Chara: Promises to keep

CrossMare/CrightMoss- I Would Never Betray You

Cross’ Point Of View

WHY does everyone always think this? That I’m okay? Chara knows that I’m not, he always knows what I am going on about. No one can see through my “I’m fine” other than Chara.

He asks me what’s wrong, I always decline the question, he keeps on pushing, I get annoyed, when I need to get the stress off to clear my mind off about things, that never works, but then self-inflict came to my mind years ago and I started doing it.

Along time ago, my old friends, they always asked me how I was, I always lied. They said “It gets better” when? “It’ll be okay” .. no it won’t. “I’m here for you” bullshit. “It’s okay” no it’s not.. “Everything will be okay” stop saying that.. “I really do care about you” liar.. “I’m not going to let you die” you already did. Exactly, that’s what always happened, the same questions, then they’ll get different answers that cover up the real ones.

Right now, I’m in my “what used to be” universe. But, all it is right now is just an empty white void with no life, no dust, no grass, no houses, no people, no monsters, no children running around, no animals, no birds chirping in the early morning.


The only thing that I can do right at this very moment, is just laying on the void of emptiness and quietness. That’s all I can ever do, but, even though I’m suffering mentally, I can always try and take the pain away, the same thing I’ve been doing for years..

A little while ago, a creator named Ink!Sans, but I call him Ink, he had started visiting me, he promised that he would come back each day, and he did, but at the same time he didn’t. I think he’s been gone for about two or three days, I’m not sure but it felt like it and it’s hard to tell time in the void.

I have no one to talk to right now, either Chara’s sleeping or he just got tired of talking to me and started ignoring me like Ink did.

I’m starting to think he gave up on me but I can’t give up on hope. Not yet, anyways.. I just have to hold on a little longer, and he’ll come back, I know he will, but Chara always tells me otherwise.

“Do you really think he’ll come back? Ink promised that he’d help us, he promised that he’d talk to us each and everyday, he promised he’d try to help and bring back our world, and HE PROMISED TO HELP US KEEP OUR SANITY.” Chara crossed his arms, I could tell he was beginning to lose all hope just like me, but he can’t give up just yet. “We shouldn’t give up just yet, you know? Maybe he just had important.. things to do.” I’m not giving up on hope just yet, not like him.

“Oh really? You think he has ‘important’ thing’s to do? Or maybe he just got sick and tired of us and threw us out like pieces of worthless garbage that meant absolutely nothing to him. Who knows, maybe he hated us all along and wanted to mess with our so called or somewhat left of 'emotions’ we have left over just to mess us up. Maybe he made new friends, maybe they’re much better than us so he could replace us, or ma-” I cut Chara off before he could say anything else.

“STOP WITH THE MAYBES!” I shouted angrily, which made Chara flinch slightly, I didn’t mean to snap.. “I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to yell like that, I just can’t handle anything right now..”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it. And, we both can’t handle anything at the moment. Face it.. Ink’s not coming back for us, he lied to us, he’s just.. playing with us, I know it, I know you may not see it that way and it’s hard to believe, and that’s fine and I understand that.” He said and I nodded silently in agreement, “We’re.. both going to lose it again, won’t we? If he doesn’t come back, what’s.. going to happen to us? Will it be the end? Are we really going to be alone for all of eternity?”

“No.. It’s not going to be that way. We’ll still have each other to talk to at least, you,know?” I said, trying my best to reassure him even though we’re both in a not-so-good situation, then he sighed in defeat. “Yeah.. You’re right.” He then sat on the ground, laying a few feet away from me, “Heh, hey. You’re actually right for once.”

“I guess so..” I said, not really agreeing with that statement, I was never right nor will I ever be. I sighed quietly as I closed my eyes slightly, even though I can’t sleep, maybe this might.. do something for me.. Before I could close my eyes completely, I heard the sound of teleportation, INK! “Ink! You’re b-” I cut myself off before I could say anything else. This wasn’t Ink.

