Fiddly Bits - Blog # 3

The game state of our UNOMod was seeing how much health each fighter had at any given moment, knowing the cards that had already been played, and knowing what cards you had in your hand. The game view of our UNOMod was being able to see each fighter and how much health they had left. Another part of the game view was each persons cards in their hands and also the draw deck and discard pile.

Our pieces/bits reflect the game state by showing you how much damage you would be able to attack the other fighters with and also knowing whether you would be able to defend your fighter from any attacks from the others. You also are able to tell just at a glance how much more damage one of the fighters would be able to take before they are K.O. Knowing all this information helps the players strategize how they should play their attacks or defends and if they should team up against each other, or just fight 1 v 1 v 1.

I don’t really think that this concept could be made much more clear. Having a visible lose of health really makes it easy to understand and simple to analyze.

Setup: Removing 0s, 1s, 2s, and 3s for your characters from the deck and building your character, then drawing a card to decide who will be players 1, 2, and 3. Then shuffling the rest of the deck, dealing out the cards, and then having at each other.

Victory: Defeating your opponents makes you the victor of the game.

Progression: Game progression is based on who has the most attack cards in their fighter, then it moves on from there.

Player Actions: The actions that they player takes would be sorting the cards, shuffling the deck, dealing out cards, playing cards to attack or defend, drawing cards to refill your hand, and removing or returning cards from or to your character.

Individual Game View: Each players’ game view would be the amount of health of each fighter, the cards that have already been played, and the cards that the player has in their hand at that moment.

The dynamic of our UNOMod is killing the other fighters.

The goal of our UNOMod is to have your fighter survive and to beat the other fighters.

The theme of our UNOMod is a fighting tournament that your fighter is a part, where you must kill the other fighters in a 3 way battle to determine who is the best.


Do you understand? We certainly don’t….

Keep watch!