in one’s kitchen) are poisonous and which are safe to ingest or to use to treat injuries.

More Information: [x]

He is:

✔ Friendly
✔ Loyal
✔ Warm-Hearted

But is also:

✘ Easily Distracted
✘ Fast-Talking
✘ Oblivious to certain things.

Fortunately, he is OPEN.


La idea de decidir y hacer nuestro propio destino siempre fue la base y fundamento en las peliculas de Terminator (al menos en Terminator y en Judgment Day), y agradablemente en Genisys esta línea de pensamiento está super presente.

En el primer tramo de la película, Sarah y Pops discuten sobre su deber de “aparearse” con Kyle Reese para dar a luz a John, el mítico salvador de la humanidad, y enseguida vemos el disgusto de Sarah porque claro, no le agrada para nada tener que someterse a hacer algo así solo porque “se supone que debe ser así” porque alguien lo escribió en su destino, algo que le repitieron desde que ella tenía 9 años. Por eso, para Sarah no importa si después le gusta o no le gusta Kyle, no importa si luego se enamora o no de Kyle, tampoco importa si quiere o no quiere tener hijos con él o con cualquier otro o con ninguno nunca jamás. La cuestión real es que no tiene porqué hacerlo si no es su propia decisión, y eso en la pelicula queda más que claro clarísimo.

“No hay destino, más que aquel que nos forjamos nosotros mismos”.

El diálogo final de Sarah Connor en Terminator Genisys es “Puedo elegir!” con su rostro iluminado y totalmente aliviada. Sarah entiende que luego de años de rendir cuentas a un futuro probable e inminente, ahora es libre y puede hacer lo que quiere con su vida. Y va a hacer lo que quiera, y aunque besa a Kyle, no sabemos en realidad qué le depara su futuro.

En definitiva, Sarah Connor vuelve a ser uno de mis personajes favoritos del cine porque es una mujer que a veces es muy fuerte y otras veces necesita ayuda de sus amigos, pero que siempre decide sobre su propia vida. Y de eso se trata Terminator y por eso me encanta y encantará por siempre.

Okay, starting now i’m going to make a perma-starter! i’ve seen a few peeps do this too and decided it might be easier for me and my followers.

what this perma-starter entitles is:

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and remember, mutuals only. [meaning if you see the speech bubble icon in the corner, aaay guess what?!]

and remember, I have good days and bad days like anybody else, so i might not always get to replies or starters or even asks. don’t take it personally if I only get to a few replies and yours isn’t on the list, it means I’m not comfortable poleplaying with you at the moment, but i will gladly talk with you ooc.

anonymous asked:

your comments on cosplay made me feel a bit insecure (not the race on,e i get it, im white, ill wait choose one of the gems that isnt colored if i ever want to cosplay them) but when you were noting why sardonyx wasnt okay but also why all the other gems werent okay for you, how you were too skinny for one, not girl enough for another... i wondered if when you see others who dont have the characaters exact body shape, do you think its a failed cosplay? i think youd look great in all of them...

nah man I’m all for others cosplaying outside of their body type, I just happen to be super self conscious of how god damn thin I am, and cosplaying a character who’s supposed to be curvy or buff or whatever will just call more attention to the fact that I, myself, have a fucking weird looking body that looks like 4 sticks in a rubber eraser with a grape on top.

Shoshanna Dreyfus is possibly my favourite characater from any Tarantino film, despite the fact that Inglorious Basterds doesn’t top my list of favs out of his works #Repost @realquentintarantinofanclub
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