No Ones Point Of View

Cross and Chara both sat up, looking at the new and unknown figure that they have never seen before. The figure had a faded outline on his hoodie and shorts to where his clothes were visible, and he was completely covered in a black oily substance, and his left eye was illuminated in a battle blue, but no tentacles were out.

Chara stared at the figure with a puzzled look while Cross was looking at him for unknown reasons. Then something came to Cross’ and Chara’s mind, Ink told them both about this being, but only about what he looked like, nothing else.

“You are Nightmare, right?” Cross asked, which made Nightmare slightly dumbstruck on how he knew his name, then he brushed the thought off and decided to speak, not trying to make this anymore awkward, “Yes. I’m not sure how you know that but I’m guessing little brush told you?” He asked, then Cross was trying to think on who would be nicknamed that.

'Little brush? Does he mean Ink?’ Cross asked himself. “If you don’t know who I meant, I was meaning Ink.” Nightmare said, “And also, I’m not here just for visiting. I’m here because I felt your strong negativity, so that lead me to your location which is here. What a big world just for one person.” He explained and Cross nodded quietly.

“And?” Cross questioned, not knowing what Nightmare meant by that. “I want to help you. I can take you out of here, and I can make you stronger.” Nightmare offered, this could be the only chance to take it. “I don’t need help, I don’t need power, I don’t need anyone… I never have and I never will..” Cross stated, clearly not knowing what he, himself was talking about, which made Nightmare sigh.

“He’s lying to you.” Nightmare said, not wanting to explain what he meant any further, then Cross gave him a questioning look, “Who’s.. lying to me?” Cross asked. “Ink.” Nightmare said, “He’s been lying to you. He told you he would help and bring back your world, but he can’t, he can’t bring back the dead, he’s been playing you. He’s been playing you both, it’s apart of his stupid game. He "helps” people who are in need and then tells them that he’ll help them, then he abandons them, leaves, and goes to another just to make them miserable. He’s been lying to you..

T̴̜̹͊͜H̵̨̘̳͛̕İ̶̠̰͈̳̓S̶̢̤̊́ ̵̳͓̟̈́̀̏Ȅ̸̪̲͎̩͌̄N̷̨̹̍̆͂͛T̷̲͇͔̄͐̈́͝Ị̵͇̈́͆̿͐R̶̖͇̒͠Ę̶̓̓̽͠ ̷̤͍̂̐Ṭ̵̣͑̄̏͜Ḭ̷̼̒́M̷͍͕̠̣͂Ĕ̶͈͆̕.̸̛͖̦͚̒ ̶̳̩̗̄͝"

“You’re lying.. He.. wouldn’t do that.. right..?” Cross asked and Nightmare frowned slightly, not liking the fact that Cross thinks he’s lying. “I’m not lying, but if you think that, find it out for yourself. If you need me, I’ll be around.” Nightmare snapped his fingers and teleported away, leaving Cross and Chara alone again. But, then he suddenly teleported back, must of forgot something to say, “Oh, and one more thing.” He added in.

“I know how to bring your world back.” He said, looking at Cross, “What would you know about bringing back worlds..?” Cross asked, his voice was hoarse and dry and yet it also sounded vulnerable. “I can help you gather resources, bring you to other AU’S and gather parts of them to re-build up your destroyed world. And then you’d have your world back, and your friends, family, and brother back.” Nightmare offered with a wide grin upon his face. Cross thought for a moment before say 'yes’ or 'no’, or even a 'maybe’. Cross sighed quietly, “I’ll think on it..”

“Alright. At least we’re making progress. And like I said, if you need me I’ll be around. Ta ta.” Nightmare finally teleported away.

“Cross, he’s right. You KNOW he is, you just don’t want to admit the fact that it’s true, now do you? Yes, you and I have been betrayed by many, and have not let our guards down to trust another, and yet.. you chose to trust Ink. Why?” Chara wanted an answer, and he wanted it now. Cross sighed before answering to that type of question, “I.. don’t really know. But, Chara.. he said he would help us, he promised that he’d talk to us everyday, that he’d help to bring back our world, and when we met him he said he’d be our friend and promised that he wouldn’t leave us..” Cross explained.

“And do you see Ink around anywhere? Where is he Cross? I don’t see him. You know he left us, we can’t trust anyone and we need to stick with that.” Chara said firmly. “.. I’m going to sleep.” Chara went into Cross’ mind, going to sleep like usual, which now really left Cross alone.

Ink’s Point Of View

I’ve realized how long it’s been since I’ve been gone, leaving Cross and Chara all alone and I promised I would visit them everyday, oh great, I broke another promise, but, I needed to get thing’s out of the way and done, but then again, they probably thought I abandoned them..

I hope Cross isn’t mad. I opened a portal to Cross’ void or what used to be of a universe. I saw him in the distance and quickly ran over, he was sitting there doing nothing, “Cross?” I asked but he didn’t do anything, I put a hand on his shoulder but he slapped it away, “Cross I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to leave you alone for so long, I-” I was then cut off by Chara, who looked incredibly angry, so I took a small step back.

“How dare you.. HOW DARE YOU COME BACK HERE AND SHOW YOUR STUPID FACE TO US! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT HAS BEEN!? AT LEAST YOU’RE NOT THE ONE WHO HAS TO SUFFER.” Chara sighed angrily before he continued, “Cross has been getting much worse, so have I. And you can’t really bring back our world.. now can you? You’ve been lying to us this whole time and we had fallen right into your trap. The both of us have become weak, but mainly Cross, he hasn’t been sleeping at all and his health is low, I don’t care about how I am, I care about how HE is. You lied to us about being our friend, HIS friend, you’ve been playing with our emotions this whole time… haven’t you?”

I couldn’t say anything, I had nothing to say.

“It’s all apart of your game.. where the victim follows your lead.. being blinded by your so called kindness.. And.. infact..” Chara cut himself off, pulling out a knife, “You’re my victim now. You have two choices, you let me stab you to your very last dying breath until your disgusting dust spreads across the floor, or you flee.” He grinned widely, gripping his knife tightly.

No One’s Point Of View

A nervous bead of sweat dripped down the side of Ink’s skull as he stepped back, “N-None of that is true! Please! Let me help y-” Ink cut himself off when the beam of a Gaster Blaster fired at him, which he threw himself to the side, dodging the attack, “C-Cross!?”

“You heard Chara, get lost. I don’t want to see you back here ever again, EVER. YOU LIED TO US WHEN YOU SAID THAT YOU COULD HELP US BRING BACK OUR WORLD, YOU LIED ABOUT HELPING US. YOU LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING. Oh great, someone else decided to betray us once again. And that someone is you. Get lost you DISGUSTING LIAR!” Cross shouted angrily while tears were rolling down his face, he closed his eyes tightly, rasing up his arm as a giant Gaster Blaster appeared above him, being aimed directly at Ink.

Ink was too shocked too move, once the Gaster Blaster fired, he quickly snapped his fingers and teleported away. Cross lowered his arm and opened his eyes to see nothing in the view, “DAMN IT. THAT BASTARD.” Cross balled up his fists angrily and sat down, then he suddenly broke down crying. Chara gave him a sad look of sympathy, “C-Cross.. please don’t cry.. I-It’s oka-” Chara was cut off by Cross, “STOP IT. JUST STOP! NOTHING WILL EVER BE OKAY, I KNOW SO. AND I c-can’t help.. it..” Cross continued to cry, curling up in a ball while his hood was over his head, keeping his face covered, Chara sighed and hid away again.

Cross’ crying echoed throughout the empty and quiet void. There was a look in Cross’ eyes, and there was something more to his crying, it was out of mental pain, crying because of another betrayal​, someone he thought he could trust, and all he felt right now was melancholy, not knowing the reason of why he was feeling this way, but he never did even understand his own self.


More days have passed by, Cross’ negative aura grew stronger each second, making his pain worse. Nightmare could feel this, he didn’t feel powerful, no, he felt terrible, sympathetic, so he teleported back to Cross with no warning, even though he wasn’t called, maybe he could help him in someway he didn’t even know of.

Nightmare saw Cross in the distance, then he heard Chara shouting at Cross, not out of anger but out of panic and worry. “CROSS PLEASE! Y-YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING!” Chara shouted, trying to make Cross snap out of it. “… What are you talking about..? No one.. heh.. wants me around so why bother staying here..? It’s not like there’s any p-point right..?” Cross asked and Chara shook his head, “NO. That’s not true, I want you around, w-we’re friends.. right..? Please l-let me help you Cr-” Chara was cut off by Cross, “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND! I keep having to live through.. this.. when someone says they’ll help they just leave.. and then we get betrayed.. over and over and over and so… and uh.. I’ll make a stop to that by.. killing myself… Maybe that might do something.. That would be at least one mistake out of this universe which is me…” Cross explained, and Chara shook his head again, “You’re not making any sense… Please calm down..” Chara bit down on his own thumb, trying to numb his worrying down, but that didn’t work. Cross only readied his knife, where it was by his 'stomach’, then he lifted the knife up, but before he could do anything, a hand held onto his wrist.

It was Nightmare, and he saw everything. He forcefully grabbed the knife out of Cross’ then melted it, “Not happening.” He exclaimed, then Chara sighed in relief, Cross couldn’t say anything other than to look at the floor. “Thank you.. I couldn’t do anything and I’m sure you know why.. He’s getting worse, alot worse.. I can’t help him and he can’t help me, if him and I helped each other it would end up terribly.. Just, I know we don’t know each other, but can you just talk to him..? It might do something..” Chara asked, and Nightmare agreed and then sat down next to Cross.

Chara went back into Cross’ mind to let Cross and Nightmare talk alone. “What the hell was that for?” Nightmare asked in a demanding sort of way, not trying to sound rude in any way. “.. Heh.. Isn’t it sad when you get hurt so much to where you finally say 'I’m used to it’? Heh.. I don’t know what that was for.. That’s the only way I knew how to take away pain.” Cross explained, making Nightmares frown further, “I guess so.. Look, I know we may not exactly know each other, but do you remember when I said I could take out of here? I meant that, you know.. And, I guess you finally found Ink out, right?” Nightmare asked and Cross nodded silently. “Yeah.. Another betrayal..” Cross chuckled dryly, hugging his knees tightly to his chest.

“.. When I offered that, I just wanted to let you know I know what being betrayed all the time feels like.. And I would never betray you.” Nightmare was telling the truth about this even though he did lie alot during the years. “You wouldn’t..?” Cross asked in an almost desperate way, and Nightmare shook his head for 'no’, affirming his answer, “No, I wouldn’t do that.” Nightmare got up and held out his hand to help Cross up, he stared at his hand for a moment before hesitantly taking it, then he got up but kept his eyes on the floor.

“Not much of a talker, are you?” Nightmare asked and Cross shook his head silently. “Heh, and I’m guessing you kicked Ink out of here? Don’t ask how I knew, for one I can see cracks and burns on the ground from the beam of a Gaster Blaster, and also, I never left anyways.” Nightmare explained.

“I thought about the offer.. And I’ll do it.” Cross said and Nightmare smiled slightly, “Good choice. And when you start gathering recourses from other universes for your world, I’ll keep bringing you to the next one, for something in return, it’s not much, but it has to be done anyways.” Nightmare said, trying to get straight to the point, “What do I have do?” Asked Cross.

“You have to kill at least one person in every universe that you’ll be brought to so you can continue gathering recourses.” Nightmare explained and Cross agreed, “Heh, that’s all? You got a deal, Nightmare.” Cross agreed and Nightmare held out his hand again, the both of them shook hands to confirm their deal.

“So.. Where do you want to go now, partner?” Nightmare asked, which made Cross smile alittle. 'Heh.. partner. I like the sound of that.’ Cross said mentally.

“How about UnderFell? It’s an interesting place.” Cross suggested. “Sure is. It’s kind of like where the original universe UnderTale, got driven to too much salvation, then everyone lost hope and became not themselves, so then an AU of that became created, I guess that’s how you could explain it. But, their personalities are surely interesting.” Nightmare said and Cross nodded in agreement, “Ready to go?” Nightmare asked, putting his hands in his pockets.

“Yep!” Cross replied. “Let’s go, and I’ll make sure they don’t hurt you. I got your back.” Nightmare reached out his hand again then Cross took it, teleporting to the AU.

'Maybe.. Just maybe, I won’t be alone anymore..’

Happy Anniversary! 


Never underestimate the child-assassin.


Bruce is not happy. Not. Happy.


“I still, however, want to get the whole lot and chuck it straight in the fire.”

“Don’t put anything in the fire, Alfred.”

Promises to Keep

The afternoon sun was bright and thin, sort of stretched, like it was trying too hard. The result made the grounds of Hogwarts Castle look very sharp and a little washed-out. It was a harsh, unfriendly light, at least to tired eyes–and after a morning’s Quidditch practice under the unforgiving gaze of Lucinda Talkalot, Lucius Malfoy definitely qualified as tired. He tottered down the steps into the courtyard, stopping with a wince when he reached the grass. Lucius leaned down and massaged a painful twinge from his calf; his Bruise Balm was strong, but Alecto hit very hard, and it would be several hours before the pain from that Bludger strike went away, no matter what ointments Lucius utilized.

He sighed heavily, stretching to crack his aching shoulders as he levered himself upright again. Slytherin had just better win the Cup this year, that’s all he had to say about it; if it turned out that Lucinda was putting them all through this grueling torment for nothing, Lucius would be very cross–very cross indeed.

Grimacing slightly as tired muscles protested, Lucius set out again, crossing the courtyard at a slightly slower pace than his usual saunter. What Lucius really wanted to do was go down to the nice, dim, cozy dungeons and sprawl out languidly across a plush velvet couch for a few hours, but he had been flying as Chaser long enough to know that taking over-taxed muscled and granting them immediate sedentary respite was a bad idea, at least if one planned to move again at any point in the near future. So instead he had gone out for a walk, just a short amble across the wide lawns to ease the exercise from his body before he curled up for a well-earned rest.

He hadn’t expected to find entertainment along the way.

Lucius grinned at the sight of the petite witch hunched over a book on the courtyard wall. It was little Alice Fortescue, all by her lonesome.

The weary ache of his muscles forgotten, Lucius cheerfully strolled up behind the little witch, taking care to make his steps light and silent on the soft grass. Lucius leaned in over Fortescue’s shoulder, bringing his face in close to her skinny neck before speaking:

“Reading anything interesting?” he asked.

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
—  Robert Frost, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”

But I have promises to keep.. #1

I want to be the girl who reads..
I want to be the girl who grows from within every single day..
I want to be the girl who knows more today than what she did yesterday..

I want to be a girl with whom you can interact.. on & about anything..
I want to be a girl who will be so hilarious that you’d never want to go away from..
I want to be a girl who will be so spontaneous that you’d never get enough of.. 

I want to be the girl who reads
at a library; on a couch; in a garden; besides a campfire
on the roof; in a desert; under a tree; by the sea.. 
I want to be the girl who reads.. 

My life is lovely, magical, full of glee
But there are promises to keep, for me.. 
And Miles to go before I sleep !